7 Fun Photos of Hanoi Vietnam


Motorbikes in Hanoi Vietnam


7 Fun Photos of Hanoi Vietnam


Take 1 step.




Allow the unending throng of motorbikes to bend around your meat suit.




Take another step.




Repeat process.


Hundreds of motorbikes drive around you.


1 step at a time.


Such is the laborious but fascinating process of crossing a street in a city with 2 million motorbikes.


Red light. Green light. Doesn’t matter.


The wave never ends.


Hanoi, Vietnam was fun, busy, frenetic and an enjoyable urban center to see live and in the flesh. Kelli and I spent 2 weeks around town. We chilled in the French Quarter for a minute but also spent a week in an authentic Vietnamese neighborhood on the other side of town.


I wanted to share a few photos to give you a feel for this major city in Northern Vietnam.


Hanoi Vietnam


Like most Southeast Asian countries – especially mainland nations like Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand – Vietnam is all about street food and street drinks.


Pull yourself up a baby-sized chair. Go to town on delectable food, from pho to banh mi.


Kelli and I feasted on morning glory and a bevy of other delightful Vietnamese dishes. Some of the best street food on earth sits in these back alleys of Hanoi.


Hanoi Vietnam


Hanoi is a biking town.


Hell; Vietnam is a biking country.


I ain’t just talking about motorbiking either. This place is all about the bicycle. As evidenced by the lady biking around town above.


Note the rice paddy hat and face cover; like many SE Asian lands, the Vietnamese tend to treat the sun as if they were Nosferatu.


Sun = Dark Skin = You Must Bust Your Ass Outside to Make a Living.


No Sun = Light Skin = You Must Have a Nice Indoor Job.


It’s a class deal.


Even if temperatures reached 110 degrees in Hoi An, Vietnam, women vendors covered up completely on the beach. With the ungodly humid conditions of Hoi An – heat indexes reached 117 degrees – the women dressed like Winter Was Coming. Heavy gloves, thick socks, winter coats, long pants, scarves, face masks, heavy hats.


Hanoi Vietnam


More motorbikes.


This was actually a break in the action. Usually you cannot see pavement.


Check out the coiffed police officer to the left. These nattily attired gents were spotted throughout this chaotic but orderly city – traffic-wise, chaos, other-wise, chill – on motorbikes, walking the streets, keeping folks in check.


I vividly recall seeing hundreds of motorbikes in a queue on sidewalks at red lights. The light turned red and a massive wave lined up at the light, on the shoulder and the spillage reached over to the sidewalk, blocking pedestrian traffic.


Sidewalks are just motorbike parking lots. Hanoi is not a pedestrian friendly city.


Meal worms Hanoi Vietnam




It had been a while since you saw big bug fare on Blogging From Paradise.


Meal worms are a high protein snack which – I am told – tastes nutty, satiating and quite delectable.


I will take their word for it.


We spotted these meal worms beside the peppers and carrots at the supermarket.  Enjoy the chili and leaves; gotta gussy up these nutritious bugs. Window-dressing counts.


Rice Hanoi Vietnam






More rice.


If you eat a meal in Vietnam, the meal will likely be accompanied by rice.


Excellent rice, at that.


SE Asia is big on rice. Staple. Damn tasty rice. Thai rice, Vietnamese rice, Cambodian rice. All good.


I spied and snapped this rice store with huge garbage cans filled with different kinds of…..rice.


Hanoi Vietnam


This is the neighborhood where we rented a charming, large apartment.




We did wind up leaving early though. Mainly because the apartment was next door to the loudest school in SE Asia, and due to the fact that other tenants routinely walked through the apartment to air out their laundry on the deck, because the apartment had no door.


The lady we rented from was a doll. Even if she wanted to “kill Richard Nixon” for the Vietnam War. I had not the heart to tell her that ship had sailed.