6 Spots for Meeting New Bloggers

  June 2, 2018 blogging tips 🕑 3 minutes read

From my trip to Cusco, Peru, sitting among the Andes Mountains.


1 important aspect of building a successful blog is regularly meeting and befriending new bloggers.


My chief blogging mistake for years was not reaching out of comfortable circles persistently. I’d spend 1-2 days monthly commenting on new blogs but sprinted back into my comfortable friend network for the remainder of the month. Not good. You cannot grow your blog significantly if you continually but a lid on your friend network.


Success finds leveraging bloggers. Or bloggers who meet a high volume of new folks daily while strengthening old bonds.


Success grew for me – and will grow for you too – by meeting and befriending new bloggers daily. You will feel really good:


  • attracting new subscribers
  • drawing in new customers
  • boosting eBook sales from new readers
  • attracting new clients


by meeting a steady volume of new bloggers daily.


Confused about where to find new bloggers? Visit these 6 spots.


1: Comments Field on Blogging From Paradise


Feast your eyes on the comments field below. No comments? No problem. Scan related blog posts. Or even better, click to my blog home page to read my recent blog posts. Virtually every post yields a handful of genuine bloggers who comment freely. Click on their names to visit their blogs. Meet and greet.


Employ this strategy with their blogs too. Meet commentors on their blogs, click through to their blogs, read blog posts and comment genuinely on their blogs. Comment freely to meet more bloggers. Do not hold back. Be as social as possible to meet as many bloggers as possible. Being chatty through blog comments is a simple way to meet fellow bloggers easily because most bloggers deeply appreciate commentors and tend to bond with these engaging individuals.


2: Triberr


Join Triberr.


Share user’s content. Click through to blogs. Read posts. Publish genuine, personalized comments.


I gained traction on Triberr by sharing blogger’s content freely. My Twitter stream hums with Triberr generated content. Be generous. Make new buddies. Just join tribes related to your niche to bump up your attractiveness factor.


3: Facebook Groups


Search for Facebook Groups related to your blogging niche.


Join groups. Or request to join groups. Be active.


The more you give on these groups the more easily fellow bloggers seek you out and follow your blog. If groups encourage sharing fellow member’s content be generous. Retweet or Facebook Share blogger’s posts. Click through to blogs. Comment on their blogs.


Meet new bloggers, you social FB Grouper, you.


4: Niche Specific Forums


Join niche specific forums. Answer questions. Befriend fellow bloggers. Meet new folks. Grow your blogger network daily.


Active, helpful forum members become popular forum members.


Blogging tips or internet marketing bloggers would be wise to join the Warrior Forum.


5: Viral Content Bee


Join Viral Content Bee.


Share blogger’s posts. Click blog post links. Comment on blog posts.


Be an active member of the network to connect with new bloggers daily.


6: Google


Search google for “(your niche keyword) blogs” and find new bloggers in your niche.


Read posts. Comment on blogs. Promote new blogging buddies on social media and through your blog.


Allow the Big G to work for you.


The Wrap Up


These are only 6 spots for finding new bloggers to meet and greet daily. Hands down, meeting 10, 50, or even hundreds of bloggers daily is no issue if you generously spend hours helping folks and being incredibly engaging on these networks.


I meet quite a few folks through each channel but also know things to get uncomfortable at times. If you feel afraid to reach out and be social or if you fear wasting your time on these networks just hug those fears and release the energies. Connected, successful, happy bloggers do not cower to these fears. Top pros feel the fears, release the fears and make genuine impacts on an increasing number of bloggers daily.

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