6 Things You Absolutely Need on Your Blog (Amazon eBook)

February 3, 2017
Enjoying the villa in Doha, Qatar.


You may be missing out on a few key blogging essentials.


So I wrote an eBook for you. (I tend to do that. A lot.)


Here in Doha, Qatar, Kelli and I have the essentials. Shirts covering our shoulders and mid-riffs (angry I had to shelve my belly shirts!), and shorts covering your knees….or just pants.


Qatar is a Muslim country. You must needs do certain things to respect the culture of this nation.


Just like you must do certain things – in most cases, at least – to succeed with your blog.


Like posting an opt-in form on your blog to build your list.


Check out this 1080 HD video from opulent and exotic Qatar, the wealthiest country on earth:



I shared 6 tips for including what you need on your blog in this eBook:


6 Things You Absolutely Need on Your Blog (Amazon eBook)


If you’re confused about what should – and shouldn’t – be on your blog it can be a helpful read.


The audio book version:


6 Things You Absolutely Need on Your Blog (Audio Book)


Catch Up


If you missed my last few eBooks you can buy them here:



Here’s me staring at a canal inside of a mall themed on Venice, said mall housing an ice skating rink, ferris wheel, gondolas and multiple canals.


I told you Qatar would be boring.


Pondering how I will turn a Venice themed mall with a ferris wheel and ice skating rink in the Middle East into a blog post.
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Ryan Biddulph

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Positively Positive, Life Hack, John Chow Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He can help you become a full time blogger with this eBook.
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  1. Hi Chris,

    I don’t drink or whore around LOL! So no worries here. To each their own though. I love the place. Fascinating.

    One cool aspect about travel to me; appreciating the differences between countries and cultures 🙂


  2. Chris Says:

    I’m just wondering why anybody who could go anywhere in the world would want to go to Qatar. I had the chance to go there on leave when I was in Iraq and I chose to go to Germany instead. Much better. Plenty of booze and legal prostitution. No worries about getting beat by the Muslim bible cops with their little billy clubs either. A Muslim country is the absolute LAST place for a Westerner to go voluntarily. I’d rather go to Antarctica.

  3. Muhammad thanks a bunch!


  4. Hi Pravankumar,

    It is such a more enjoyable ride when we have fun, right 😉

    Thanks for stopping by!


  5. Pavankumar Karnati | growingmetrics Says:

    I love the way you blog Ryan, having fun is everything…Cool!

    Keep doing it..

    Also loved the way you added an input in our roundup post.

    I’ll keep coming here….For fun..Haha:) feels home

    Keep up the great work..

  6. Great Job, Ryan Brother, Interesting!

  7. I left a thought.