6 Reasons Why Bloggers Succeed

  September 28, 2020 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

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Bloggers succeed for a number of reasons.


Uncovering these reasons allows you to follow the leaders. Pay attention to pro blogger habits and patterns. Honor pro characteristics. Become a pro blogger.


Going pro is a simple but highly uncomfortable journey at times. Every amateur blogger leaves their comfort zone to face fear along the way. Either you get comfortable with being uncomfortable or you simply quit blogging. No in between exists because success sits well outside of your comfort zone.


Observing full time bloggers reveals how professionals:


  • think
  • feel
  • act


quite differently than struggling bloggers.


For example, struggling bloggers fear spending money on a domain and hosting. Professionals freely invest money on their domain and hosting years before going full time because instead of fearing money loss these folks know that their investment will pay off.


Full time bloggers trust themselves and trust the blogging process. Struggling bloggers doubt themselves and doubt the blogging process.


Observe your mindset. Be honest in assessing how you think, feel and act. Blogging – like life – is dependent on your mindset. Thinking, feeling and acting like a full time blogger well before going pro sets your full time blogging career into motion.


Make the shift from amateur to professional blogger by studying these success indicators.


1: Fun Driver


Pros blog mainly for fun or passion. Make the work feel like the reward. Money feels like a bonus. Business feels like extra. Pros see the journey through over 1000’s of hours because work feels fun; pros keep having fun.


Top bloggers never quit because of numbers on a screen. Pros love blogging. Pros keep blogging. Pros do not get swayed by numbers on a screen.


2: Pros Invest Money in their Blog


Professional bloggers invest money in their domain and hosting. Most invest money in a premium theme. Pros know blogging is a business. Businesses require a financial investment to buy your cyber store front.


Blogs serve as cyber store fronts. People buy whatever you offer with your blog serving as an intermediary to sites like Amazon or Gumroad.


3: Pros Develop an Abundance Mindset


Pros look for the next person to help for free. Professional bloggers publish free content, promote fellow bloggers and allow their skills, exposure and credibility to grow to professional levels. Struggling bloggers embody a poverty consciousness rooted in scarcity.


Struggling bloggers publish some free content but quickly fear not getting enough – or any – money in return for their service. Pros develop an abundance consciousness rooted in being generous, trusting, relaxed and relatively detached from outcomes.


4: Pros Monetize Early and Often


Pro bloggers add income streams to their blogs early during their career and quite often to boost blogging income. Successful bloggers clearly, confidently and deliberately promote their products and services because pros blog like entrepreneurs who blog, not like bloggers who feel uncomfortable with making money through blogging.


Monetize your blog. Open multiple streams of income. Go pro over the long haul.


5: Pros Maintain a Long Haul Mindset


Pros think years ahead. Successful bloggers know going pro requires 1000’s of blogging-work hours of generous creating, connecting, trusting self and trusting in the blogging process. Adopt a pro mentality by creating a vision of your dream life through blogging.


Remain true to the process by dreaming often. Be led through obstacles by your vision. Take a long term approach to become a professional blogger.


6: Pros Create and Connect


Professional bloggers create content and connect with top bloggers in their niche by helping them and asking for nothing in return. Even though pro bloggers seem to do difficult things at times this crowd keeps things simple for 1000’s upon 1000’s of hours before going pro.


Create. Connect. Creating and connecting does not sound sexy but pro bloggers live sexy lives by keeping things simple, basic and clear. Follow the pro way. Create helpful content on your blog and through guest posting. Connect with pros in your niche by promoting them on your blog and through social media. Keep true to these two simple, timeless basics.


Create helpful content. Build strong connections. Position yourself to become a professional blogger.


Keep It Simple


Look at the advice above. No pro blogger does complex, incredibility difficult things requiring a high amount of intellect. Pros keep it simple, even when keeping it simple feels scary, uncomfortable or outright frightening. Ride out your fears.


Create and connect. Monetize through multiple income streams. Buy your domain and hosting. Blog mainly to have fun. Adopt a long term approach to blogging. See the journey through. Be generous. Cultivate your abundance mindset. Go pro by learning from pros how to blog successfully.




Professional bloggers go full time by displaying specific qualities.


Follow their lead.


Embody these characteristics to become a professional blogger.

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