6 Tips to Overcome Blogging Shyness

  June 3, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read
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Red-legged honeycreeper, scaly-breasted hummingbird and a crimson-backed tanager El Valle de Anton Panama


(Updated 6/3/2022)


Unless you are a particular type of Blogging Genius – I have not seen one yet – you need to overcome blogging shyness to build a successful blogging career.


People buy your stuff. People hire you. People are blog traffic. Successful bloggers base their careers on serving human beings other than themselves in order to go pro. That’s right; success flows through other people to you. Removing humans from the equation due to intense shyness removes success from your blogging equation. Sans humans, you may as well run a cyber diary because you and you alone will be reading your blog.


Engaging people is THE way to inspire people to buy your stuff, hire you and visit your blog. But if you feel shy, your fear of people seems to prevent you from engaging people.


Like an appearances, and all fears, that seeming is an illusion.


Shyness may work for the cute little girl with the curl in her hair. Shyness does not work for the adult man or woman who fears people.  Shyness is the fear of people. Remove the fear, you have fun talking to people. Talking to a lot of people accelerates your blogging success like mad.


Note; I used to be a Shy Guy. Now you cannot get me to shut the eff up. You also may see me everywhere on a given day, including on your doorstep. Go ahead. Look now. I may be there.


Years ago I never could imagine myself being this relaxed on video:


Video: 1 Direct Way to Grow Your Blogging Business


Overcoming shy tendencies required ample practice on my part. I faced fear often. I also let go of the shy guy tab to be something more than a guy who feared interacting with people.


Being shy is OK but knowing that timidity is fear alerts you to this truth: simply facing shy-related fears in your mind conquers your shy habit. Every blogger faces fear from time to time. Being shy tends to be another set of fears to face in order to become a connected blogger.


Double Note; being introverted by nature means perhaps you draw greater power and clarity from fewer interacts with human beings. One may experience some blogging success by being introverted but eventually you will be interacting with human beings on a more consistent basis as your presence expands. Rejecting human interaction rejects exposure. Again guys; blogging is not a solo gig because you run a blog for yourself and for other human beings.


Follow these tips to overcome shyness and to accelerate your blogging success.


1: Fear Is An Illusion Only Love Is Real


I snagged this quote from A Course in Miracles.


You can buy and read at the prior link.


Fear of people is an illusion. Shyness is an illusion. Like fearing something not there.


See through your shy illusion. Reach out to people. Embrace discomfort. See how only Love is real as you surround yourself with loving, supportive blogging friends.


Bribri, Costa Rica


Admittedly, hugging and feeling this concept into reality seems to be highly uncomfortable at times. Fear feels quite real, true and present in the minds of most people. But facing, feeling and releasing fear again and again displays the illusory nature of this energy. Love is real. Fear is illusion.


If you deeply fear interacting with fellow people you can chip away at the fear by edging into discomfort and observing the illusory nature of fear. Save head hunters or cannibals, most human beings will not chop off your head or consume you. People are just….people. Interacting with people becomes easier if you edge into fear and embrace the illusory nature of this energy.


Train your mind. Keep going within. Some bloggers feel like introverts. But most shy bloggers deeply fear interacting with human beings. Overcoming this fear does not automatically make you extroverted but it does allow you to be comfortable with human interactions.


In reality, love is real. Every other emotion not related to love – aka fear – is illusion. Think about fearing to chat with someone online about blogging or life away from blogging. Why would you be afraid to speak to someone? Why do you shy away? Everyone speaks to some humans at one time or another. Even if being a tad bit social drains your energy you do not need to actually fear speaking to someone online via a:


  • genuine blog comment
  • social media interaction
  • chat through email


Keep edging into fear. See the illusory nature of fear as you wade through the energies. Conquer shyness.


2: Comment Genuinely on Blogs


I published a comment on Sean and Sabine’s blog at The Traveling Chilli a few moments ago.


I am talking again.

I am talking again.


Let me tell ya…their blog is hot! (hehehe)


Do follow them for rocking travel advice.


Commenting genuinely on blogs is a surefire way to get over blogging shyness. Fast.


