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  March 20, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Tip #7. Where we are house sitting in Chiang Mai, Thailand.


I am listening to a guy speak Thai from a truck now. Recording. Not sure what he says. I know a few words of Thai.


I’d never be traveling the world for years unless I built my authority. Pro bloggers need to be seen in an expert, authority light to gain credibility.


Being an established, pro blogger, I learned a few things over 10 years online. People call me an expert. Whatever. But I get to use the phrase in the title. I earned it.


Pro bloggers who command authority live a life of fun and freedom. Plus these blogging big dawgs nudge into fears, to allow the fun and freedom to expand. Plus the experts live their wildest dreams.


Are you geesed to walk this expert, fun, freeing path?


Follow these 8 blogging tips.


1: You EARN the Right to Become an Expert Blogger


Expert status is something you earn by:


  • practicing blogging daily for years
  • being generous
  • being detached
  • being patient
  • being persistent


You cannot *hack* your way to being a doctor in 1 year. You cannot *hack* your way to being a blogging expert in 1 year. You can become influential in your niche in less than a year but being an influencer and being an expert are 2 entirely different titles. Influencers just have followers who follow their advice closely. Kinda easy gig. Experts know their blogging shit inside-out. Not an easy gig because it takes years of generous daily effort to be an authority. You earn this.


2: Follow Your Love


Pick a niche you love covering. Make work the reward. Make traffic and money feel like extra, or a bonus. Cultivate generosity, patience and persistence. Blogging experts spend years honing the skill of blogging if they make 0 cents, 50 bucks or 5000 bucks during the years spent practicing. Everybody else struggles, fails and quits because they blog mainly to get money, which never arrives because they blog using bullshit tactics.


Blog your fun. Blog your passion. Blogging is energy. Blog for the long haul.


3: Learn Blogging From Established Pros


This is why most never become experts; they follow shitty advice. Or they follow their own advice when being newbies with zero blogging experience.


Learn from expert bloggers. Learn from Enstine Muki. Learn from Santanu Debnath. Learn from people who teach you to succeed, the right way. Buy my blogging course. Invest in some of my blogging eBooks. Pay your blogging tuition. Learn from pros how to be a pro. Leave all other blogging advice behind.


4: Created Targeted Problem Solving Content Daily


Experts solve 1 specific problem for 1 specific reader. Experts master one trade. Novices try to be a Jack of All Trades. Authorities do 1 thing and do it well because where your attention and energy goes, grows.


I stick largely to the blogging tips niche. Sometimes I toss in travel themed posts to inspire readers to live their dreams. By solving blogging problems daily (through either blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc) people see me as a blogging expert. Quite simple, really.


5: Build Connections by Being Generous


Promote other bloggers. Comment genuinely on their blogs. Make friends with expert bloggers. Expert bloggers promote you, boosting your credibility, helping you gain authority.


My authority grew by authority bloggers promoting me, endorsing me and shouting me out. Pros bought my stuff. Pros bought in. I became more of a pro in folk’s eyes.


6: Monetize from a Detached Space


Income streams are receiving channels. Blogging money grows through your energy/clarity, generous service and persistence. Monetizing just allows you to receive money energetically earned through service.


Income streams are receiving channels. Blogging money grows through your energy/clarity, generous service and persistence. Monetizing just allows you to receive money energetically earned through service.Click To Tweet


Monetizing channels do not make you an expert. Service does.


7: Take a Pee Pee


Persistence. Patience. Please.


Be persistent. Be patient. Being an authority takes generosity and time. Exponential returns flow to generous, patient, persistent bloggers.


8: Stop Obsessing over Stats


BEING a professional blogger takes years. Obsessing over stats daily drives you batty. Who gives a shit how much you got today? You still have 1,000 to 1,500 to 2,000 days or more, to go. Maybe more. Maybe less. Who cares? This journey takes time. Relax. Focus on the process. Not outcomes. Enjoy the journey. Stats are energetic anchors; pull ya down. Trust in the process. Write short and punchy sentences. Drink Thai coffee. Works for me.


See ya’s soon, budding blogging experts.

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