6 Tips for Becoming a Kick Ass Digital Nomad


6 Tips for Becoming a Kick A** Digital Nomad


Are you guys souped up for another audio book?


Are you ready to become a kick ass digital nomad who changes time zones like most people change their minds?


I am excited to share my audio book:


6 Tips for Becoming a Kick Ass Digital Nomad (Audio Book on iTunes)


6 Tips for Becoming a Kick Ass Digital Nomad (Audio Book on Amazon)


to help you follow a blueprint for embracing the globe-trotting lifestyle that Kelli and I have lived for the past 6 and a half years.


Who Would Enjoy the Audio Book?


First off, let’s dissect the idea of a digital nomad.


This is a person who circles the globe long term (nomad) with an online business or service in their cyber pocket (digital).


The term became trendy a few years ago when a handful of pioneering folks were noted for their digital nomad prowess.




Being a digital nomad is a fun, freeing and quite exciting life.


On the flip side of things, the life is not for everybody. But damn….what life is?!


I co-created this audio book to help you learn about living a life of long term travel and what it entails. If you are on digital nomad board, this listen gives you 6 practical tips to follow for enjoying a life of travel while working your online business.


Blogging is my online business cup of tea. You may prefer freelance writing or web design.


Independent of your business model you better believe the fundamentals of building a thriving business on the road are the same.


Benefits of Listening to the Audio Book


  • get a blueprint for leaving your job to live the digital nomad lifestyle
  • understand what a life of travel and business building genuinely entails
  • capitalize on my 6 and a half year’s worth of traveling experience so you can start your digital nomad journey on the right foot


I am your traveling guinea pig guys.


I also know how to build a full time business while circling the globe.


Old RB left for Bali in 2011. Since then I have a full range of traveling and online business experiences to call upon. Yep; good and bad.


This audio book is for folks who want to avoid the big time digital nomad mistakes I made to cut your learning curve.


As for the kick ass label…..well….why do anything unless you’re gonna kick some serious booty doing it?


Feeling the Digital Nomad Deal


I ain’t gonna lie; this life is freedom on steroids.




Imagine waking up to a stunning rice field view in Bali. For a freaking month.


Visualize yourself watching jaw-dropping sunsets over the bay in Fiji. For 4 months.


Picture yourself living in the deep jungles of Costa Rica for 6 weeks.


Most folks are in and out of a town in days or maybe weeks, doing the traveler’s version of a one night stand.


You can spend months or even years seeing the world and experiencing its richness, all while building a successful online business so you take your mobile sources of income with you.


But you need to know how to design your life to deal with the obstacles you’ll face being a long term travelers.


Trust me guys; these forms of resistance pop up when you are on the road for a few months, let alone a few years.


No Need to Scrimp and Travel


Some aspiring digital nomads believe you need to travel on the cheap.


A growing legion of long term travelers understand that you can actually build a full time online business while globe-trotting, versus living like a pauper until you need to travel home to save bucks.


Being a full time, pro blogging, island hopping digital nomad, this listen is for folks who want to leave the 9-5 lifestyle behind to become a long term traveler.


The Audio Book


If you are excited to listen to the audio book buy:


6 Tips for Becoming a Kick Ass Digital Nomad (Audio Book on iTunes)


6 Tips for Becoming a Kick Ass Digital Nomad (Audio Book on Amazon)