7 Tips to Become a Blogging Influencer

  January 11, 2019 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

Bahla Fort, Oman.


Most bloggers become influential in 1-2 years. Awesome. The time frame matters not. You willingness to be generous, patient, persistent and to dive into deep fears makes you influential.


I chuckled a few moments ago; many travel blogging buddies being besieged by influencer platforms working a pay to play model. You pay. You recruit other bloggers. Influencer status on the way. Ha!


Follow these tips to be a blogging influencer.


1: Help People for Free


Help people for free. Like, this blog post. Nobody pays me. I write it. I share. Influencer style. Do not hold back. No stinginess. Give freely, and over time, receive easily.


2: Time Frame? Be Generous for Months to Years


Help people for free, for months to years. Being someone influential takes time. Nobody gains top dawg, powerful status overnight. Good things take time.


3: Time Frame Shrinks as You Dive into DEEP Fears Regularly


Would you believe I do not check email much? Most bloggers fear not checking email for fear of losing business, clients, customers, opportunities. Most bloggers make a god out of email because of fear. Deep fear. Of loss. I make a God out of God, create and connect my ass off, and my influence expands. Quickly. The time it takes to become influential grows if you resist diving into deep fears and shrinks if you dive into deep fears. Tim Ferriss is the master of diving into deep fears and doing highly uncomfortable things. Follow his lead.


4: Broadcast Live on Facebook


Going Live inspired more folks to see me as an influencer because:


  • broadcasting live forces you into deep, influencer-strangling, self-conscious fears
  • live helps you bond with readers quickly and seamlessly
  • live helps you stand out from the crowd


So…do it!


5: Shine the Spotlight on Other Bloggers


Influential bloggers promote a ton of other bloggers freely, make loads of friends and gain clout as friends promote them, endorse them and help them. Alonzo Pichardo invited me to chat on his podcast. He’s good people! Genuine, world famous celebrities follow his Instagram. AP and I keep shining the spotlight on other bloggers. Move up in blogging circles, my Young Blogging Padawans. Shine the spotlight on other bloggers.


6: Be Discerning (Take a Pass)


Young Blogging Padawans ask me questions sometimes about stuff I skip, like list building. I share a 3 word answer or do not answer because my time is best spent creating helpful content in my wheel house. If someone asks me about list building I give no time and energy to answering; it’s on them to know I don’t build a list. Posture!



This is that next level, discerning energy radiated by big dawg bloggers….incredibly helpful, but knowing their limits and questions to pass on.


7: Love People


Influential bloggers make a genuine investment in humanity. I love you guys. I give, and do not try to force, badger or manipulate you into doing shit for me. I do stuff for the fun of doing it, for you. That’s love. Love does not demand. Love gives.


Having clout is not robotic, or mechanical, or specific. Having clout is love. Having clout is energy. Sure, doing live broadcasts and guest posting and genuine blog commenting play roles in your campaign but love, fun and service make the influencer, not specific actions. Do the practical stuff of creating through different platforms but focus on loving humans, helping them and caring for them.


Wrap Up


Help folks. Expect nothing. Be patient and persistent. Do not panic. Take your time. Be yourself. Success and influence will find you.

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