7 Part Time Blogging Tips for Full Time Employees

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Full time employees who blog, I salute you! Working a full time job and blogging part time pushes anyone outside of their comfort zone. Putting in 8 or more hours daily before following part time blogging tips proves to be incredibly challenging for most part time hustlers.


Blogging is not easy for pro bloggers, sometimes. Blogging seems difficult to part time bloggers more often than not.  Many full employees who blog part time have kids, attend school or engage in some other activity eating up even more spare time.


Part time bloggers only go pro by making blogging a priority. Bloggers make blogging a priority by valuing the:


  • fun
  • freedom
  • expression


blogging affords you.


Uncomfortable Venture at Times


Blogging felt uncomfortable for me in the past. I even feel uncomfortable blogging as a 13 year blogging veteran, at times. Knowing this, I deeply respect anyone who begins blogging as a side hustle.


Employees who blog part time often make excuses and quit or refuse to make excuses and succeed. The latter department seems far fewer than the former. Why? Most part time bloggers cling to no compelling reason for blogging. Some intend to give blogging a shot. Others never give blogging an honest, persistent effort. Most make some series of excuses as to why they cannot seem to find time to blog.


Newsflash; no one finds time to do anything. You and I already found all of the time we could ever find today. We found 24 hours. But your choices, my choices and the choices the rest of humanity makes seem quite different from each other. Struggling part time bloggers choose:


  • fear
  • comfort




  • freedom
  • discomfort


Everything is on you. Everything is your choice.


As I note below, part time bloggers who work full time jobs often see blogging as some escape plan to exit a life of depressed employment. Workers dream of escaping the 9-5. Blogging is the escape plan in their minds. Setting this intent:


  • never addresses the fears you harbor concerning working a job you despise
  • never allows you to figure out if you have a genuine passion for blogging


Do not escape from working a job. Choose blogging to follow a fun, freeing passion.


I discuss this idea for tip #1.


1: Follow Your Passion or Trash the Blog


Originally, before I updated this content, I wrote this post at 12:30 AM  in the morning in Oman because I love blogging. I have fun blogging. Blogging is play. I make time for play. I nudge deeper outside of my comfort zone because I have a passion for blogging.


Passion pulls you past problems. Fun nudges you past fears. Guys; you face a hefty amount of resistance-fear-problems working full time and blogging part time. Either trash your passion-less blog or keep your passion-filled blog, and allow your joy of covering the topic to energize you for a long journey.


Do not waste time picking a niche without assessing your passion test. Unpassionate bloggers struggle, panic and quit blogging because they have no dependable blogging motivator during low traffic and low profits periods.


Blog your passion. Full time employees need fun, freeing reasons to wake at 5 AM in order to write and publish a blog post before you commute to your full time job. Passionate bloggers do what it takes to see their professional blogging journey through


2: No Excuses


I have compassion for employees who are part time bloggers. But excuses weigh you down. Never make excuses.


Making excuses about the 3 T’s of Full Time Employee Part Time Bloggers:


  • I am TIRED
  • I have no TIME
  • I TRIED that already


perpetuates struggle, guarantees failure and makes successful impossible. Return to tip #1. Follow your passion. Excuses dissolve into passion.


Excuses handcuff you. Peep the bullet point list above. I am tired because I have blogged daily for over 5 years. I spent hours offline enjoying Panama today; I appeared to have no time to write and publish a post, either. I tried many blogging strategies often before the technique yielded ripe fruit.


Do not anchor yourself down with excuses. Cut these heavy energetic weights by refusing to make excuses about your part time blogging campaign. See opportunities instead of obstacles to knife through blogging excuses.


3: Set Up Blogging Work Time


Setting up work time adds a sense of order to your part time blogging day. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by the time demands of your hectic schedule. Blogging during specific periods goads you to get the job done. Treat blogging like a job from a logistics perfective. Work at a set time to cut through excuses triggered for full time employees who blog part time.


Devote a set period of time to blogging daily. 7 PM to 9 PM. 6 AM to 8 AM. Whenever. Do it. Drop everything. Get to work. Make time to blog. Make time to follow your passion. Make a DAILY commitment to your part time blogging hours.


