6 Tips for Cutting Your Online Learning Curve Quickly (Amazon eBook)

February 10, 2017
Yacht’s Up! Me on my birthday eyeing a 163 foot long beauty in Qatar, at The Pearl. The Nordic women was tall. And the yacht was pretty too.


I almost quit blogging not 1 day into my online career a decade ago.


Kelli walked me off the ledge.


Why I Wrote this eBook


I wrote 6 Tips for Cutting Your Online Learning Curve Quickly because I recall beginner’s terror well and want to make your life easier.


I also know how terrible it feels to struggle like a less than committed priest in a brothel, constantly second guessing your choices, worrying about future failures and fretting past failures, killing your online career softly – or horribly – for 1, 2 or freaking 5 years….or more.


Knowing this feeling all too well, I created this Amazon Kindle eBook to help you:


  • cut your online learning curve quicker than a roadrunner on greenies
  • avoid the years of struggle I needlessly faced
  • avoid the well-meaning but shit information being circulated out der in dem der blog-o-sphere and internet marketing-o-sphere
  • master the art of leveraging
  • master the art of having fun and getting paid
  • enter the right energetic space so you can move into successful online business-building actions regularly
  • save your hair
  • minimize greying (ship sailed for me, folks)
  • build a thriving blog quickly by being a pro blogger from day 1 of your blogging career so you can do things a pro blogger does


Yacht Stalking


Kelli and I spent my birthday yesterday stalking yachts and the world’s most expensive super cars in Qatar, on a man-made island called The Pearl.


Imagine if you told Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne to design an island by one-upping one another in a prospering pissing match, then Scrooge McDuck threw in his resources – thought I spotted a swimming pool full of dubloons – to fund the venture, and you have The Pearl.


I could not live this life if I was still making the same rookie mistakes I made for years online.


If you are making the same rookie mistakes online, not creating helpful content, not making friends with heavies and all that good stuff, your dreams cannot come true.


Because you need to BE the person before you BECOME the person.


This eBook contains 6 tips to help you BE the person from Day 1, cutting your learning curve by years.


All tips are super practical, super ethical and super breathical too (I have no idea what that means; Qatari sandstorm rattled my brain box).


Guys, no video today. I want to preserve my Kathleen Turner like voice after a nasty cold.


So…..you know what to do next.


Download the eBook here from Amazon:


6 Tips for Cutting Your Online Learning Curve Quickly (Amazon eBook)



If you enjoyed it please post a review on Amazon.


Cover Story


I snapped the cover image in gorgeous Monteverde, Costa Rica, a mile high by the cloud forest.


As you can see from my image on the cover, I did not get too much color in Costa Rica.


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  1. Hi Glenn,

    Me too 😉 I do have colorful tales to spin. Including 1 from 4 hours ago. When I lost the cat we’re house sitting for. Then spotted him casually sauntering into the home a few hours later. Like nothing happened at all. Gotta love these guys.

    Thanks a bunch!


  2. Hey Ryan!
    I’m so glad that you didn’t quit blogging – who would have informed us about why Fijian fruit bats would make awesome bloggers? Who else would have regaled us with tales of being bitten by a wildman in Kathmandu?

    Nope, the world needs Blogging from Paradise – no question.

    I’ve snagged your e-book and I look forward to giving that a read. Keep ’em coming!

    Take care of that voice. Although, I’m not sure that Kathleen Turner has a thing on you…. 😉


  3. I left a thought. ~ The Cutter in Qatar (pronounced “cutter”)