7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog


7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog
7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog


Since nobody I know is interested in making money through blogging I wasted my time in writing this eBook:


7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog





Of course everybody and their brother – and sister – wants to make money blogging. Even if you blog mainly for fun I betcha you live a worldly life.


Nothing wrong with accepting a means of exchange called money for blogging services rendered, right?


But most bloggers feel confused about how to blog in order to actually make money through their blogging efforts.


I wrote this eBook to give you 7 practical, usable, sound strategies for building a full time income earning blog.


How the eBook Benefits You


Learn how to make money blogging.


Simple enough, right?


I explain how to find a fun, freeing driver that pulls you through obstacles and helps you develop a calm, peaceful sense of detachment, which is a hella prospering energy.


Tap into the profitable strategy of developing multiple sources of income.


Save yourself grief and feel the joy of increased blogging success from a financial perspective by targeting your readers.


Uncover the secret to thinking, acting and being a prospering blogger: study millionaires, folks!


Hands down, mass confusion plagues the blog monetizing process. I’m seeing this through emails I get and questions asked in niche specific forums, like Warrior and Facebook Groups, in regards to blog monetizing.


This read gives you clarity and confidence in following a proven blog monetizing strategy over the long haul. So you actually build a full time income earning blog.




The ultimate benefit of reading the eBook.


Our ultimate life goal.


All humans crave freedom.


Sitting here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, writing these words in a sleepy Thai village on a lazy afternoon, I want to help you enjoy your most fun, freeing, dream life.


The powerful strategies listed in this eBook help you live a life of freedom through blogging, by helping you establish a full time income through blogging.


More importantly, I help you cut through confusion surrounding bullshit monetizing strategies being bandied about by greedy, desperate or outright lost bloggers. Yep; advice like:


“Adsense is the best way for newbie bloggers to make money,” which is utter horse feces.


Adsense is a way for seasoned veteran bloggers with high traffic, highly targeted blogs to make money. Not for newbies though.


Forget income streams though; this eBook stresses the importance of laying the foundation for smart monetizing.


The money is in the content you share for a specific reader, multiplied by the size, scale and influence of your friend network.


Few bloggers tackle monetizing from such an angle though, which is why we cut through confusion and keep things simple, and powerful, at Blogging From Paradise.


What’s in the eBook?


Here are thy chapters, kind sirs and kind ma’ams.


Chapter 1: Blog to Free You: NOT to Make Money
Chapter 2: Target 1 Audience
Chapter 3: MSI or You Die
Chapter 4: Build a List or You Will Be Pissed
Chapter 5: Profits Rest in Stories, Valuable Stories
Chapter 6: Make Friends in High Places
Chapter 7: Mimic the Millionaires


I break down the core practical intent for building a full time income through blogging; choosing your freeing driver in Chapter 1.


Chapter 2 is about targeting your readers. Most bloggers spin their money-making wheels trying to write for any being that moves, versus intelligently targeting your readers.


Chapter 3 stresses the importance of developing multiple sources of income.


4’s about making the score through list building.


5’s alive with the prospering power in story telling.


6 fixes your networking problems, to help you become a connected blogger.


7 is pure heaven for developing your prosperity consciousness; mimic happy millionaires, dudes and dudettes.


The eBook


If you want to feel the fun, freedom and utter delight of earning a full time income through blogging buy my eBook:


7 Steps to Build a Full Time Income Earning Blog