I have likely commented on over 50,000 blogs during my 10 years online. Which is why I never shut the eff up…and why I am not shy.


Commenting gets you over yourself and your shyness. Speaking to people cyber-style – online – gives you confidence. Being confident helps you conquer shyness. But commenting regularly is a must or else you scramble back into your cyber cave. Commenting on blogs daily removes the shy tendencies and replaces ’em with more social characteristics.


3: Mention Bloggers on Your Blog


A few seconds before writing this post I read a post from The Roaming Renegades and published a comment.


Follow Nic and Paul as this inspired travel blogging couple takes you around the globe.


See what I just did? I got out of myself and into the world. I thought outward, becoming even less shy by shouting out other human beings on my blog. No doubt, leading to interactions with Nic and Paul. Meaning less shyness for me.


Mention bloggers on your blog. Get out of your shy head into a gregarious, connected world.


Noting fellow bloggers frequently bonds you with other human beings. Build these bonds to reveal you have not been so much shy as a bit reluctant to connect with humanity on a deeper, more intimate level.


Stick to blogs in your niche for the best returns. Bonding with like-minded bloggers interested in your niche allows targeted traffic and business to flow seamlessly through your friendships.


4: Follow Social Butterflies


My friend Enstine Muki inspired me to be more of a Blogging Social Butterfly and less Rye the Shy Blogging Guy.


Seeing him everywhere on social media and on blog commenting fields, engaging, chatting and being a Chatty Dude from Cameroon, really nudged me to be more social.


Following social bloggers inspires you to release shy habits, so you can be social, engaging, enjoy life more and see greater success.


Learn from these social types. I personally did not become more social until learning how my connected dad – who talks to anybody and everybody – used to be shy. I guarantee you; the man is not shy now. He told me and my sisters to “get out there and talk to people” quite a bit as we grew up. Back then, we rolled our eyes and resisted following his advice. These days, I realize he shared one of the most important business-building skills imaginable; networking effectively by being engaging.


Find a few social bloggers. Model your networking campaign after their example. Leave the habit of being shy in the rear view window by being more confident through osmosis.


5: Understand that You Are Not a Tiger


Tigers are solitary animals.


Humans are social creatures.


Being shy moves you from your natural, loving, connected energy, to a less natural, fear-filled, disconnected energy.


Standing in a Nicosia, Cyprus alley.


Unless you are an enlightened being renouncing a worldly life, life will be comfortable but miserable for you, if you live a shy, reclusive life. Humans are social creatures. Being shy robs you of a natural human element. Owning this truth nudges you outside of your comfort zone to overcome shyness.


Honor the social nature of your species. Get out of your mind and its shy, fear-filled thoughts and feelings. You are not your thoughts and feelings. You are awareness watching your thoughts and feelings. Last I looked, awareness cannot be shy.


Humans may seem introverted sometimes but our natural progression is toward One-ness, community and a sense of being one part of the whole. Knowing this truth can goad you out of your shy shell into being social and connected.


As a rule, since it goes against our human nature, most shy people suffer by cutting themselves off from the world. The ego wears shyness as some badge of accomplishment but blinds you from seeing how fearing people hurts you terribly.


People are social animals. Overcome blogging shyness. Get connected. Connected bloggers rocket to the top of their blogging niche. Everyone else tends to sputter out, fail and quit.


6: Broadcast Facebook Live Videos


Broadcast on Facebook…live.


I became calm, confident, clear and almost shy-free doing live videos.


Live video forces you to face self-consciousness, a major fuel of shyness.


Go live. Feel the fear. Release the fear. Be less and less shy.


The real time nature of broadcasting live on Facebook purges shyness from your being. Self-conscious tendencies arise. The fear of criticism rears its ugly head. Fears you had buried, resisted and covered up fueling your shyness come to the front of your mind as you broadcast live.


Go ahead. Go live. Become a clear, confident blogger who builds a loyal blogger buddy network through your gregarious ways.


Wrap Up


Get out of your head into the world.


Let go shyness.


See greater blogging success.


No blogger needs to become a social blogging butterfly but leaving shy ways behind to become social makes your blogging journey easier and easier.

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