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7 Stunning Photos of Savusavu Fiji




The name conjures up images of a tropical paradise.


Crystal clear waters, crisp blue skies and mountains of green, lush jungle.


Kelli and I visited Savusavu, Fiji in 2014. We did a 4 month house sit in this little town which locals call the Hidden Paradise of Fiji.


For good reason.


As you see from the driveway view we had via the image above, Savusavu is a pristine paradise. Towering mountains, clear bay waters and brilliant blue skies greeted us on most days.


We lived on a jungle cliff perched some 150 meters above the bay, affording us some of the best views on the island of Vanua Levu. Again; see the image above.


I wanted to share a few eye-popping photos with you, to bring you to Fiji.


Savusavu Fiji sunset


Fiji sunsets from the front porch were glorious.


Some nights, fire red. Other evenings, a glowing, pulsating, golden hue greeted us before darkness crept in.


I spent every night enjoying the different shaded sunsets, preserving more than a few with my decent but not too too impressive camera at the time (which is code for “no filter aka gosh darn this place is beautiful” pictures in this post.).


Savusavu Fiji fog


Admittedly, one of my dreams is to visit Skull Island. King Kong’s island.


I heard the visa process is a real bitch so will have to settle for this very Skull Island like, dramatic image I snapped from the bay during a cloudy, drizzle-filled day in Savusavu.


Raw. Pristine. Mysterious. As gorgeous as the sunny day shots were, this cloudy, foggy shot was just as dramatic and beautiful.


Imagine a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, hundreds of miles from Australia, being largely unspoiled by man. No, not Skull Island (this is not by Sumatra), but Vanua Levu, Fiji, home of Savusavu.


Savusavu Fiji sunset


Another brilliant sunset.


I snapped it as the ferry headed out of the bay, just when the sun had dropped below the mountains in the distance.


Note the play of sun and clouds as the light fought for its last breath, with evening taking over.


On a clear night, we were treated to planetarium-like conditions not an hour after sunset.


On a cloudy night, if the power happened to go out, we were treated to pitch dark conditions not an hour after sunset. Like, the type of pitch dark where you could not see your hand in front of your face. Thank goodness we only experienced 1 or 2 blackouts.


Nagigi Beach Fiji


Technically this is cheating.


Nagigi Village is a different “town” than Savusavu.


But I had to include this brilliant snap shot.


We toured the area with Olivia the Banana Lady – who lived in the village and sold bananas at the market – for a few hours, enjoying lunch, some swimming and yes, some eye-popping image snapping.


This is a no filter photo I snapped of the South Pacific Ocean. Note the play of the water, from crystal clear near the beach, to turquoise, to deep blue sea as you gazed at the horizon.


Postcard perfect shot.


Savusavu Fiji


After spending a day touring the island – and having a near death experience while hitch hiking – Kelli preserved this brilliant image of Savusavu Bay from high atop a mountain.


Note that deep shade of blue, which seems consistent with water views from a distance throughout the South Pacific.



Savusavu Fiji clear waters


During high season, visibility levels in Savusavu reach 100 feet. Or is it 100 meters? I would not doubt either.


I took this picture from the front porch on a clear, sunny day to show off the clarity of the water.


As with all images above, the picture does not do the water justice.


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