Upper East Side New York City


8 Dazzling Photos from the Upper East Side of New York City


I think I just saw Scrooge McDuck dive into a pool of gold dubloons.


Kelli and I are house sitting on the Upper East Side of New York City. I mean, the real east side.


We are beside Gracie Mansion, a few hundred yards from the East River. This is as east as you can get when it comes to Manhattan.


I wanted to share a few photos from a recent jaunt out and about on the Upper East Side.


Upper East Side New York City


I am guessing those names ring a bell.


Billionaire names.


This is the Weill Cornell Medical region. I called it a region because there are too many buildings and branches and thingees to mention, for listing, so I shall place it under the umbrella of a region.


Upper East Side New York City


Not quite the Upper East Side.


But close enough.


I had to include it.


Bonus creativity points.


This place takes Walkens.


Red Ducati Upper East Side NYC


Sick red Ducati on the Upper East Side.


The bike was well, actually. But the look was sick. Meaning cool.


You see plenty of super bikes – and hear plenty of super bikes – in this area of New York City. Ample cash flow = really nice bikes.


This sexy beast was parked a few blocks from the apartment where we are house sitting.


Upper East Side NYC


Just to prove Kelli and I were here.


Or that we are really good with Photo Shop.


Upper East Side New York City


Anybody who grew up in the Tri State like myself recalls all of the Queen of Mean headlines related to Leona Helmsley.


The Helmsley’s made a vast fortune in real estate – owning the likes of the Empire State Building – but didn’t seem to be the happiest folks around.


No mistaking the fact though; they raked it in.


This is the Helmsley Medical Tower. She and her hubby could not have been that mean if they engaged in philanthropy.


View from apartment New York City Upper East Side


Peep those views, eh?


We have stunning views of Randall’s Island, Upper Manhattan, Queens and the East River from this luxury pad high atop the Upper East Side.


Kelli and I are on a week long house sit as I type these words. 4 bedroom, huge living area, glam digs all the way.


This multi million dollar house masquerading as an apartment drew us to an area of the city we had not seen before. Across the street: Gracie Mansion, home of the mayor of New York City.


The East River beckons….to the east. Queens and Randall’s Island form the backdrop for dazzling sunrises.


We are on the 17th floor, making for a quiet, serene, peaceful NYC experience high above the hustle and bustle of the streets. Although this neighborhood is quite chill, feeling more like a suburban spot versus being in the most hectic city on earth.


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