4: Double C’s to Maximize Effectiveness


Immense blogging success flows to bloggers who:


  • create helpful content
  • connect with top bloggers


Full time employees should spend most time creating blog posts and videos, commenting genuinely on blogs and promoting other bloggers to leverage their time effectively. Unless you create and/or connect daily for 1-2 hours daily (minimum) you will struggle horribly to gain traction.


Create content solving problems suffered by folks in your niche. Help people generously. Remember; content is forever. Content promotes your expertise around the clock, while you work your full time job.


Promote top bloggers on your blog and through social media. Befriend these pros. Observe pro blogging buddies promote your blog while you work full time, blog and sleep. Access the powerful leveraging potential of a tight knit blogging buddy network.


5: Invest in Courses and eBooks to Do Blogging Right


You work 40 hours a week. Can you afford to waste your free time? Nope. Invest in proven strategies that lay the foundation for a successful blog. Make those 1-2 hours of blogging daily count.



Even coaches need coaching. Professional bloggers often hire coaches to expose ego blind spots gracefully. Investing in pro blogger’s course and/or eBooks lets you use your precious time effectively. Versus spinning your wheels for months you simply invest money in pro blogger advice, follow their lead and eventually transition from the work force to running an online business through your blog.


6: Open Multiple Streams of Income


Consider affiliate marketing for starters; hit the ground running by earning on the efforts of other entrepreneurs. Gradually write a few Kindle short reads – 5000-8000 words – tackling problems in your niche. Income streams are no big deal; see each as a simple receiving channel. All the dough flows from following steps 1-5. The biggest earners are incredibly passionate (tip #1) which makes them generous, patient and persistent, whether they began blogging part time or full time.


Never base your blogging business on a single income channel. Income streams come and go like the tide. One channel can dry up and go away overnight. Open multiple streams of income to prosper accordingly. Insulate yourself against channels disappearing while maximizing your blogging income.


Part time bloggers need to leverage more than any blogger for the limited time they have to work with. Open multiple income sources to get the most bang out of the blogging bucks you earn.


7: Never Look at Your Blog and Blogging Income as the Escape Plan


If you hate your job allow your passion for blogging to fuel the journey. Do not see blogging income as an escape plan. Money responds terribly to attachment, desperation, greediness, delusion and all fear-energies common with a blogger who sees an inanimate object (money, blog) as the way out.


If you want to eventually blog full time be so passionate about blogging that you:


  • practice writing your ass off
  • create and connect generously
  • cultivate immense patience and dogged persistence
  • almost completely forget about traffic and profits stats


Part time bloggers lost in the process of helping people position themselves to quit their jobs and blog full time.


Be passionate about the process. Allow the outcome-dream to unfold at its own pace. You’ll get there.


Blogging Video


David Boozer interviewed me for his fabulous YouTube channel a while back.


We covered more than a few blogging fundamentals critical for part time and full time bloggers alike.


Watch it here:


How to Succeed with Blogging





Part time bloggers who work full time jobs can and do become professional bloggers.


Following simple tips persistently is the difference maker.


Don’t quit when the journey gets uncomfortable.


Think about why you’re blogging to nudge yourself through challenging but necessary blogging stretches.

  1. Melanie Newdick says:
    at 5:34 am

    Just the article I needed to read today. I am currently working on my blog part time while working part time. It really is my passion and I have put in many months over the last 2 years. However, my blog is all about travel and I’m determined to stick with my passion and wait for travel to pick up rather than pivot into something else. That said occassionally it can be hard and I doubt myself and my project – thanks for the post, it’s another sign that I really should just carry on and look forward to the day when I am travelling and writing all about it too 🙂

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 8:22 am

      Hi Melanie 🙂

      My strategy has always been to have a vision first then to know that life goes on, as far as travel. Some of the world travels now; why not publish posts to appeal to these tens of millions of people? Definitely keep blogging about travel no matter what because traveling will pick up more quickly than most think. Keep that dream alive! You are doing great. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.

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