8 Beginner Blogger Mistakes

  June 23, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 7 minutes read
beginner blogger mistakes

Lower Manhattan in NYC.


(Updated 6/23/2021)


Before you grow you must identify and release these beginner blogger mistakes.


Most new bloggers make a collection of common errors easily avoidable if you know what to look out for. Blogging feels challenging enough without making any glaring errors as a newbie. Imposter syndrome partially cripples virtually all new bloggers. Even fairly confident beginners fear looking like a fraud. Toss in wild-eyed excitement masquerading as a poisonous attachment to outcomes and you have a paralyzing cocktail guaranteed to spawn some new blogger errors.


Every blogging mistake originates in fear. Perhaps you seem completely unaware of beginner blogger fears in mind. But pointing out common mistakes both reveals the error and fears fueling the mistakes.


Sometimes you need to take a fresh, new perspective on analyzing where and how you muck up, without being aware of your less common errors.


New Blogger Blind Spots


New bloggers have blind spots. Ego creates blind spots to delude you from seeing reality.


13 years ago as a beginner blogger I believed my story alone made for a blockbuster sell. I even envisioned myself being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey. I was not so much crazy but completely deluded about the time and energy commitment required to go pro. I also did not realize how blogging is a skill honed over 1000’s of work hours. New bloggers boast a few work hours; I had 1000’s more work hours to execute before going pro.


Read this post to unearth your new blogger blind spots. See what your ego wishes not to see. Spot errors. Make corrections. Accelerate your blogging success.


Beginner Blogger Mistakes


Rivas, Costa Rica.


Do you want to taste sweet blogging success? Sure you do. We would all love fun, freedom and sweetness, living our dreams through blogging. Before succeeding, hug your failures. Before living your dreams, find the source of your nightmares.  Success is yours. Success is on the way. Own any beginner blogger mistakes below to move in the opposite direction.


1: Trusting Negative Bloggers


I scanned a blog post listing common new blogger errors minutes ago. Some negative blogger projected their fears by offering this advice: it is a big new blogger mistake to be “too personal” on your blog.


LIAR…LOL….LIAR…..Busting balls and having fun, but goodness, please ignore their lies because being genuine, open and transparent is the quickest path to success as a newbie. Be comfortable enough to discuss anything on your blog. Be intimate and personal. Human beings crave someone who discusses their lives. Other humans burdened by fear manifest as shame, embarrassment and low self-esteem, FEAR being too personal. Ignore negative bloggers. Never trust their advice. Begin blogging from a positive, open, genuine energy.


Follow pro bloggers who act from the heart. Trust bloggers who offer positive perspectives on blogging in truthful fashion. Kick the negative nellies to the curb.


2: Questioning Top Blogger Advice Incessantly


Pro bloggers have years of blogging experience. Why question someone experienced? Why believe new blogger advice when pros offer proven advice?


New bloggers sometimes question top bloggers endlessly. Nothing seems worth believing until newbies vet pro blogger advice tirelessly. But questioning bloggers eventually run out of time. Spending months questioning simple pro blogger advice puts you on the sidelines while trusting bloggers follow proven advice from pros.


Do not trust everything pro bloggers share without questioning them but learn how to embrace sound advice while reserving questioning for little tidbits. Pros know their stuff. Amateurs learn from pros.


Correct this error by trusting pros. Question professionals selectively to get clear on specific topics but trust their body of work to get to blogging work.


3: Not Buying Your Domain and Hosting


Not buying your domain and hosting ensures you become part of the free blogging product, you can be kicked off the site at any time for any reason, you have zero branding and zero monetizing potential, and you emit an unprofessional, non-trustworthy, vibe.


Buy your domain and hosting to be credible, prospering, trustworthy, and to own your cyber real estate.


El Valle de Anton Panama

El Valle de Anton Panama


Never make the excuse that buying your domain and hosting seems too expensive. Do not try blogging for free before investing in your domain and hosting. Begin your blogging career on the right foot. Buy your domain and hosting as a new blogger. Build a strong foundation for your blogging campaign.


