6 Steps for Beginners to Make Money Blogging

August 18, 2018
steps for beginners to make money blogging
Hanoi, Vietnam


If you are like me 10 years ago, you will skip to step number 6.


I got bad news for ya: I was an asshole 10 years ago. You are not. Because you are 50 billion times wiser than me, and will follow steps 1-5, diligently.


My blogging sweetlings, most new bloggers do a terrible job monetizing because they skip every step necessary for monetizing, to focus on the step that is not important at all. Income streams are just channels through which you receive money, said money earned/attracted by following steps 1-5 diligently.


Newbies – like me, 10 years ago – read titles like that of this post and begin visualizing themselves swimming in Scrooge McDuck’s pool, counting money in mind, frothing at the mouth financially, cashing in via an ATM called a blog….then….again…..foolishly skip to step 6.


Skipping to step #6 is like telling yourself that you want to skip:


  • pre-med
  • medical school
  • your residency


and just want to know how to open a practice that nets you $10,000,000 USD per year.


You can and will become a wildly successful blogger, newbies, but you need to follow steps 1-5, primarily. The money-making steps. EVERY SINGLE ONE. 6 is icing on the cake. Extra. Bonus. Channels through which you receive money, for following 1-5.


Note; for the intents and purposes of this post, beginner bloggers tend to make their first penny after diligently following all of these steps for at least 6-12 months.  Months 1-6 is about going to blogging school, studying, practicing, creating, connecting and diving into fears.


BUT….everybody takes a different path. You may not make a dime for 1-2 years, said period being your newbie phase. Don’t matter.


Here’s why: as a human being, when you focus on anything in time, you fuck that up, because time is an illusion. Have you seen a bear check its calendar to hibernate? Do birds check their clocks to know when to roost nightly?


Slow down. Calm down. Breathe deeply. The moment exists.


Focus on the process of learning a skill, practicing and generously helping folks. The money comes. As surely as night follows day.


Let’s dive in guys.


1: Follow Your Passion and Tie to a Problem


Blog your passion. Blog mainly for fun.


Tie your passion to solving a problem.


Example; I love traveling and blogging. Fun stuff. I spied part time travel bloggers having a big problem; few earned a full time income. Blogging From Paradise was born.


Monetizing effectively requires you to spend years learning, practicing, creating and connecting. If you blog mainly for fun, the work is the reward. Meaning money feels like a bonus. Meaning you won’t quit when money doesn’t show up because you ain’t blogging for da dough.


2: Follow 1-3 Blogging Tips Mentors


Follow 1-2 BLOGGING TIPS BLOGGERS who teach you specifically how to blog.


I am a good blogging tips blogger to follow. Zac Johnson and Darren Rowse are 2 other fine candidates to follow.


We explain how to become successful bloggers. Point blank.


Don’t just follow blogging tips bloggers.


Make sure to:


  • read their blog posts
  • buy their eBooks
  • buy their courses


Take notes on posts, eBooks and courses. Study notes. Blogging tips bloggers explain exactly how to drive traffic and make money blogging. Listen to ’em. Cut years off of your learning curve.


Most new bloggers make ugatz, money-wise, ignoring proven advice from top pros and instead following unproven, foolish advice from their own inexperienced, fear-driven minds. Don’t be most bloggers. Listen to skilled pros, who know the way.


3: Practice Writing 500 Words Daily Offline


Improve your writing skills. Lay the foundation for a successful monetizing campaign.


My blogging sweet robbins; as newbies, you need writing practice. Lots of it. Tons of it. Inspiring people to follow your blog is no chore for the diligent writer, and a hellish battle for lazy writers.


Write your ass off. Get clear. Gain confidence in your writing voice. Practice in private to shine on a world stage.


4: Create Helpful Content


Create helpful:


  • blog posts
  • live videos
  • guest posts


to prove to readers you know your stuff. Readers who trust you, buy from you. Simple as pie, guys….and gals.


Publish 1-2 posts or more weekly. Stay on topic, meaning, solve pressing problems related solely to your blogging niche. If you struggle to get blog post ideas, you skipped step 1, 2, 3, or all 3. Blog your passion. Go back to blogging school, learning from pros. Write your ass off.


Create helpful content. Hit a minimum count of 600 words per blog post. Broadcast Facebook Live videos.


Helpful bloggers create valuable content, said value making them valuable in the eyes of their followers.


5: Make Friends with Top Bloggers in Your Niche


Make friends with top bloggers in your niche.


Follow these tips:


  • comment genuinely on their blogs
  • Promote ’em on your blog
  • share their content on social media
  • ask for nothing in return


Friendships form. Top blogger buddies help you make money by:


  • endorsing you
  • promoting you
  • buying your stuff
  • hiring you


Every big dawg blogging buddy you make now increases your blogging profits exponentially over the long haul.


Let’s make that one tweetable, shall we?


Every big dawg blogging buddy you make now increases your blogging profits exponentially over the long haul.Click To Tweet


Monetize intelligently. 100 is better than 1, meaning, having 100 blogging buddies in your corner dwarfs your individual efforts.


6: MOP


Monetize On Passions.


Do you love writing? Write and self-publish eBooks.


Dig videos? Create a video course.


Sponsored post and advertising opportunities pop up too; if you follow steps 1-5 diligently.


Add 1 income stream every 3-6 months.


New blogger income stream ideas:


  • write and self-publish eBooks
  • affiliate marketing
  • convert eBooks into audio books
  • create simple blogging courses
  • freelance writing


The ideas are limitless – even for newbies – but this is the least important step of the process. Steps 1-5 help you:


  • gain trust
  • gain credibility
  • improve your skills, so you monetize with greater ease
  • build your friend network to amplify your reach and to expose yourself to tribes, business partnerships and profit-boosting opportunities


Wrapping It Up


Follow steps 1-5 diligently. 6 becomes a breeze.


Beginner bloggers, you can make money if you patiently and persistently learn, practice, create and connect.


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