6 Bizarre or Funny or Weird Photos from My World Travels


Chiang Mai Thailand


I have seen and experienced weird stuff around the world.


Hit the road for 6 years and running. You are bound to snap some cool images here and there. Weird pictures too. Funny ones, bizarre ones, or wacky ones.


Funny Travel Photos


All is perspective, of course. Locals may see these images as being Plain Jane. I found either humor or weirdness in a few.


I gave you a bonus photo up top; some unsavory, sharp-dressed character had been running a scam around the temples of Chiang Mai, Thailand, I believe. This was entirely unrelated to the Guige Playoff scam observed via another sign; or so my gut tells me.


1: John Cena Jewelry Store Yangon Myanmar


John Cena Jewelry Yangon Myanmar


Who’d have thunk the wrestling icon would open up shop in Yangon, Myanmar?


Kelli and I soaked up this amusing sight at a market in town. Yangon presents travelers with a wide array of colorful, funny or flat out bizarre images.


This one was funny more than anything else.


Kudos to Mr. Cena for opening a government backed shop. Not resting on his laurels, the man is not relying on his name alone to cement his trust factor with potential customers who wish to buy jewelry based on the name of a WWE superstar and current box office heavy.


2: Henry the Rooster in Jimbaran Bali


Henry Bali


Henry was a cock living on the property in Jimbaran Bali.


He roosted in a chicken coop at night. During the day, as the other chickens strutted or sprinted around the villa gardens, Henry spent about 40% of the time in the house.


He routinely chilled on the bed or strolled through the kitchen, preferring to chill inside the home versus spending time with the chook crew.


Henry did get down and dirty with one of the big roosters near the end of our sit, engaging in some chicken-sanctioned cock-fighting that left him bloodied but not bruised.


Note; poop deposits signaled where Henry had been in the crib.


3: Squirrel Monkey Feeding Frenzy Quepos Costa Rica


Squirrel monkeys Quepos Costa Rica


This one was flat out funny. And fun. A day with monos in Quepos, Costa Rica.


Yes environmentally savvy folks; the titi monkeys pictured above had been hand fed by locals. For a long time. But enjoying a banana on the porch only to be besieged by perhaps the cutest species of monkey on earth was too much for us to turn down.


Kelli whipped out the knife. I grabbed a bushel of bananas. A titi or squirrel monkey feeding frenzy ensued, with some bold numbers grabbing greedily at the soft, sweet, delectable chunks of banana.


This went on for a good 20 minutes.


One of the highlights of our world tour.


4: Me in Chennai India by Dummy and Fat Albert Sized Clothes


Chennai India




Shaved head.


Disgustingly skinny after nearly dying a few weeks before due to dehydration, caused by giardia.




Guy with package.


Fat Albert sized clothes.


Just another average day in front of an average shop in Chennai, India, where things get fascinating, sometimes.


I saw the opportunity for this Perfect Storm of conditions. Weird-looking me. The Fat Albert clothes for the rotund. Guy’s junk. Bizarre-looking dummy.


So Kelli snapped it.


5: Chicken Headed Cook Pondicherry India


Chicken headed cook Pondicherry India




A statement on society? As in the chicken cooking humans?


Or perhaps a vegetarian dig in a vegetarian land?


I am still trying to work this one out, snapped in Pondicherry, India.


Do you feel Henry would like this photo?


I believe he would.