6 Signs that You Have Blogging Posture

  February 8, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Cappadocia, Turkey


I recently added Payhip eBooks to my blogging library.


Taking this step offers you helpful blogging resources.


But I also did this to establish blogging posture.


After trashing all eBooks from Amazon I loaded a few to Payhip and Gumroad. You need to know. Most people know me as a guy who sold stuff through Amazon. But no more.


Establishing blogging posture means being clear, confident and detached about all elements of your blogging campaign. I am getting there. Promoting my blogging courses and eBooks more freely than I ever have is one of my current steps to gain more posture.




All happy, relaxed, professional bloggers exude blogging posture. Blogging posture is confidence, clarity and knowing success is yours. Bloggers with posture never chase success from an energy of fear. Posturing bloggers build their skills, networks and allow success to flow to them through multiple streams of income.


Bloggers who lack posture chase success from a panicked, desperate energy. Bloggers who exude posture calmly and confidently build their blog up to allow success to flow to them in organic fashion. Build up. Relax. Be generous, patient and persistent. Allow success to flow to you.


Bloggers with posture:


  • go pro
  • enjoy the journey
  • avoid nightmarish headaches like chasing business and working for peanuts
  • free themselves through blogging
  • shine as a bright example for up and coming bloggers


Peep these 6 signs that you have blogging posture.


1: Naomi Campbell Attitude


Naomi Campbell is a former model who once said she does not get out of bed for anything less than $10,000. She had posture. Either you paid her rates or she did not work with you. Confidence. Clarity. Posture. Do you embody a similar quality? Let prospective clients know; these are your rates, take it or leave it. Nothing personal. Give your attention and energy to clients who pay. Release everybody else.


2: Charge Premium Rates


If scared freelancers charge $5 per 1000 word post and somewhat confident freelancers charge $100 per 1000 word post then posturing freelancers charge $125 to $200 per 1000 word post. Be posturing. Charge premium rates to distance yourself from the herd. Know your worth. Be confident. Get clear. Edge a little out of your comfort zone. Be as generous with yourself as you are with your readers. Charge premium rates. Develop posture.


I recall charging $30 peanuts – I mean dollars – for one of my blogging courses a while back. I severely lacked posture during those days. However, bumping up my rates as I became clearer and more confident allowed me to profit accordingly. Ditto for eBook prices. Gone are the horse shit 99 cent deals. Now I bumped things up a bit to get paid what I deserve.


3: Practice to Become Highly Skilled


Practice diligently to become a highly skilled blogger. Skilled bloggers exude posture because skilled bloggers know skilled bloggers are…..skilled. Do something frequently. Gain confidence. Charge premium rates. Allow business to come to you.


Write. Publish. Create. Connect. Being committed to practice gives you posture. Anyone who does something diligently for a long time gains posture through practice. Do something. Do it well. Do it so well that you organically establish posture concerning the activity.


Top bloggers practice creating and connecting for a long time. This is one reason why top pros charge $1000 and up for a sponsored post while bloggers who rarely practice charge the pittance of $5 for a sponsored post. If you seem to be charging on the cheap you have not practiced blogging enough. Practice more. Be confident. Posture yourself. Profit.


4: Let Business Come to You


Posturing bloggers build skills, networks and income streams to allow business to come to them. Non-posturing bloggers chase business. Bloggers with posture make passive sales because folks buy their eBooks based on the posturing blogger’s skills, NOT based on a blogger begging or chasing people for a sale. Every penny comes to posturing bloggers based on their skills, exposure and credibility. Let business come to you. Never chase business.


5: All Prices Are Final No Negotiating


Bloggers with posture never negotiate, barter or bargain. All prices are final. Take it or leave it. Either pay to play or do not pay to disappear. Nothing personal. Just business. Posturing bloggers set a price for everyone. Either pay the price to benefit from their products or services or miss the opportunity to benefit from their products or services. Posturing bloggers treat their business as a serious business, not a souq in the Middle East, bargaining, bartering and negotiating.


6: Limit Channels of Communication


Bloggers with posture limit channels of communication. Perhaps you find an email address via an about page, if that. Posturing bloggers qualify you by seeing if you have the patience, persistence and clarity to do the legwork to contact the bloggers. In essence, bloggers target you by limiting their channels of communication. If someone puts in the time and energy to contact you, rest assured these people really want to do business with you.


Warning Signs that You Lack Posture


  • negotiating, bartering or bargaining your rates
  • allowing people to pick you for your services (posturing bloggers pick clients)
  • charging bargain-basement prices
  • cold pitching prospective clients and customers via email
  • cold pitching prospective clients and customers via social media
  • asking for link exchanges
  • asking for free links on authority blogs
  • asking for free links on low authority blogs


Face your fears. Feel fears. Clear fears. Develop posture.

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