7 Tips for First Time eBook Authors (Amazon eBook)

October 28, 2016
Hidden Beach, Bali
Hidden Beach, Bali


Writing your first eBook is kinda like eating street food from a SE Asian vendor.


You feel 1 part joy and satisfaction from savoring authentic, delicious local fare.


You also feel 1 part silent terror at the prospect of running to the toilet in an hour to projectile vomit or blast off bottom-style (Delhi Belly, Bally Belly, Thailand Trots) if pigeons or roaches did the tarantella on your food before it was prepared (some street stall vendors are not keen on maintaining hygienic conditions ).


Which is why I wrote my new eBook for you:


7 Tips for First Time eBook Authors


You know my drill.


I’ve written and self-published 126 eBooks.


My 126 eBooks started with one: How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging.


I know the equal parts excitement and terror you may be experiencing when pondering the eBook author gig.


Which is, again, why I wrote the eBook.


I’ve sandwiched 7 usable, practical, smart tips into this jammy to help you dive into the self-publishing game so you can build a passive income stream and establish your authority.


Writing eBooks helps you establish your expertise.


And boosts your blogging cash flow.


More than that though, going through the process of writing and self-publishing your first eBook gives you an invincible air, a superhero-like attitude that you can do anything…..because sitting down to self-publish a read can be a scary proposition.


I know.


I have been there.


At one time.


126 eBooks ago.


More than anything guys, these 7 practical tips can help you self-publish a successful eBook the first time out.


No need to struggle, or strain, or strive, when you can cash in from my experience.


These 7 tips constitute “my experience.”


And they are waiting for you inside a tidy little Amazon eBook.


Cover Story


I snapped the cover image in Jimbaran, Bali.


A volcanic eruption at Mount Raung – on the nearby island of Java – created a volcanic ash cloud which produced brilliant sunsets.


As you can see, I am either really skilled with Photoshop or I have created an inspired, freeing life through the advice I offer in all my eBooks.


I see symbolism here; no, not from the projectile vomit or diarrhea references at the beginning of the post.


I see symbolism because your blogging career can erupt/explode/take off when you add your first eBook to your marketing arsenal.


Because once you write 1, this isht gets addictive.




And when you have written a bunch of these eBook thingees you will:


  • Raise eyebrows/wow the pants off of folks
  • Establish an increasing passive income stream
  • Establish your authority


The Amazon Kindle eBook


That’s it for today dudes and dudettes.


You can check out my eBook here:


7 Tips for First Time eBook Authors

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Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Hi Shamsudeen,

    That’s OK bro; you’ll get there 😉 So key to write it when you feel like its fun. The energy carries you through the task, making it a labor of love, and then you’ll self publish that sucker LOL. Thanks for the comment!


  2. Hi Ryan,

    Yes, I can remember vividly that 1st one…not too long ago. Amazing to read that within that time and now, you’ve hit 126 ebooks already on Amazon.

    You’re a Machine, Ryan.

    I’m yet to get my first one complete, still sitting as a draft on my computer for over two years now. Agrrrr! Feel like kicking myself.

    Thank you, Ryan.

  3. No worries dude 😉 I’ll check for it!


  4. Absolutely man, GO FOR IT!
    Sorry for the delay, it’s been especially stressful this week on my end :p
    BTW, i think one of my comments went straight into the spam folder, lol, but im not sure.

    Catch ya late Ryan!

  5. Fred Says:

    Can’t believe you’re up to 126 e-books now, that’s amazing! Makes my complaint about not having time to write 1 seem a little silly, haha. I’m sure it gets a little easier once you get a couple under your belt, and stop thinking about it in terms of being some kind of “big deal”. Just do it, right?

    Guess I’ll set a goal for 2017 of getting at least 1 e-book written and published, no excuses!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Cool, glad you’re digging the layout 😉 I’ve added a few eBooks on the side too hahaha 😉 You’ll get there because you really know your stuff inside-out on social. Sounds good! If you have any individual eBook questions email me at: rbbidd@gmail.com

    Thanks for commenting!


  7. Lisa Sicard Says:

    Ryan, I love the new look of your website here. Very easy to follow and read. Congratulations on the eBooks, I’m struggling with my 3rd. I will have to definately get this new book and see how to do it on Amazon. I was on Smashwords and Barnes and Noble, I think Amazon would be key. Thanks Ryan!

  8. Hi Elvis,

    Well done dude! Love your entrepreneurial spirit. You even have me pondering the romance route; I can even churn out some decent smut with my vivid imagination LOL! Seriously though; folks want a little charge in that genre so 4K words does just fine to get the blood flowing. Do not look too much into prior line from a biological perspective LOL 😉 That’s some cool coin too for a passive income streams.

    You also got me thinking about doing a WSO for my products too. More active on Warrior these days so it makes sense to delve into WSO’s too as my presence expands over there. Thanks for commenting and hey, congrats on those 75!


  9. Hi Maketta,

    You have expertise in a few areas. I’d pick 1 topic for your first eBook and run with it. If you feel passionate about the subject matter you really cannot go wrong, because that energy will bring success to you. Like a magnet. Because when you’re having fun the prospering ideas and readers will flow your way. Thanks much!


  10. Hello Ryan,

    I would like to write an ebook. I’m not really sure about what though. I have several topics in mind. Wow! You have written 126 that’s excellent! I can tell that you really enjoy writing and that makes a difference too! And you definitely have a way with words. 🙂 Thanks for sharing! It’s really very inspiring to read! Wishing much continual success!

  11. Ahhh, Amazon books. They saved my life — well, not really, but they opened my eyes to so much more than writing for clients.

    It all started in 2011 — The Warrior Forum. I bought this WSO that promised you would earn $40 or more per book, on average. I was a total internet marketing noob. But a driven noob nonetheless.

    So I bought it. It was only a $17 WSO, so why not?

    What did i learn? Well… everything about short erotica. Im talking 4,000-word erotica here.

    The thing about that niche is the fact that it’s OKAY to publish something relatively short and to the point. Lets face it: These stories are meant for people who want something quick to “boost their imagination” at night. They’re not looking for deep storylines and deep character development.

    So i pumped out a few short stories. First month’s income? Around $418. Not bad for less than 25k words worth of books.

    I could go on and on, but my point is this: Kindle and ebooks are here to stay, and you are living proof that they can greatly boost your income and your brand.

    P.S. Holy cow, that’s a lot of books, BTW! 126?! I stopped around 75 or so, but plan on resuming that whole thing again because that form of passive income is slowly dwindling.


  12. Also, how about those Joe Cool Shades I donned in Koh Lanta, eh?

  13. I left a thought.