7 Profitable Blogging Lessons I Learned by Fighting a Drooling Vagrant for My Flip Flops in Nicaragua (Plus Exciting Pictures from DEEP in the Costa Rican Jungle!)

December 4, 2015
Flip flops. Machete. Comprende?
Flip flops. Machete. Comprende?


Kelli and I have arrived to the jungle!

We rolled into Buena Vista a few days back.

We’re living in a jungle hut/home without electricity or internet. But with kick ass, pure Costa Rican jungle water.

I was blessed to see 2 rare animals on the grounds during my first day here.

Poison dart frogs are among the most venomous creatures on earth. Touching their skin can lead to your rapid demise. Bullet ants possess the most excruciatingly painful bite in the insect kingdom. It feels like you’ve been shot if you’re lucky enough to have a bullet ant latch onto you.

During our first few days here in Buena Vista, Costa Rica I saw:

  • 3 poison dart frogs
  • 8 bullet ants
  • a flock of oropendula
  • a toucan (even snapped an image of that sucker…as seen in this post)
  • Capuchin monkeys
  • an owl
  • a centipede
  • more spiders than you’d ever imagine
  • parrots
  • woodpeckers (on steroids)

Poison dart frogs hop around the property like common little toadies. Bright red, advertising their deadliness, I’ve seen them below the house where we’re living. Bullet ants are inch long toughies which are ALL OVER the jungle.

Toss in fer de lances, corral snakes and pit vipers, and you have some formidable predators here, 3 miles deep in the jungles of a remote Costa Rican paradise. Hell, we were carried here by an ATV, being driven 25 minutes through almost impassable roads.

Anyway, I think my next post (whenever I publish it) will be all about the jungle critters and blogging lessons….get ready for a colorful, entertaining, practical blogging tips laden read….if I survive until then.

On to this week’s blog post……

Carajo! Hijo de perra!”

Use Google translate…go ahead.

I whipped out my saucy Gringo Spanish to curse this bastard out.

He just stole my flip flops!

Well…I wasn’t having it. I sprinted toward the front door – with kibbles of dog food flying everywhere – only to grab my $1 Balinese flip flops a split second too late. I wrestled for a second, fighting, then the homeless vagrant took off.

Money sprinted like Carl Lewis down the street. He was a Nica blur. Gonzo. I was pissed. Really pissed. I had invested 10 solid minutes of my life speaking nicely to him, then, chastising him, then fighting him verbally, then after I intended to do him and his starving little itty bitty kitty a solid I physically fought him for my flip flops. For a fleeting moment.

He yanked those suckers from my hands.

Check out the jungle crib in Costa Rica. It only takes us 3 hours to get there. From the center of town. Up a mile high mountain. Or something like that.
Check out the jungle crib in Costa Rica. It only takes us 3 hours to get there. From the center of town. Up a mile high mountain. Or something like that.


I guess if you have no shoes you’re a little hungrier than the guy who’d have no shoes IF his flip flops were stolen. I was the latter party. Sans flippies after our little jiggy joust, a warring waltz by the wrought iron gate.

How in the frick did this go down? And how on earth did a drooling, belligerent homeless man in Nicaragua teach me and you 7 profitable blogging lessons?

Here we go….

How It All Went Down


Amigo, necesito sus zapatos.”

My friend….my friend!”

He would not let up.

This homeless dude had been bugging me on and off for weeks for my flip flops. Once a week he swept through the ‘hood, laying his feasting eyes on my flippes.

He was a short man. Hardened look. Missing teeth. And yes, on the particular day of footwear reckoning a slow, steady drool dribbled down his chin as he demanded I hand over my zapatos.

The Process: the first few times he stopped by I ignored him. Walked into the bedroom. Let him get the message. He’d leave. I’d walk out. Spare myself some heartache. I mean, I had compassion for the dude and all but after seeing local Nicas busting their freaking ass from 6 AM to 9 PM at night, selling bread and tamales and ice cream on the street, I had a tough time seeing this able bodied dude beg like mad.

Note; the locals don’t tolerate these folks much. I did. Until the Seizure. Of Flippies.

