7 Qualities of Traffic Building Blog Comments

  May 26, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Mesmerizing Cheviot, New Zealand.


Before we dive into today’s post, if you want to build a successful blog through commenting you can buy my eBook here:


How to Build an Online Empire through Blog Commenting


Ready to drive traffic and profits to your blog by sharing your opinion for free?


Enter blog commenting.


My little sweetlings, blog commenting is a fun way for:


  • beginner bloggers
  • seasoned veterans
  • bloggers on a budget
  • struggling bloggers


to make friends, to drive traffic and to increase their profits.


If you are a bit depressed about low traffic numbers or flagging profits, or if you feel like a lonely blogger, I have been in your shoes. Sucks. I get it.


But after diving into a genuine blog commenting campaign I saw increased success with my blog.


You can become connected, increase your blog traffic and see a sweet rise in blogging profits too if you see blog commenting as a genuine way to make friends with top bloggers in your niche. Avoid commenting to build links. Change your intent. Focus on commenting to make buddies, to create value and give like 1% of your energy to what you get through comments.


Take this intent with you to do blog commenting right.




Blog comment on PURPOSE.


While staring at the raging surf of the Tasman Sea now in New Zealand, I grabbed this acronym to help you get how to comment effectively.


Let’s dive in guys.


1: Purposeful


Make blog comments purposeful. Hold this intent: comment to add value and to make friends.


Sure you dig the sweet benefits of blog commenting but share thoughts mainly to give, not to get.


Follow this Purpose step to do blog commenting with love, from abundance. Big time table setter for you.


2: Uplifting


Folks note my uplifting, energized comments. A ! here and 🙂 there and some loving, supportive words bolsters my blogging buddies.


Folks seek you out if you uplift them. So, uplift them. Share your thoughts and pick up your fellow bloggers. Compliment them. Give ’em props. You love folks who show you love, right?


3: Rare


Craft rare, genuine, comments not often seen in your niche. Dig a bit deeper below the surface, to stand out, to make buddies quickly and to drive traffic to your blog through comments.


Grab one point made in the post. Drill down. Big time. Share your authentic experience. Get personal. Generously create a 1 of a kind experience by sharing your stories – related to the post – in vivid detail.


Rare comments make folks take notice. Folks taking notice visit your blog.


4: Polite


Be polite. Or don’t bother.


Polite, pleasant blog commentors:


  • personalize blog comments
  • thank bloggers for sharing their knowledge
  • agree with the post or….
  • disagree with the post in polite, pleasant, happy, appreciative fashion


Polite commentors tend to become popular bloggers. Fast. We dig folks who are nice, proper, polite and all around pleasant folks to be around.


5: Over-Delivering


Create in-depth comments to add massive value to blog posts. Comments are content. Adding oodles of helpful content to posts makes bloggers happy crappy. So…over deliver.


Craft 2-3 paragraph or longer genuine, meaty comments. Be generous. Reap the benefits of being generous with your time, talents and know-how.


6: Sustained


Show up daily on the blog comment circuit. Persistent blog commentors appear omni-present after a few months of creating helpful comments on a collection of blogs within their niche.


Be persistent. Grow on fellow bloggers. Like a TV commercial that grows on ya, or a tune you find yourself humming.


Comment on individual blogs once weekly. At least. Become a known blog commenting commodity.


7: Evergreen


Create evergreen, timeless comments to make an impact.


Some comments may be more topical or dated but if you stick to basic, fundamental principles aligned with your blogging niche you stand out 1 week, 6 months or even 5 years from now when folks read your blog comments.


If you create anything online try to make it evergreen. Let your comments echo an eternity. Or a few weeks at least LOL.