What Are The 6 P’s Of Successful Blogging?

April 10, 2018
Even the Stop signs sound better in New Zealand. Not “You Stop” but “Give Way to Your Fellow Drivers.” Kinder and gentler. I dig it.


I pranced by the Pacific today with pooches in Opotiki, New Zealand.


You see where I’m heading guys.


P dominated post.


I liken each P below to a domino. Everything successful blogging wise starts with passion. Gotta drop in the listed order too because the passion domino starts the tumbling process, knocking down all other dominoes, leading to blogging success.


I am hungry now. Even though I am New Jersey Pizza spoiled I could go for some Dominoes. No I would not. I am a pizza snob. Time for New Zealand cheese to drown my dairy sorrows.


Anyway, dive into these 6 p’s guys. Successful blogging is predicated or preceded by these p’s. (Peep what I did?)


1: Passion


Blog your passion.


This is the first domino, knocking down all others.


Passion fuels your journey. Passion makes the work the reward, or, makes the work play, or, makes results feel like bonuses or extras or icing on the cake or the cherry of top.


Blog your fun. What tickles your pickle? Blog on that topic. Make blogging predominantly about having fun exploring your fun and blogging from an energy of love.


If you skipped this step you cannot succeed online. May make sweet coin and even solve a problem beneficial to humanity but if you ain’t having fun ya ain’t successful.


2: Problem


Solve a specific problem with your passion.


I love blogging. I love traveling. 5 years ago at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu – as all stories lead off, I know – I met a travel blogger. She made sweet coin for years. But her sponsored post and ad revenue vanished, and she had a tough time making bank.


Problem spotted; travel bloggers scrambling for dough to keep traveling. I also met disgusted travel bloggers tired of going home to a 9-5 job just to fund travels.


Blogging From Paradise was born. 1 year later. I was an idiot to wait that long. Fear makes ya do dumb stuff.


Tie your passion into solving a pressing problem. Resonate with your audience. Be of service. Knock down the 2nd domino.


3: Practice


I have written millions of words over the past decade of my life. Toss in doing 4000 plus videos and all my creating and connecting and you betcha I practiced this blogging skill to become…skilled.




  • writing
  • creating helpful content like blog posts, guest posts, videos, podcasts and premium products and services
  • connecting with blogging leaders by commenting genuinely on their blogs and by promoting them
  • learning from blogging leaders


Do not neglect the last bullet point; learners become blogging leaders. Practice honing your skills to position yourself as a pro. (More p’s.) Practice learning to stay cutting edge.


Observe how I write. I could have written a full eBook on how today’s walk with the dogs in New Zealand teaches you 10 blogging lessons. That’s practice, fueled by passion.


Passion fuels folks who practice diligently. I could only write millions of words through offline writing in a Word document and online publishing by being incredibly passionate about blogging and traveling.


4: Patience


If you blog mainly for the passion of exploring a subject you love, being patient ain’t no thing.


Impatience only arises if you care too much about outcomes.


But if you love what you do, you will patiently do it forever.


Being passionate feeds the journey. Solving a specific problem and practicing gives you greater clarity and confidence, fueling your patience.


5: Persistence


I see being patient as a day to day bit.


Persistence is a decade to decade bit.


Love the ride. You’ll take the ride forever. Or until you leave your mortal coil. Does blogging exist beyond life? I will alert you when I return as a fine mist, condensing from the ethers.


Again guys, dominoes. Most bloggers are unsuccessful because they skip to step 6 and have no interest in being passionate, solving problems, practicing, being patient and persistent. The steps never change order. At least if you want to be a successful blogger.


Being persistent = spending the next 5-10 years of your life completing the prior p’s, 5-7 days week, injecting work with a loving, generous energy.


6: Profits


Profits flow in after completing the prior steps.


Last domino to fall.


Devote 99% of your love, fun, attention and energy to p’s 1-5. Give 1% to p 6.


Detachment is unbelievably prospering, profitable and quite a liberating energy too.


You down with these p’s?


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  1. Hi Ashish,

    Way cool my friend. I am happy you are in the game and being patient.


  2. Ashish Kumar Says:

    Hey Ryan,
    Well I have been in blogging since 2013. Only mistake I made was left it early which I regret to this day.
    It is important to have Patience to follow your passion.
    Very well written, Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. I left a thought.