So after a few trips to the casa he gets more persistent. Like a tenacious pit bull, he locks on to my lovely footwear and won’t stop asking. During successive trips I give the Tough Love Approach; in Spanish I tell him,

Dude, get a job. All these folks out here work so hard to make money. You work too.”

My compassion had reached its limit. God helps those who helps themselves, and even folks in the most dire straits can pick themselves up, and often do. He didn’t want to hear it. So I told him to “Beat it Pal” a few times and he’d go.

Mind you, he was in front of the place where we are house sitting. Pestering us. I am no Buddha – God knows the headline told ya that – but I am pretty patient and compassionate until….I am not patient and compassionate.

The Fateful Day


This guy shows up shoe less. Again. I smile and shake my head in the “No” direction. He persists. I leave the room. Return in 4 minutes. He’s still there. Like a bad cold or crabgrass this Mfer won’t go away. I begin to break it down; get a job my man, make some dough, help someone, come on buddy, this is our home (not technically, but we were watching over it). Call it pimp slapping the pan handler or the Gringo dress down in Granada. Whatever. We began to spar verbally.

Then he plays the “White guy who loves animal card.” Smart dude. Don’t let the drool fool you. He places his little, malnourished, skinny-ass kitten on the iron grate which serves as the front door. Tugging at my heartstrings. I feel for people. But even the most desperate person can reach out for money. Animals do not have that luxury, and here in Granada the streets are heavy with street dogs and kitties, too.

I immediately knew what I had to do: feed the kitten. I stroll into the kitchen. Grab dog food kibble we use to feed our street dog buddy Fred. But something REALLY weird happened as I scooped the food and prepared a plate for my Feline Friend…..I heard the iron grate – serving as the front door – shaking and shimmying.

DAMN! He’s breaking in!”

I did my best Usain Bolt impersonation, sprinting so quickly into the living room that I forgot to put down the dog food. Imagine an explosion of colorful kibble assaulting the greeting area in violent fashion. The little pellets showered the drooling vagrant, me and the kitty……as he yanked my flip flops through the front grate!

I flipped out. Yelling at him. I grabbed my flippes and wrestled with the dude for a split second but it was too late. He made off with his precious booty, breaking the speed of sound, going into a marathon sprint that would have made shoe less Kenyans jealous.

I had no idea how the guy stole my shoes without breaking in. The door remained locked. Double locked and dead bolted. Although violent crime is non-existent here petty theft is common so you gotta lock everything up EVERY time to avoid burglaries.

As I was fuming I noted tree bark on the floor. Huh? I gazed into the street to see a 7 foot long, curled branch. Dude was sharp. He fished out my flip flops when I went for the “Starving Kitty Routine.”

The Moment of Insanity


As I saw the flames trail this speed demon, him running down the street, I said to myself:

Why in the Hades did I yell at and fight a drooling Nicaraguan homeless man over a $1 pair of flip flops?”

I sat with the feelings. For a few minutes. On honest review I revealed my insanity: I became heavily attached to a $1 pair of Balinese flip flops. I was pissed when he stole them. Because they were MINE! I told him so. Many times. So when he took them, while I tried to help his cute little kitty, I felt anger and stress and loss arise because….

I was freaking attached to a $1 pair of flip flips.

In a split second I could have given him the flip flops. Or I could have laughed when he stole them, giving him props for his glorious gumption and killer creativity. But here I am, living in paradise, blessed beyond belief, and I ream this poor guy out for stealing my $1 pair of flip flops.


Getting Heavily Attached to Anything Causes Suffering, Kills your Clarity of Thought and Creates Stress


I am no Buddha. I meditate a bit. So I’m wickedly attached to some stuff. This I know. The flip flop situation was a wake up call though. Acting like a mad man over a pair of cheap ass flip flops indicated I was a bit insane. That’s the thing about attachments; you’re so freaking focused at holding on to, preserving, and staying attached to certain things and people that you don’t see these attachments hold you back.

