7 Intelligent Tips to Create a Profitable Blog

January 22, 2019
Throwback photo from 2014 in Bali.


Money loves generosity. Money loves patience. Money adores persistence.


Many bloggers thirst for profits but:


  • act stingy (little generosity, if any)
  • bleed impatience
  • lack persistence


Naturally, money sprints from stingy, impatient, non persistent bloggers.


Guys; you can have fun blogging, enjoy serving people and make money through blogging if you follow a few core steps, persistently. The key is to genuinely LOVE blogging and your blogging niche, to pull you through fears you need to face along the way. You can do it! If I did, with zero blogging or entrepreneurial experience as a newbie, you can, too.


1: Blog Your Fun


Blog mainly:


  • to have fun blogging
  • to have fun exploring your niche
  • to have fun helping people


If you blog mainly for fun, the work becomes the reward. No profits? For 2 years? Who cares? You’d keep blogging for 15 years without seeing a cent, because joy-fun-love drives you, not money or any outside circumstance. Cultivate this type of detachment to set up a profitable blog.


If you blog mainly for fun, the work becomes the reward. Click To Tweet


Blogging mainly for fun makes you generous, patient and persistent, helping you blog for years without panicking or bailing on proven steps, laying the foundation for a profitable blog.


2: Invest Money and Time in Pros


Follow 2-3 blogging tips bloggers. Jan Verhoeff Matthew Loomis and myself are 3 good folks to follow. Read their free content. Study it. Follow their advice. Invest money in their eBooks, coaching and courses, to do what helps you build a profitable blog.


Pros know. Invest time, energy and money in spending 100% of your time doing what works. Spend 0% of your time doing what does not work.


3: Practice Writing Daily


500 words daily in a Word document, minimum. Writing is the #1 skill to develop to make money. People pay me to place sponsored posts on my blog because I can write my ass off. I write my ass off because I have written millions of words over the past decade, in private, and public. Write your rump off. Increase blogging profits.


4: Create Helpful Content Persistently


Aim for 1-3 posts weekly. Solve reader problems. Help readers live their dreams. Be generous. Do not hold back. Broadcast live videos a few times weekly – or daily – solving reader problems. Link to your business product or service at post or video end. Every post or video is a:


  • brand ambassador
  • business builder
  • generous servant
  • trust builder




5: Connect with Pros Persistently


Connect with top, pro bloggers in your niche (and with some folks outside of your niche) by:


  • commenting genuinely on blogs
  • promoting other bloggers on your blog
  • promoting other bloggers through social media


Many of these bloggers befriend you, and:


  • promote you
  • endorse you
  • hire you
  • buy your stuff


all leading to a profitable blog.


2 points, my blogging sweetlings:


  • do not expect anything
  • be persistent


Being generous, care-free and detached, persistently, allows bonds to form organically. Powerful bonds. Relax, be yourself and prosper.


Mike Allton provides you with a glowing example of how to connect with other bloggers.


Rob at The Real Japan is always helping folks. He is incredibly generous.


Saurabh Tiwari is also super duper generous, and connected. Follow his lead. Serve. Prosper.


6: Monetize from an Energy of Clarity, Not Greed or Desperation


Most bloggers skip the prior steps to arrive at this step, being driven by fear, greed, and desperation, and make jack shit money-wise.


Pick income streams from an energy of clarity by:


  • monetizing what you feel passionate about (ex; writing lovers would self-publish eBooks or be freelance writers)
  • monetizing from a detached, chill, calm energy
  • seeing income channels as nothing but receiving channels: you co-create the money during steps 1-5…..income channels are just for receiving income you earned during prior steps


Relax guys. It is just money. Only money. Be a cool, calm, collected blogger in all things money. Allow more money to flow to you.


Invest in my blogging course if you want to get this successful blogging mindset down cold. Or grab my eBook to get your money energy right.


7: Accept that Greater Profits Sit on the Other Side of Fear


As you follow your blogging fun, you slam into fear. Nudge through it. Boost profits. As you follow your blogging passion, you slam into problems. Nudge through ’em. Boost profits.


I suggest following a daily energy management ritual to help you vibe more from love, less from fear, and to help you become more fearless by facing, embracing and releasing fears.


My current regimen:


  • 80 minutes deep yin yoga
  • 45-60 minutes walking or jogging


Prayer, meditation and EFT tapping are a few other ideas. You become more fearless and increase profits by facing and FEELING fears. Energy management helps you face and feel fears.


Gotta roll guys. Time for some deep yin yoga in the deserts of Oman.


Happy Prospering!

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