7 Ways to Drive Blog Traffic with Twitter

  February 5, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 5 minutes read
ways to drive blog traffic through twitter

From one of my trips to Costa Rica.


Do you have a tough time understanding how to drive blog traffic through Twitter?


Most bloggers do not see the benefit of working the platform because few people use Twitter intelligently.


But if you tweet to:


  • help people
  • make friends
  • share value
  • target your following


you can increase blog traffic through Twitter.


Ways to Drive Blog Traffic with Twitter


Imagine a platform designed for your blogging success. Twitter is it. Between ease of use and brief interactions, every blogger should consider the platform as a traffic and profit driving tool.


Especially because as your success momentum grows, Twitter spits out blog traffic and blogging income passively.


From personal experience, if you tweet the right way you tend to gain traction quickly on Twitter. Facebook and LinkedIn yield organic growth over a longer period of time due to rules limiting status updates and comments. Tweeters can publish 100’s of tweets daily with a virtually unlimited amount of @replies. Note; just because you can tweet 100’s of times daily does not mean you should tweet that often. But being allowed to publish tweets often gives you an advantage over other social media sites.


New bloggers can make a strong impact quickly if you tweet effectively.


Follow these tips to boost your blog traffic through Twitter.


1: Enjoy Tweeting


Traffic and money flow through channels you enjoy working.


Traffic and money do not flow through channels you dislike working.


Money and traffic dislike tension. Money and traffic love ease. Traffic loves the easy path. Money loves the easy path. Like my friends in Fiji say, easy.


From one of my many trips to Thailand.


Take it easy. Enjoy working Twitter. Focus your energy on working the platform from a chill, fun, detached vibe.




Drive traffic.


Detached, calm, serene energy makes money.


Tweet to have fun helping people. Make the blogging work feel like the reward. Traffic, profits and business outcomes should feel like extras, bonuses or icing on the cake.


2: Invest in a Twitter Resource


Invest in a Twitter eBook.


Success loves bloggers who invest money in money making resources. Learn from the best how to drive traffic. Drive profits.


Twitter resources yield the best information for succeeding through Twitter. Invest money in the resources. Study. Learn. Put the knowledge into action. Profit. Simple.


Learning how to tweet from pros gives you a blueprint for smart tweeting. Follow the leaders to increase blog traffic through the platform.


3: Set Up Your Profile to Profit


Create your Twitter profile to profit.





I published my profile for a few years ago above. Note my:


  • blog link
  • broadcast link
  • eBook link
  • features


Offer information to grow your blogging business through the platform. Make your profile work for you. Link to helpful resources. Share high profile features. Give Twitter followers content to boost your credibility in their eyes. Tweet intelligently by building an attractive Twitter profile.


4: Tweet Stuff to Teach Stuff


Tweet inspired content – both yours and content from blogging buddies – to teach your followers.


Help folks in your niche.


I teach bloggers how to blog through my tweets. Bloggers click links. Traffic increase. Profit increase.


Twitter is easy because you have a short number of characters to work with; this influences you to get clear. Getting clear relaxes your mind. Relaxing your mind makes you irresistible to traffic and profits.


Tweet on topic most of the time. Publish tweets clearly aligned with your blogging niche. Give your followers a familiar expectation. Develop your authority in the niche.


Experts see traffic and income flow through their Twitter profile.


5: Retweet Top Folks from Your Niche Freely


Retweet top bloggers in your blogging niche to:


  • make friends
  • publish valued resources for your followers
  • increase traffic
  • boost profits


I retweet Darren Rowse at Pro Blogger. My followers enjoy the blogging tips resource. Followers who enjoy resources tend to follow your blog and become clients and customers. Plus I potentially develop a bond with Darren. Success flows out of bonds with top bloggers in your niche.


6: Use Hashtags


I use #blogging, #bloggingtips and #blogger hashtags because followers run hashtag searches on Twitter.


Use tags to:


  • target your followers
  • target your blog audience
  • increase traffic and profits


Someone has a blogging-related question and searches a #blogging tag. My post appears. The blogger clicks my link because I tagged it with #blogging and enjoys my posts. Traffic increase. Profits grow through happy readers.


From my 3 month trip to New Zealand.


Like Instagram, Twitter is a hashtag network. Users find content by running tag searches to filter through noise. Twitter publishes a high volume of content. People need ways to filter the content to meet their needs. Enter hashtags.


Tag only your niche. Target your readers solely to boost traffic and profit potential.


7: Reply to People Freely


Talking aka replying to people on Twitter is an easy way to increase both blog traffic and profits.


People follow and buy from social people who prove they listen.


Easy peasy way to profit and increase traffic.


I reply to my retweeters and folks publishing helpful tweets, every day. No easier way to increase profits. Simple too.


Be social. Thank people who retweet you. Genuinely tweet folks who love your stuff. Talk to people who publish neat tweets.


Each interaction plants seeds for bonds. Twitter bonds yield all types of sweet success.


There you have it guys.


Visualize yourself successfully increasing traffic and profits through Twitter.


Dreams preview your physical experience.


Happy Prospering.




Twitter may be the best online platform for making a positive impact quickly.


Every blogger needs to work the platform with patience but rapid-fire tweets tend to position you favorably on the platform. Versus the slower organic growth consistent on Facebook and LinkedIn, Twitter expansion seems more favorable for engaging, generous bloggers.


Follow these tips patiently.


Increase blog traffic through Twitter.

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