It’s like trying to run up a hill with a 50 pound weighted vest while you’re carrying a small boulder. Forget about it. You won’t move 10 feet. Then you drop the boulder. Better. But you can only move 100 feet before collapsing. Then you drop the vest. You can walk 500 feet. But still, you’re wiped out and need a break. Then you decide to roll downhill. In a wagon. Zero effort. Easy peasy. You reach the valley. Hire a taxi. Pay him a few bucks – at least here in Nicaragua you would – and he takes you to the top.

In the beginning you clung to attachments, making your load unbearable. You gradually let them go. All the attachments. And you reached the summit.

The Blogging Application



I remembered.

I *do* run a blogging tips blog here.

The thing is, your blogging attachments can make you just as blind, as foolish and as insane as I acted when a homeless dude stole my $1 flip flops.

I recall 1 situation vividly.

I created an eBook in early 2014. It was a stinker. I sold 4 copies. In 4 months. I don’t even claim it. Some other Ryan Biddulph wrote it. I think. Anyway…on discussing what was wrong with the eBook I received some strong negative feedback. I bounced this idea off of friends who supported the book – maybe the 4 who bought it – and they spoke of being REALLY attached to the book. They thought I should tweak it, promote it, and keep at it. They would not let it go.

Red Flat: hearing “attached” and feeling the same sensation in my being told me I needed to trash the eBook and my eBook domain immediately. Being heavily attached to any eBook or blog or blog domain name or header image or sidebar or blogging style or:

  • income streams
  • marketing strategy
  • blog post word length
  • pages
  • posts
  • niche
  • lists
  • list subscribers
  • or….anything related to your blog

.these attachments blind you to truth. You’ll be like a guy who lives in paradise, blessed to have retired to the tropics, a pro blogging, Amazon best selling fool, who was prepared to fight a homeless man for a $1 pair of flip flops.

Think about that for a second.

Pretty pink flowers on leaves by the house. I mean, hut.
Pretty pink flowers on leaves by the house. I mean, hut.


If I followed the advice of attached folks around me, and if I honored my own wicked attachment to The Blogging Manifesto, who the hell knows if Blogging from Paradise is ever born?

You Always Know


In quiet, you always know it’s time to trash your blog. You know when you need a brand overhaul. You know that income stream, yeah, that’s out. But attachments blind you.

8 Year Decision


I am not joking when I saw some folks send me emails recently promising me to join my home based opportunity “soon.” I connected with some of these people nearly 8 years ago. None were named Yoda. As far as I know. So none have a life expectancy of 700 years. So these folks with a 70 to 80 year old life expectancy – some of whom are in their 60’s already – are waiting close to a decade to NOT pull the trigger. To NOT change their lives.

They remain bound because of attachments.

Your Homework


I trashed 3400 blog posts and 5 year’s worth of struggles to create Blogging from Paradise. I let go that attachment. Pronto. After 5 years of struggle. I let go The Blogging Manifesto after 4 months of struggle. I trashed the domain, the blog posts, the sales page and the eBook itself. I did let go that attachment damn fast, and I eventually wrote my first Blogging from Paradise eBook after that release.

I did my homework. I still do my homework, seeing what I am attached to blogging-wise so I can release the old and worn out to make room for the new and exciting.

Don’t worry; you’ll eventually be so fed up with struggling that you will let go the blog, the domain, or your more rigid writing style. Or the Universe will force your hand and will snag that attachment from you, just like the homeless dude who stole my flip flops.

Ready to dive into the blogging lessons?

Let’s drool….I mean, “do” this!

1: Be Bold…..


Money was bold. If nothing else.

He did NOT take “No” for an answer. He just rolled up every week to demand my flip flops. He figured a rich Gringo had cash for more. He was right. I had cash on my body to afford at least one more pair of $1 flip flops.

Smart dude.

He asked, asked and asked. Directness. Point A to Point B. Like, I have no shoes. I need your shoes. No beating around the bush. No evasiveness. No trickery. Until he fished my flippies away with a hooked tree branch.

Blogging Lesson

I’ve connected a few wussy bloggers in my day. I feel for them. Because they are timid as toads. Meek as mewling kittens. About as aggressive as a glass of warm milk. Because I have no idea what they’re about. I know not how they can benefit me. I know not their specialty. I know not their story or experiences or anything. No boldness. No directness. No authority. Posture of a jellyfish with self-confidence issues. That’s a pretty spineless individual. At least the jellyfish can’t help it. Which may just piss it off. Damn Mother Nature, it thinks.

