7 Blogging Writing Tips

  January 25, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read
blogging writing tips

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Do you need a little writing confidence boost?


We all do at various points of our blogging careers.


Bloggers usually boast of writing experience linked to a few years’ worth of English class in high school. Perhaps you completed a writing course during college. But most of us never write consistently until we begin blogging. Fear arises in your mind the split second you publish your first post. People will hate it. Or maybe grammar purists wait in the cyber wings, to assail your work. Relax. Most people deeply respect bloggers who share their writing on a public stage freely.


Blogging Writing Tips


Writing gets easier if you write habitually. Writing gets harder if you avoid writing. I write thousands of words daily between blog posts, guest posts and blog comments. But 10 years ago I struggled to write 300 words in one sitting. Practice made the difference. I write daily and have done so for 5 years – or more – to gain confidence and clarity in my writing voice.


Take a similar journey and you too will become a calm, confident, relaxed writer.


Since writing is the chief weapon in your blogging arsenal, follow these tips to become a skilled writer.


1: Write 500 Words Daily Offline


Write 500 words daily offline. Gain confidence and clarity in your writing voice. Practice writing to become a skilled writer and to polish your blogging skills too. Never write just for publishing posts; nobody gets ample practice doing this. Open a Word document, hit your 500 word goal and trash the doc to practice detachment from your writing.


2: Write and Publish 1-2 Posts Weekly


Write and publish at least 1-2 posts weekly to become confident writing in a public setting. Practice writing in private to hone your skills. Publish content to connect with the public. Self-conscious fears arise the moment you publish posts. Good! Allow the fears to surface, feel the discomfort and release these energies. Self-conscious fears needs to go for you to become a skilled writer.


3: Read Skilled Bloggers


Read skilled bloggers. Follow bloggers like Jeff Goins and Henneke at Enchanting Marketing. Note how each pro uses words economically. I follow pros closely, noting the moment my writing becomes bloated or stuffy. Skilled bloggers influence you through their skilled, disciplined writing. Sponge up their inspiration to become a confident writer.


4: Read Skilled Authors


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Read skilled authors. Fiction, non-fiction, or whatever topic floats your reading boat. James Patterson, Lee Child and George R.R. Martin serve as my favorites. Genius authors – like skilled bloggers – alert you to errors, condition you to tighten up your writing and influence you to become clear and confident, through osmosis.


5: Write from the Heart


Write from your heart, not your mind. Access your divine center through practices like meditation and Kriya yoga. (this book inspired me to begin doing Kriya yoga.)


Tell your ego to shut its stupid mouth. Listen to the small, still voice. Honor your calling on planet earth by writing from your heart. Trust your gut. Every blogger feels inspired by some writing ideas but few follow their intuition by writing and publishing posts from the heart. Be one of those bloggers. Shine brightly. Example; I shared a link to a yoga book that profoundly affected my life above. Logically aka mentally, this makes little sense for a blogging tips, writing themed post. From my heart, nothing makes more sense.


6: Inject Stories into Posts


Work personal stories into your posts. Allow people to get to know you. Share your wins, losses and all in between. Be human. Write like a human being. You and I share personal stories all day long offline. Follow suit, online. Write how you speak. Build a deep, human, genuine bond with readers.


7: Persist


10 years ago, I could write only 300 words before burning out. Today, I could easily write 10,000 to 20,000 words daily. I persisted through thick and thin. Do you love writing? Do you love blogging? Write and blog for 10,000 plus hours. Keep going. Never quit. Fear masked as frustration makes its insidious debut during your early writing days, and often drops in to accelerate the quitting process. Ignore its visits. Face fear, feel fear, release fear.


Being a blogger feels fun, freeing and scary sometimes. Persist through the fear. Follow your fun. Persist through it all to become a skilled writer who blogs your way to your dreams.