4: Believing that the Money Is in Your Email List


Money is in consciousness. Building an email list as a newbie can work nicely IF it feels fun, light, relaxing and enjoyable, but most newbs build lists with a desperate, panicked, frenzied energy, fuck it up, waste time, struggle, attach more deeply to failed list-building efforts, and many quit.


Money is an idea in your mind. Money is just energy. Human beings receive money through 50,000,000,000 to an Infinite number of channels. You and I live in abundance. Feel rich in consciousness, generously help folks and money sprints to you through 1, 10, or 1 million or more channels. No limits exist. Attaching to 1 channel out of 800 trillion is foolish and limiting.


Wean yourself off of the idea that the money is in the list. Money is in consciousness. Allow profits to flow to you through various channels by knowing that money is an idea in the mind.


5: Unrealistic Expectations Masked as Blanket Delusion


Many new bloggers feel upset, disappointed and flat out frustrated about not making a penny through blogging after 30 hours of lukewarm effort. Money flows to you steadily after 2000 to 5000 hours and more of generous, intelligent, detached, trusting blogging effort. Almost every newbie blogs from a stingy, unintelligent, heavily attached, doubt-filled energy.


Your first step to develop realistic, grounded, clear-thinking expectations is to face and feel fears fueling your stingy, unintelligent, heavily attached, doubting vibe. Then, get serious about learning how to blog from pros, practicing, creating, connecting and falling in love with the process, to remove most expectations.


Beginners need to know blogging skills take years to develop. No blogger experiences overnight success. Do not expect to make one penny during months 3-6 of your blogging career. Build a solid blogging foundation. Money will come but in its own time.


6: Ignoring How Blogging Is a Highly Nuanced Skill with Many Moving Parts


Most beginner bloggers believe blogging is writing and publishing blog posts. Blogging is about 50-100 different skills, different roles, to blog successfully. Develop these skills by taking simple but sometimes uncomfortable steps to develop your blogging skill, to the point where you gain more skills and big exposure. Open multiple streams of income, and you will profit nicely over the long term.


Does this sound overwhelming? Relax. Breathe deeply. You can do this. You can succeed. But being realistic marks your first step in becoming successful. Generously practice, hone your blogging skills and you will succeed.


7: Not Investing Money in Your Blogging Education


Most beginner bloggers try to learn blogging by piecing together blog posts, videos, podcasts and other forms of free content. Teaching cross currents and overwhelm ensues. One blogger says this, another, that, and the 40th blogger I learned from today said a 40th different thing.


Pedasi, Panama


Every pro invests in their tuition to cut through noise and to learn from skilled professionals.


Invest money in your blogging education. Cut your learning curve by following coaching or courses from pro bloggers. Dial in to a few professional bloggers. Invest money in their knowledge. Learn from the best to become the best.


8: F*** That and F** That!


Everything in blogging is FEAR and FUN. Newbies almost always believe they can succeed by completely avoiding their fears. Wrong. Success sits on the other side of fear. Newbies almost always believe following your fun is for nice guys who finish last, douchebags and broke folks who have no drive and focus to chase money. These assholes get too close to the greedy-desperate profits flame, catch fire and die a quick blogging death.


Every cent you make in blogging is because you followed your fun-passion-love right through your mild, moderate and deepest fears. Every dream sits on the other side of fear and fun. Make beginner bloggers make the disastrous mistake of blogging mainly for money, trying to avoid their fears and giving no thought to if they actually enjoy blogging, in the process. 100% failure rate with this crowd.


Why? Money sits on the other side of fear. Money sits on the other side of fun. Duck fears, never have fun, and you sit firmly in your comfort zone, where profits will be ZERO, 100% of the time.


Keel-billed toucan Panama

Keel-billed toucan Panama


Blog your fun. Right through your fears. Set yourself up to succeed.


I left the most important error to address for last. Beginner bloggers often fail and quit for not following their passion. Profits seem to evade them; losing money motivation makes new bloggers quit.


Blog mainly for fun to access a permanent inner driver. Make work the reward. Blog through thick, think and everything in between.