Anyway, be freaking bold you aspiring and pro and everywhere in between bloggers.

On arriving to Blogging from Paradise you see a big old pop up: sign up for my list. Dripping with benefits. Go ahead do it. OK, so you signed up. Bold move on my part. Feast on my top menu. Stuff I do. Stuff you can buy. Stuff dripping, oozing and living with benefits, just for you. Ditto when you scan your lovely little peepers down my sidebar. Boldness. Confidence. 11 Fundamentals to Successful Blogging (audio course). My 123 eBooks on Amazon. My audio books on iTunes. Endorsements. Coaching services. Depending on when you read this who knows how much more you can sink your teeth into, to enjoy, to buy? Boldness. Confidence. I do this. I created this. This helps you. It may be free or I may attach a price tag. Whatever. It’s valuable, helpful and beneficial to you. Download it. Buy it. No beating around the Biddulph bush on my part.

Look over your blog. Where can you be more bold? Where are you hiding away?

I resisted pop ups for years. Turns out I piddled in my pants at the thought of cheesing off readers. Imagine that!?!? RB, Mr. Bold and kinda detached these days, FEARING the LOSS of readers SO much that he avoided using pop ups? How ’bout offering something entertaining, valuable, funny, practical and clever so people will love seeing the pop up form, so they can sign up? Nice, big old, obvious way to share value, to build bonds and to boost my blogging income. Holy Trinity of Blogging, right there.

Be bold. Be direct. Ask your readers to follow specific calls to action. They love you. They’ll do it. Think of it this way; if someone adores your content but can’t deal with a pop up, they got some problems, not you. It takes me 2 seconds to unwrap a Pinguinos here in Central America before I enjoy it. It takes my readers 1-2 seconds to close a pop up before they enjoy my free, kick butt, lovingly created content, and hey, I’m just giving my loved readers a chance to stay connected with me via email, right?

2: ….But Not Annoying


This guy was like a wet, hacking cough.

As I write these words I’m experiencing some of what you may call….stomach issues. Nothing major. Nothing insane. Just a lighter version of Bali Belly. Or Delhi Belly. Without getting too graphic – can I even do that? NOT get too graphic? – I have been trotting toward the throne a bit more frequently these days. Whatever. It happens. 3rd world critters sending me to….we’ll keep it PG.

Do you think this oropendola would fight a drooling vagrant? Kelli captured this shot on the property, where like, everything lives.
Do you think this oropendola would fight a drooling vagrant? Kelli captured this shot on the property, where like, everything lives.


One night, as I meditated on the strangeness and wonder of life in a bathroom, being affected by this stomach situation in Nicaragua, I revisited a time in my life when I experienced a wet, hacking cough for 1 full month. Fugue moment. I was a pier guard. In New Jersey. During winter time, things got so cold at the terminal that Mr. Freeze would have suffered hypothermia down by da’ docks. Terrible environment for kicking a hacking cough. It was goldang annoying.

I’d stop by Kelli’s place after work and she’d be stunned at my hellacious-sounding, hacking, “is he living or dying?” type monstrosity of a cough.

Well, this freaking drooling dude reminded me of my hacking cough. It would NOT go away. Nor did he. I admire his boldness. I understood his desperation. But it became obvious that he’d have to shake some other Gringo’s shoe tree to find a pair of flippies. Mine weren’t for sale. Nor for giving.

He begged so much that I routinely left the room for 2 to 5 to 10 minutes just so he’d go away. One day I considered slamming the door shut in his face. He wore on your nerves, kinda like if you were a wicked insomniac who hadn’t slept in 3 weeks and a Nicaraguan marching band played the full ensemble bit right outside of your front door at 8 AM on a Saturday morning. Or if the Grucchi family version of Nicaraguans lit off bombas – fireworks – all through the night, with a particular loud, booming, violent crescendo at 4 AM. I am not kidding. They really do this stuff here.

