7 Smart Tips for Making Money Online

  July 28, 2022 blogging tips ๐Ÿ•‘ 5 minutes read
making money online

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(Updated 7/28/2022)


Making money online may confuse you.


Did you know one of the best-selling self-help authors of all time used the word money “once” in a book with “Rich” in the title?


Money does not flow to you because you obsess over making money. Money is an effect flowing from a generous cause. If you see a wealthy blogger you see a blogger who generously helped people for months to years of their life. Skills played a huge role in profiting. But bloggers only become skilled after practicing for a long time.


Keep these ideas in mind for your blogging campaign.


Profit through Multiple Streams of Income


Consider these ideas:


  • engage in affiliate marketing
  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • embed Google AdSense
  • create courses
  • coach
  • consult


The possibilities seem virtually endless. No limit to money exists. But people foolishly pinhole the process by obsessing over 1 or 2 income streams.


Never do this. Never add fear-heaviness to the equation.


Open income channels slowly and steadily to increase overall blogging profits.


Lean on Your Friends


Success finds connected bloggers because making money online becomes simple and quite easy if a loyal group of blogging friends drives targeted traffic to your blog around the clock.


Exhibit A (Follow my blogging friends):



Every blogging buddy on the list oozes value, generosity and good vibes.


Guess what? Every blogger on that list has helped me make money online by endorsing me, supporting me, assisting me, buying my stuff, hiring me, allowing me to guest post on their blog, featuring me on their blog and pretty much doing anything and everything to help me boost my profits


Blogger Outreach Resource


Buy my eBook to comment on blogs effectively so you make good blogging buddies.


Develop the Skill of Making Money through Blogging


Imagine becoming a doctor or lawyer. Both fields require persistent study, practice and execution to become skilled enough to open your practice.


Ditto for profiting online. Our gig is not as time and energy intensive but requires study, practice, creating, connecting and trust to see the journey through. No one profits online within days or weeks – appreciably – because it takes months to years of practice, creating and connecting to ace this gig.


Patiently develop your profiting skills. Practice. Create and connect. Update old blog posts for SEO. Publish new content. Grow your blogger friend network daily.


Gradually develop your money making skills to become a professional blogger.


Publish Detailed Blog Content


Folks read-watch-listen-to your free content, trust you and buy your stuff, hire you, promote you or endorse you in some cases. Not every time, mind you. But people make money blogging by patiently creating oodles of free, helpful content through:


  • blog posts
  • guest posts
  • videos
  • podcasts


Create and publish content to solve reader problems.


Reader buy from trusted bloggers. Publishing detailed content earns reader trust.


Be generous. Resist any urge to hold back. Avoid making the common error of holding back because prior content does not seem to net steady blogging profits.


Respect the lag time between publishing detailed content persistently and earning blogging income.


Cultivate Your Money Energy


Goodness; this lesson all but kills most bloggers because most try to profit from a scared, desperate or greedy, fear-based vibe. No one can profit by vibing poverty and scarcity. Vibe abundance. Trust in yourself. Trust in the process. Be generous.


Face money fears. Release money fears. Proceed from abundance.


Train your mind to evolve from poverty conscious ways to prosperity conscious habits.




First, feel abundant within. Progressively, your:


  • thoughts
  • feelings
  • actions


net you blogging profits.


Money is energy. Cultivate an abundance mindset. Feel rich within. Allow money-energy to flow toward you.


Frame Income Streams as Receiving Channels


Income streams are receiving channels through which you make money. Channels do not make you money. An income stream is inanimate; it cannot do anything. But skilled, committed, generous bloggers can make money online by patiently learning how to profit, by helping people, by trusting in the process and by trusting in themselves.


Hone your skills. Do not attach to any one income stream. Simply allow money to flow to you through these channels to profit.


See income streams as ways for receiving money. Make money online by allowing channels to let money flow to you versus obsessively clinging to one or all of these streams.


Invest in Resources to Learn how to Profit Correctly


Learn how to profit from pros who profit. Resources offer you complete guides to follow so you do not try to profit off of the top of your head, winging it, foolishly.


Invest money in the best blogging advice from pros. Access their top-shelf knowledge.


Think about spending a modest amount of money to access:


  • the best blogging advice
  • year’s worth of blogging experience
  • years of mistakes made, learned from and drilled into the mind of pro bloggers


Invest money to get the best, proven tips for making money online. Prosper by standing on the shoulders of bloggers who have prospered. Go to the blogging big dawgs.




Most bloggers struggle to profit for their money fears. Money fears in mind color their blogging actions.


How can you profit freely if you think, feel and act like a blogger who struggles financially?


Clear the inner world to lay a strong foundation for a prospering blogging campaign.


This journey is simple but uncomfortable.


Keep it simple by creating, connecting and opening multiple streams of income.


Dive into fears. Nudge outside of your comfort zone. Prosper.

  1. Mudassir says:
    at 1:37 pm

    Working on multiple income streams is definitely the deal. Plus, evergreen motive too, I guess. However, to flow through so many streams and earn money, it requires lot of energy for befriending and networking, like you have already. Beating the procrastination plays a key role too to put our thoughts and energy into action and develop ourselves day-by-day, which I understood lately. Very practical points you have made, Ryan.

    By any chance, did you write an eBook or article related to procrastination, Ryan?

    Many thanks for mentioning me in the list…

  2. Martin Pavey says:
    at 6:05 am

    Oh My Dear Ryan, you are blogging Big Dawg! Marvellous.

    You put your reader first, which I LOVE! Fear is the killer of dreams and you have clearly done so much excellent work on yourself.

    You also highlight the vital importance of patience and the art of practicing the craft. Voice doesn’t necessarily come overnight but, as bloggers, we must trust ourselves. I’ve learnt a lot on this from you.

    Abundance is a state of mind and, as you say, money flows freely to us when we remove the obstacles and, frankly for me, get out of our own ways!

    Marvellous work as always, my friend!


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:08 am

      Martin always appreciated my friend ๐Ÿ™‚ Once we patiently learn the skill of shifting from fear to abundance in mind all slowly but surely changes in a wonderful way.

  3. Lauren says:
    at 12:18 pm

    This was an in-depth helpful post with so many things you can put into practise. Over the years I have started investing in my blog and it has definitely come back positively. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Maurice says:
    at 2:06 pm

    Thank you for your post.

    I managed to create 2 income streams aswell. Im able to work from anywhere and anytime which is great. But still, im trying to create more income streams to feel safer.

    Im still quite young which means my family and peers expect me to go the traditional route of university -> full-time job

    Kind regards,

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:06 pm

      My pleasure Maurice. Always do what makes you happiest because your family and peers are not living your life; you are.

  5. Fd Shakil says:
    at 2:56 pm

    Hey Ryan, I love this, you made things very clear. Actually connecting with other bloggers brings good value in the long run… When A blogger shares other bloggers content itโ€™s truly drive target audience…
    Anyway thanks a lot, things are more clear for me in terms of making money blogging.

  6. Uttoran Sen says:
    at 11:21 am

    Hey Ryan,

    You are right, much of our success comes from the support of our friends. Which is why I always link to them, share their content and do whatever I can to help them achieve their goals. Yes, they do the same for me – but the initial self-less help is what truly matters.

    There’s always plenty of income channels available to bloggers and the more streams are sending money the better, no matter how small but as long as the income is coming from several channels, its stable income.

    Uttoran Sen

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