Address these beginner bloggers mistakes.


You can and will succeed.


I believe in you.

  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 12:00 pm

    Hi Ryan,
    I agree with your myths that you have laid out here. For instance, new bloggers have no idea the amount of work it takes to become successful. It is like a full-time job. I also liked the myth you stated about questioning veteran bloggers. New bloggers learn the hard way they don’t know everything that there is to know and they should be taking advice from more seasoned experts.
    Thank you for trying to dispel these myths so new bloggers know what they are getting themselves into enter not naïve.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:29 pm

      Hi Janice,

      Great points! I see how much work you put into blogging – writing DETAILED post – while working a full time job offline. Absolutely awesome effort you put in. The sheer amount of work is full-time even if it appears to be a part time gig.


  2. SharlaAnn Matyjanka says:
    at 9:28 pm

    Hello Ryan,
    I checked out your blog today on a recommendation from Glenn Shepherd. I am so glad I did!!! As a brand new blogger I will be bookmarking this one as I am sure I will need to come back to it more than once to remind myself of some of these.

    Your point about the money sitting on the other side of fun and fear really resonates with me. Pushing through some fears is something I am definitely working on. Also all the money in the world don’t mean a thing if your miserable. Life is to short to waste time doing something you don’t love.

    Anyway this post couldn’t possibly have come at a better time. I look forward to checking out some of your other posts.

    Thank you.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:45 pm

      Hi SharlaAnn,

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing 🙂 Glenn is a fabulous dude. Huge heart and a talented blogger, too. I am happy to see you on this new blogger journey. Cool too how you already figured out the money bit. Follow your passion to lay the foundation for a prospering blogging career.

  3. David says:
    at 10:36 pm

    I never thought of my email list like that before!!!!!! Thanks for the food for thought Ryan….

  4. James McAllister says:
    at 12:16 pm

    Hey Ryan!

    Got a little worried when you mentioned number four, but then I thought about your blogging philosophy and it makes a lot of sense.

    The reason I got so defensive for a moment is that 95%+ of my income does come through email marketing and truth be told I would throw everything else away except for a landing page and my email list, if I had to.

    But that made me think even more. For the most part, people don’t really read blogs religiously like they did 10 years ago (people who follow your teachings might have audiences like that, though.) Realistically, for most people in most markets, people come from Google, get their information, and leave.

    However, in my personal instance, my email list has become much like blogging was in the past – sharing thoughts ideas and lessons that do actually get consumed in full, each time I send them out. Where I can share stories, and people actually know me and my personality a bit. It’s a different type of relationship than someone landing on a post from Google, for the first time. It reminds me of how blogging used to be, where people could actually build a following that know, likes and trusts you and that was the norm.

    But it only works because of what you share… vs treating subscribers as simply leads to sell or numbers on a spreadsheet.

    Anyway, I know this wasn’t entirely related or relevant, but it was an interesting realization that popped into my mind while reading this. Thanks for that!
    – James McAllister

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:29 pm

      Hi James,

      I am a huge fan of a book called “A Course in Miracles”.

      A lady from the 70’s was struck by a voice, words and symbols which popped up in her head back then. She believed she was nuts at first….LOL….but then The Voice (as she deemed it) began a narration that she simply took down in short hand over 7 years.

      The ideas are radical, disturbing and quite upsetting at times. But the foundation of the book pretty much lays out that we are working with one force, one source, one presence, and that power responds to our minds.

      In essence, tip #4 is about seeing the source of money and everything as our thoughts and feelings in our minds. The channels: email marketing, blogging, social media, Google….are necessary avenues through which money flows but the channel is not the source. Accepting this idea brought me tremendous peace of mind but also helped me deeply enjoy working the different channels for I lost a strong attachment to the avenues.

      Email marketing definitely rocks. Money that flows through email marketing rocks too. We just want to remember that the source is never a thing, but our minds….and if we have a spiritual bend, the source in our mind works with The Source, aka, God, aka The Universe….or The Force, for Star Wars fans 🙂

      James, thanks for the awesome comment. Much appreciated!


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