Blogging Lesson

Annoyance is repelling folks. Once you asked, you asked. I use 1 pop up. Should pop up once daily. I do not use 2 pop ups. Nor those claustrophobia-inducing, scary pop ups that close in from all corners. I feel like Luke and Leya and Han Solo in the garbage compacter, reading some blogs.

Bloggers, do not be annoying. You’ll know when you’re annoying; the fear of missing out overrides your good judgment and you’ll:

  • spam readers with valueless, sell-heavy, desperate newsletters
  • use 2 to 3 to 5 pop ups – in succession – for single visits to your blog
  • load up your sidebar with ads which point to valueless, unaligned offers (indicating that you’re terrified to go broke)
  • engage in Drive By Blog Commenting (an unforgivable crime)
  • other silly stuff

Fear repels. Power attracts.

Doing stuff from a place of fear is why 80% of bloggers never make over $100 in their careers. Because those 80% tend to do annoying stuff. They know not what they do; at least until they read this post.

Go over your blog with a fine-toothed comb. Assess where you’re allowing fear and desperation to call the shots. Root out these weak points. Don’t be annoying. Don’t automatically sign me up for your list by checking boxes by default. I mark these ones as spam. Every time. That sucks for you. And for your open rates. Shouldn’t have signed me up. I can do that by typing my name and email into a box. Don’t take that choice out of my hands.

Don’t tell me that, if I don’t sign up for your email list that “I despise blog traffic and would rather not grow my list by 400% and would prefer to continue failing like a miserable loser.” You know what I’m talking about guys. That’s annoying. Silly. And shows that these bloggers fear LOSS.

I have lived in Fiji for 4 months. I think my blog traffic is OK. Never grew my list by 400%. Don’t really consider myself as failing like a miserable loser. I have never seen a blogger who uses these silly YES or NO sign up forms live in Fiji for 4 months. Or in Bali and Thailand, for a year each. Ouch. Zing. Balls busted. Now, stop trying to insult your readers – some of whom live a WAY cooler life than you – learn from them and get clear on your blog so you can do this stuff right.

And stop being annoying.

3: Let it Go


I almost died in India.

I escaped serious injury after a motorbike accident in Bali.

I tried to rip a $1 pair of flip flops from the hands of a homeless man in Nicaragua.

Life comes down to a few moments. Those were 3 of them.

Seriously…..I almost died twice. Life-changing moments. But weirdly enough, this thieving moment was life-changing in its own right. I experienced a clear realization on sprinting to the front door, then, grabbing at the flip flops….

What in the freak am I doing???? These are $1???? He is homeless???? I blog from paradise????”

Maybe I knew – subconsciously, ahem – that it’d be good branding. Good blog post fodder. Or maybe not. We’re going with the latter.

I have been kinda adept at releasing stuff with my life and blog over the past 2 months. I am conquering being a Doing Monster. I’m being more loving and open. I eat less. I am less obsessed with exercise. I may even stop dying my hair. Wait. Let’s not go too far. Or will Bob Barker make an appearance soon? WE shall see…..

All well and good, these releases, but grabbing at a cheap pair of flip flops stolen by a homeless guy indicated I had to let stuff go more freely and easily. I was acting way too cheap. I was way too greedy. I needed to lighten up. I needed to re-evaluate. I needed to simplify.

Funny thing happened; I let go the idea that I could only give my readers 1-2 options on my sidebar, as far as products and services. Ditto with my top menu. I added links and banners to my audio books and iTunes. Added my Blogging Audio Course. I may be adding more stuff. All because I released an idea dripping with lack and limitation; if you give folks *too many* choices they will make no choice.


If you stop by a restaurant and stare at the menu of 120 choices of entrees and appetizers, do you NOT order? Do you turn around and drive home? Hell you. You look through the menu. You place an order. Because you love the food there.

Blogging from Paradise readers love the food here. So they can sift through my blogging course and eBooks and audio books and whatever else I may or may not add to the sidebar, and enjoy it.

Blogging Lesson

Let it go, blogging buddies.

Sometimes, letting go means trimming down. Other times, letting go means beefing up your offerings.

