Kelli and I in Central Park NYC


7 Fun New York City Photos from Central Park


Central Park, New York City.


Perhaps the grandest of stages in the grandest city on earth.


Kelli and I had a fun walk around this beautiful park yesterday. Fall time walk. Totally different vibe than the spring or summer walks, with colorful foliage, fewer visitors aka tourists, and a rich collection of people enjoying this haven within one of the busiest cities on earth.


I snapped the above photo joint selfie style on a path beside the Upper West Side, next door to Central Park West.


Central Park spans multiple avenues and dozens of city places in NYC. Imagine a quiet, serene retreat amid a frenetic city.


Some of the most expensive real estate in the city hugs the East, South and West sides of Central Park. For good reason; you can escape the sometimes hectic nature of NYC within a few minutes, getting lost in the hundreds of acres here.


The Beresford NYC


The Beresford – which borders Central Park, on Central Park West – screams royalty. Or riches.


Past and/or current residents include:


  • Jerry Seinfeld
  • Glenn Close
  • Diana Ross
  • Helen Gurley Brown
  • John McEnroe


This is a few blocks from the house sit pad where we are chilling for 10 days.


I captured this image at the perfect time, as the sun set on a late fall afternoon.


Big Bird Central Park NYC


Blurry photo but I had to share it, for the story alone.


By Wollman Rink down a deserted, dead end path, this Peruvian dude sits in a Big Bird type costume. Due to legal purposes he cannot refer to himself as the large, feathered bird of Sesame Street fame.


He hangs in a remote spot.  With the cookie monster. Brightening the days of tourists, their wee kids and yep, he warms the collective cockles of locals too.


Eerie scene though; he chooses to sit on a dead end path. He does this to ensure visitors are there to see him but it makes for a slightly creepy scene, observing Big Bird sitting solo in a quiet corner of Central Park.




Wollman Rink Central Park NYC


The iconic Wollman Rink in Central Park is a world renowned spot appearing in the movies Love Story and Home Alone 2. and Limitless.


The rink sits halfway between the east and west borders of the park, making for a quiet, peaceful scene amid the busier west and south sides of Central Park.


Tavern on the Green sign Central Park NYC


Fans of Ghostbusters remember Tavern on the Green as the spot where Rick Moranis’ character became possessed by an ancient demon of a dog.


The high brow crowd observed the savage scene, then in true New York City form, returned to their meals and conversation a split second after the inter dimensional carnage occurred.


I snapped a photo of the to-go menu.


Peep those $15 spiked hot chocolate prices. A little steep but the rest of the menu is fairly affordable by NYC standards.


I am often hitting my stride when cruising by Tavern on the Green during my NYC running sessions. In case you wondered.


Central Park NYC


The sheer scale of Central Park floors me.


Peep this path. I never journeyed through this area before despite visiting the park over 100 times.


From all my days in Central Park as a kid to the 20 plus house sits we’ve done by the park I find new paths, sights, nooks and crannies regularly.


Yesterday Kelli and I found a neat bridge, a fun kid’s park and Wollman Rink. I hadn’t seen the rink in some 35 years.


This is a huge park of immense scale, spanning 843 acres in the heart of New York City.


Central Park NYC


I finally snapped Humboldt’s bust.


That sounds like an insult. I promise, it is not.


Alexander von Humboldt was a Prussian naturalist. I recall the famed Humboldt current in the Pacific off the coast of Peru when I hear his name. Also, the Humboldt squid.


Anyway, the dude is bust-ed across the street from the famed Museum of Natural History.


One finds many busts and full on statues of influential people in and around Central Park.


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