7 Tips to Become a Professional Blogger Who Blogs from Paradise (Amazon eBook)

November 23, 2017
7 tips to become a professional blogger who blogs from paradise


I am writing these words from the Upper West Side in NYC.


Kelli and I are on a 10 day house sit.


Central Park West sits 1 block away, with celebrities like Seinfeld, Michael Douglas and Denzel Washington being current or former residents on this world renowned street.


Life is good.


Of course, I am usually spotted in the tropics. Bali. Fiji. Costa Rica. Thailand.


I want to help you find out what it takes to become a professional blogger who blogs from paradise.


So…..I went and wrote an eBook to give you the practical tips to build a pro blogging career while circling the globe.


7 Tips to Become a Professional Blogger Who Blogs from Paradise (Amazon eBook)


Who Would Dig the eBook


Any blogger who wants to become a pro blogger intent on seeing the world.


From new bloggers, to seasoned veterans, to struggling bloggers, to failing bloggers, I wrote this eBook with you in mind. Really.


I wanted to help bloggers with virtually all levels of experience because I have seen enough of my blogging buddies ask me:


“Hey Ryan, how in the Hades do you blog from paradise?!”


I share the specific tips and tactics to aid you on your blogging journey.  This is the exact stuff I have done, energy/mindset work included, to craft a dream life for myself and my readers.


Although blogging from paradise (wherever paradise exists, for you) is an incredibly sexy journey at times, there are un-sexy aspects of this ride. Reading this eBook gives you the clarity and confidence to get you through those challenging moments because it always helps to have a nifty little guide handy when the blogging shit hits the fan.


I ain’t gonna front; the benefits of blogging from paradise far outweigh the uncomfortable moments you face from time to time, while laying the foundation for being a full time blogger.


In New York City


Kelli and I spent a few hours walking around Central Park in New York City a few days ago. Sweet. Yesterday, we saw Sam Waterston, Katie Holmes and Samantha Mathis of American Psycho fame during our afternoon walk through the Upper West Side. Very, very cool.


If you want to circle the globe, island hopping in the tropics, or if New York City is more your speed, or if paradise is your home town, this tidy little eBook gives you the blueprint for engineering such a life for yourself and your family.




OK….on to the benefits of grabbing this sucker:


  • learn how to develop the mindset of a traveling pro blogger
  • uncover one of the secrets of designing this sugary sweet life for yourself and your family
  • are you down with PV? You will see, in Chapter 3
  • get why you absolutely gotta build bonds with the blogging big dawgs in your niche, and receive tips for how to cyber wine and dine these playas the right way
  • learn how to monetize your blog effectively, with smart tips from a pro blogger, said pro blogger, blogging from paradise (that would be me)
  • access 1 secret to steadily increase your blogging profits
  • the logistics chapter; learn about the day to day stuff of blogging from paradise, with tips for easing the transition from your home town to international lands


Like all of my blogging tips eBooks guys, this one is a helpful, simple, clear manual on how to live your dreams through blogging. No fuss, no muss.


You get practical tips for both developing a pro blogger mindset and for moving into specific actions – actions being backed with the right energy – to circle the globe as a full time blogger.


I simply share what has worked for me and other fellow pro bloggers who change time zones like most people who change their minds.


eBook Cover


I snapped the eBook cover in Granada, Nicaragua.


Kelli and I did a 2 month house sit in this colorful – literally – town in Central America. The mountain is actually a stratovolcano known as Mombacho.





1: Do Your Mental Homework Every Single Freaking Day

2: Get Clear

3: Build Your Blog on a Foundation of Passionate Value

4: Make Friends in High Places

5: Open Aligned and Fun to Work Income Streams

6: Dissolve Your Money Blocks by Doing Freeing but Uncomfortable Things

7: Paradise Logistics (Keep It Simple Fellow Island Hoppers)


The eBook


If you’re ready to experience the freedom of becoming a pro blogger who blogs from paradise buy my eBook:


7 Tips to Become a Professional Blogger Who Blogs from Paradise (Amazon eBook)


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  1. Thanks Md. Do enjoy the eBook!

  2. Md Alfaaz Says:

    Wow! Sir Amazing content. I am gonna purchase this eBook to read. Thank you sir.

  3. Keep at it Zaman. You are doing great buddy.

  4. Thanks Nerdy; do enjoy it 🙂

  5. Thanks for sharing, I’m gonna purchase this ebook and hope it helps t

  6. SMN Zaman Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    I think that the eBook will be a great read for those who wanna make a living like you.

    I wonder how you manage your time so productively that you can craft so many words and be on several platforms on a daily basis!!

    By the way, pray for me so that I can do the same.

    SMN Zaman

  7. Yep Rhonda; we are leaving NYC today. 10 days was about perfect. I will return to NYC on December 2nd for a solo 8 day sit in East Harlem, which we have done probably 20 times.

  8. Rhonda Albom Says:

    Good on you for your housesit in Manhattan. Yes, I prefer the tropics to the big cities also.

  9. I do have a few eBooks about that Donna 😉 The heart is where this fun journey starts. As within, so without. Thanks a bunch.

  10. Hi Ryan,

    Okay so let me get this straight.

    Every time you see a need in the marketplace, you simply sit down and write a new book huh?


    I wish I could be that prolific.

    I would say I wonder how you do that but… I know you got an ebook about that too, right?

    I’m sure this ebook, like all your others, is going to be a big help to bloggers.

    I know you’ve got the Insight from the heart first – and the pen second.

    That’s the right order my friend.

    Good luck with your newest.


  11. I left a thought.