Brilliant business people offer this advice: include 1 chief call to action on your blog. Maybe, sign up for your list.

Brilliant business people offer this advice: monetize your blog freely. Give people a bunch of options to work with. They love you and all you have to offer. So offer all of it up.

Both business people are brilliant. Both, right. But only you can determine whether letting go means to reduce or add. Because sometimes letting go means releasing an IDEA that less is more, so you can benefit yourself and your audience more freely.

Scorpion in the home. Just waiting to sting my hiney.
Scorpion in the home. Just waiting to sting my hiney.


Or you may do a ton of replacing. Ditching those Google Adsense ads for a banner which advertises your new online course. You get the drill.

Let go the old and worn out to make room for the new and exciting.

4: Do the Right Thing…No Matter What


I strolled into the kitchen to feed his malnourished little kitten. The Robber struck. 100 out of 100 times, I feed the kitten. Even if he lifted my laptop. No kidding. Because it was the right thing to do.

After the experience I didn’t regret trying to feed little kitty. I love kitties. I love doing the right thing. When you do the right thing you bring a sense of peace, clarity and calm to your life. Nothing hanging over your head.

Sometimes it’s difficult to do the right thing. It can be difficult to be honest. Online or offline. It may be tough to resist the urge to pump up your results. I frequently see bloggers who desperately tout how certain systems will explode your income by $10,000 a month. Great. But can the that blogger explode your income by $10 K a month? Because when you’re being honest, and doing the RIGHT thing, you know that mentoring is a critical component in the online business success formula. No plug in system exists. No online ATM exists.

A mentor has to show you how to work a system. A mentor answers questions. No system is standalone. People need time to learn and work a system and mentors are needed to provide support and instruction to work and learn a system.

So the split second you promise that a *system* can net you $4,000 or month or whatever, you’re doing the wrong thing. You’re lying. A blogger who’s working a system, being instructed by a mentor, may make $4000 a month or they may make $0 a month. Hey, it’s the right thing to say. It raises the collective energy of the blogosphere. No get rich quick stuff here. We show you how to live your dream at Blogging from Paradise. Having lots of money may or may not be part of that dream but I guarantee you that we’ll take you there doing the right thing every step of the way.

Blogging Lesson

Do you feel like taking a warm, cleansing shower after reading your blog?

You may be doing the wrong thing.

By “wrong thing” I mean, “lying.” Saying stuff to part people from their money. Acting with little integrity. Trying to trick folks into signing up for your list. You know when you’re doing the wrong thing. When you say stuff like, “Oh yeah, I know some may frown on this practice, but…..it works!”

When you are unclear on your stance, and do the wrong thing, you get unclear results. Meaning, you’ll attract dicey situations, fights, angry readers, and all sorts of headaches because you are unclear on your blog and you’re doing the wrong thing so your conscience will keep screaming at your attention in the form of crappy, resistance-filled, sucky situations, all of which you’re creating through your greed, through your fear of loss and through your lack of clarity.

Do the right thing.

Be honest.

Blog with integrity.

Step away from income claims if you make such claims out of desperation, or out of trying to prove your worth. Fewer people have that bizarre obsession with money these days. More folks just want to live their dream through any channels. We’re progressing as a species. We see unlimited possibilities instead of just….money. Do the right thing. Inspire people to create and connect. Tell stories. Blog honestly. Have fun. Money and recognition and all good stuff will flow your way with increasing ease when you do the right thing, and more importantly, when you cease doing the wrong thing.

5: You Can Create a Blog Post out of Any Experience


I’ve been punched by wild men in Kathmandu.

I’ve been accosted by 2 Thai lady boy whores in Bangkok.

I’ve sparred with drooling vagrants in Nicaragua.

You can create a blog post out of any experience.

Blogging Lesson

Writer’s block is complete and utter bullshit.

Next profitable lesson.

6: Stealing Is Wrong


Though I admired this guy’s moxy on one level you know stealing is wrong. In a fit of rage of I told him in Spanish: “God hates you.”

