Why You Should Clean Your Email List Right Now Pronto

  July 26, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
why you should clean your email list

Chiang Mai, Thailand.


(Updated July 2020)


Last week I deleted 70% of my list.


Yesterday I deleted my opt in forms.


Turns out – even though I experienced rapid list growth at times – I hate list building……feels heavy to me.


Like carrying a boulder up a 200 meter driveway in Fiji. Yeah, I did that. But twas for da pipes, my kiddies.


Intention-wise, all I do online feels down hill. Meaning I operate from love and fun energies. Meaning all the silly “blogging genius” and “best blogger in the world” talked bandied about by loving folks with wool firmly pulled over eyes, courtesy of mois, is simply the byproduct of me blogging predominantly from love and fun and lightness and detachment.


But building an email list always felt uphill to me energetically. Like a total freaking drag. But letting go the drag immediately helped me feel lighter, more buoyant and more creative.


That was when I deleted the 70% stiffs on my list. I mean the 70% of loving folks who weren’t active subscribers.


But yesterday was bondage breaking day. I removed my opt in forms.


List building feels like receiving a fire ant colonoscopy to me. So I let it go.


Remember how I advise you to follow your fun? Even if it doesn’t vibe with my advice? This is an example.


Honor your intuition guys. It Always Knows.


When you let go what’s heavy, you sprint forward like a cheetah on PEDs and crack cocaine.


This is one reason why I released on list building.


Another is…..


Money Is In Consciousness


Money is in consciousness. Cash is an idea. You allow in – or don’t allow in – money based on your energy.


Some bloggers mistakenly attach tools or techniques with money, believing the tool or technique to be the source of money. But this is 100% not true.


The tools and techniques mean little. Your energy means everything.


This is why I know online entrepreneurs who’ve made fortunes without building an email list.


The money flows through channels but it is not the channel, nor is it in the channel.




The money ain’t in an email list. The email list is a collection of inanimate numbers unable to do anything.


This is like looking at a hammer and saying, “Hey, that hammer will build me a house!” No it won’t. Skilled builders with years of experience use hammers to build homes. The hammer is just a tool. The home building is in the consciousness of the builders.


Human beings type letters into opt in forms and receive something called “da emails” directing human beings to read your blog.


Human beings also say, “I love Ryan’s blog and check it daily after I pray to Krom (Conan the Barbarian?).”


Said human beings buy my stuff, hire me, promote me and endorse me.


I have never seen a sane human being who would only buy stuff through email. Never. Ever.


Trust Factor


People buy stuff from folks they trust. My friends trust me. My friends follow my blog. Some are on my list. Some are not. People who want to follow me going forward will bookmark my blog or simply visit my blog regularly to:


  • read my posts
  • promote my posts
  • buy my stuff
  • hire me


If individuals desire to be as free as Kelli and I, they will run through a brick wall to get my content.


This is the specific reader I have attracted, the specific friends I’ve made, and the specific readers and buddies I continue to attract.


Most bloggers lack posture and belief in self. They believe if it’s not easy to get blog updates via email, people won’t read their blog. This is a “I am not enough’ issue, based in lack of self worth.


I am memorable. I am clear on this. Once you are clear on being memorable, by being your authentic self, human beings will wait for your post via carrier pigeon if need be because they vibe with your content, big-time, and ain’t forgetting ya. Or they bookmark your blog and check it. Daily. This is why you should clean your email list. Be posturing.


I will continue to have fun, blog for fun, rock it out and enjoy the ride. Actively building a list. Or not actively building a list.


PS….I will likely continue to email current subscribers but one day may say:


“I’m sick of emailing so visit Blogging From Paradise once weekly and get your fix.”


My readers will do it. All will go swimmingly.


How Does My Story Benefit You?


My list bombing story teaches you how to have:


  • clarity
  • posture


Most bloggers have the posture of an earthworm who’s never spent a day in the military.


This crowd bends over backwards (which ironically, an earthworm can do) from fear, desperation and little clarity, begging folks to read their blog and being an absolute bitch to conditions.


You know how I roll though.


Since I blog mainly from fun and love (not fear and scarcity) and trust in the Universe as my Source, and trust in me, I don’t do the bizarre, delusional thing of placing faith, belief and trust in an email list or anything outside of myself.


Most bloggers worship their emails lists. Take it away and they want to jump off of a building.


I trust in me and my ability to genuinely connect with humans on a deep enough level to where they will follow me, learn from me and be a member of our community, independent of how they read my post.. Not in a collection of inanimate numbers.


I also trust in Universe/Source/God/Infinite Love as being everything, and all worldly stuff (email lists, blogs, etc) are not really a big deal at all, all of which mean nothing until we individually or collectively add meaning to these things.


Should You Build an Email List?


Yeah. Sure.


But if after 6-12 months list building feels heavy to you, like a total drag (even if you’re seeing massive list growth), let it go immediately because it is *not* working.


Do everything through feeling. If it feels fun and freeing, keep going downhill Young Padawans. If it feels heavy and burdensome, trash that shit or risk going uphill.


Do little through logic. If numbers on a screen keep increasing but you feel crappy doing something you’d have to be clinically insane (or a Westerner programmed through the limited Monkey Mind, and not intuition or heart) to keep feeling crappy as the numbers increase.


Let go what you’ve outgrown.


Make room for a person who will shine so blindingly bright that humanity’s gonna need some Joe Cool shades to see ya.

  1. Santanu says:
    at 12:51 am

    When everyone is talking about building email list, here I found an opposite topic. I am not yet good enough to work hard in list building though. Many thanks for sharing your experience and personally I love to read such experiences and learn from them.

  2. Codrut Turcanu says:
    at 4:11 am

    Hey Ryan, everybody talks about numbers these days, I look more on the quality of your list, subscribers and readers.

    Will build my lists soon, as they’re like gold in the bank if you know how to properly cultivate a relationship with your folks.

  3. Lisa P Sicard says:
    at 4:38 am

    Hi Ryan, wow, you are going against the grain 🙂 Are you still with Mailchimp? That’s a good idea if they are not opening any emails to take them off the list. That would make your conversion rates better, right?
    I did find this post via an email, as I’ve spend an hour getting rid of useless emails. See, yours stayed in the inbox 🙂 And more so ,I’m glad I stayed on YOUR list.
    Thanks for sharing your latest tactic with us Ryan. I hope you are enjoying the islands!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:51 pm

      Aha! Good to know I stayed in your inbox Lisa 😉 Yes with MC still. It felt heavy to me so I’ll be pulling back quite a bit going forward. We are loving Thailand. All good in your neck of the woods?

  4. Marc says:
    at 7:14 am

    List building doesn’t bother me, but there are plenty of other things I choose not to pursue because I don’t enjoy it. I’ve been fortunate enough to work online full time for almost 10 years, and one of the things I love is that I’ve been able to do what I enjoy. If you’re able to earn a living and do it your own way, that’s great.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:50 pm

      10 years? Awesome Marc. Finding what works for us is so key. Working with resonant activities is the difference maker.

  5. Vishwajeet Kumar says:
    at 9:24 am

    Hello Ryan,

    I actually did not focus on list building as my primary focus is providing relevant and helpful content and also help folks with their online ventures. Cleaning the house is a good idea. I really appreciate your efforts. if your list is quite inactive then removing them is a great idea as it will create space for new followers. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.

    Have a Great day 🙂

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