After calming down I observed it has nothing to do with God or the Universe. Nope. The homeless guy hates himself. This self-hate lead to his life. Of course he could walk down the street to one of 40 shops to deliver 1 of 40 things in town to make some money and to get off of the street. Of course he has the Infinite power within to turn his life around. But he hates himself so he punishes himself and doing the wrong thing is part and parcel with hating yourself.

Blogging from Paradise is loving the views in Buena Vista, Costa Rica. Enjoy!
Blogging from Paradise is loving the views in Buena Vista, Costa Rica. Enjoy!


He knows right and wrong. We all do. He is not immune from Universal laws. Like, doing the wrong thing – stealing – will of course bring more chaos, lack and limitation in his life. He may be unaware of Universal laws on some level but you betcha he knows right and wrong.

Every human being knows right and wrong. At least those with their wits. He chose wrong. He invited more chaos and lack and limitation and struggle and misery into his life. That’s the deal.

Blogging Lesson

You know right and wrong, blogging-wise.

You know when you’re stealing content.

You know when you’re not listening to your conscience.

My content has been lifted a few times over the years without proper crediting. In the past I’d send polite emails to bloggers asking them to remove the content or credit me. Now I usually release these folks, seeing their struggles as enough punishment.

Some dude was lifting my posts word for word a few years back. Knowing his immense online struggles I let him go after sending him a pleasant email asking to remove the content. He created his own hell by doing the wrong thing. Either he smartens up and listens to his conscience or he ignores his inner guide and perpetuates his struggles.

His choice.

7: Fighting Desperate Folks Is a Worthless, Losing Endeavor


I had compassion for the homeless dude after I settled down.

He was desperate enough to risk life and limb, as the dude we house sat for is an ex-Marine who’s armed like John Matrix. Can’t save him though. The homeless guy. Fighting desperate folks is a worthless endeavor.

I tried – in vain – to stress the point that he should work to earn money. Did so in direct terms and in espanol. But no dice. He just WANTED. No GIVING in his being. So he will continue to live a tough existence and he’ll do desperate things.

Toucan! Check out who I saw on my way into town the other day.
Toucan! Check out who I saw on my way into town the other day.


Sometimes, the most compassionate thing you can do for a desperate person is to leave them be because they need to learn their lessons on their own, to turn their lives around. They need to hit rock bottom through their own experience to become the powerful beings they were meant to be.

Blogging Lesson

Blogging buddies, if you note anything in my copy, it’ll be this: I rarely tell ya what you:

  • need to do
  • must do
  • desperately have to do

to grow your blogging community. These tips work. Point blank. I’d not be writing these words from stunning Buena Vista, Costa Rica, in the jungle, if these tips did not work. Ya see, I don’t force my techniques on you because I don’t fight anybody. I don’t need to convince anybody. I blog from paradise. That’s it.

Some hyper successful bloggers and legions of struggling bloggers try SO DAMN HARD to convince you of their point. They have little posture because they spend so much time wasting their precious energy trying to fight folks into listening to their message, many of those folks being desperate bloggers who are unprepared to receive their message.

This is a losing endeavor.

All I do is have fun, detach more from my blog stuff daily, and proceed from a non-resistant space. I couldn’t FORCE a desperate homeless man to work for money versus stealing my flip flops and I can’t FORCE a desperate blogger not to blog for money.

I spent a fair portion of my online career trying to get broke, desperate folks to buy in. Now I have fun, and let it in. I connect with leaders. I create playful content. Gave up being the General Manager of the Universe. Gave up being a Savior. If you want to hop on for the ride, do it. If not, no problems. Just understand that, even if you’re my client, you’ll need to complete your end of the deal.

Don’t try to convince anybody of anything. Stress benefits or whatever but let go those heavy attachments to outcomes and you’ll spot all types of goodness and money and raving fans and community members flowing to your blog.

Your Turn


What did you learn from the homeless man?

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Signing off from deep in the jungles of Buena Vista, Costa Rica…..

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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Wow Sue, I reckon you could NOT do the thong bit in Oz. We call them thongs too in the States yet many folks around the world think about the floss type, revealing outfit worn by gals and guys at the beach when the thong word pops up. Went with flippies 😉 We do research 2 to 4 months ahead of time usually, but the whim thing words well too. Heading to Panama in February, then another 3 month house sit in this area in Costa Rica again.

  2. The point Diana is to have fun 🙂 That’s it. THEN, the subscribers and friends and profits and all, that flows in steadily after you don’t bother with battles and numbers and all that ego poop poop that derails bloggers. Free promo helps but the #1 thing you can do is to stop trying to be all over, and to start being. Desperation repels. Power attracts. I know you ready my being versus Doing Monster post, right? Look that sucker up, it’s perfect for ya. Have a fab weekend Diana and happy blogging!

  3. I’m feeling that weighing down statement SO much these days Benjamin, with me and Kelli only popping only for 4-5 hours a week, on 1 day. When we’re in the cabin/hut/house I can feel and see – literally – all the blogging and life stuff I hold on to, which weighs me down and keeps me bound. Totally stupid deal, although tough to see when you’re heavily attached. Dude, I LOVE hearing that! Just what I’m going for, the face to face, informal, chatty bit here. Thanks much!!

  4. Lewis I dig it! Learning more about strategic release now, here in the jungles. Or 3 hours from the jungles. Letting go is a toughie but oh so freeing. Letting him think he was smarter is definitely a way to release while helping something feel A-OK about themselves. Way cool. Heading back to the selva….thanks bro 🙂

  5. Your post gave me an idea for if I ever encounter a persistent homeless person like Money.

    I started thinking, “What if Ryan had let him think he was stealing the flip flops but in reality, Ryan was letting the guy hang himself by stealing the shoes by acting like a ‘dumb and naive gringo’?”

    Of course this guy isn’t going to show his face at your door again after stealing your flip flops.

    So the big picture view of this is thinking, “How can I set up a scenario where I invest less than a dollar (shoes are a depreciating asset) to get rid of someone forever who is bugging the shit out of me?”

    Answer: Let him think he was smarter than me.

    And now the only key would be to make sure that he knew, that I knew he stole the shoes. Does me no good to know he took them, but for him to not know that I know for a fact that he took them because I saw him take them.

    I call this “Strategic Letting Go”. 🙂

    Happy to hear you’re loving it there at the new crib and I’m looking forward to seeing and hear more about what’s going on for you there.

  6. You have brought up some great points that relate to the situation with the homeless guy, and you’re right. Sometimes there are things you just need to let go of to move forward. What’s the point of having something when it’s weighing you down?

    When I was reading this post by you Ryan, it was almost like you were talking to me face to face. I can tell that you enjoy blogging and speaking your mind by writing. You are helping yourself, and other people (like me) by writing inspiring stories that you share.

    I will make sure to be bold, stand for what is right, and help people with my blog like you’re doing.

    Thanks for the post Ryan. It has made my day!


    Benjamin. 🙂

  7. Diana Says:

    Hey I want to blog but what’s the point if I have no subscribers?? That’s the first battle. Or let me say. “To attract” subscribers??? I got a free promo goin….marketing all over the place on social media. And even direct messaged 15 -20 “friends”. PLEASE ADVISE !

  8. All I could think while reading this was of wearing flip flops (or thongs as we call them here in Australia) while there are so many biting, poisonous, nasties around. I’d be wearing sturdy shoes and trousers with socks over them so nothing could creep up there.

    Flip flops break too. I know this, having walked barefooted in Wales until arriving in a town large enough for a shoe shop! The cobblestones were the worst.

    Where do you head to next or do you just go where the whim takes you?

    From a wannabe grey nomad.

  9. Have to say: we have very different ideas of what “paradise” is.

    But an interesting read!

    I like your no-nonsense, down-to-earth style, infused with humour.

    Good point, too, about not annoying your audience!

    FYI… I was not annoyed at all while reading thi (well, except for a few typos but that is just me being THE GRAMMAR POLICE!!!). Lol.

    Yeah, my inner editor often ticks people off. Sorry.

    Loved the way you got more descriptive in some of your paragraphs, Ryan. That shows growth on your part. Kudos to you for that!

  10. What blogging lessons did you learn from my lucha libre?

    Did you enjoy the pictures from Costa Rica?