6 Beginner Blogger Tips for Confused Newbies

  February 9, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 6 minutes read
beginner blogger tips

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New bloggers….you are not alone. I want to help you with sound beginner blogger tips today.


But most beginner bloggers try to do it on their own.




Blogging lone wolves die quickly. Team players succeed wildly over the long haul.


Join the Blogging Wolf Pack. This is tip #5 on your beginner blogger journey.


Guys; this is a fun, freeing path that sometimes feels:


  • overwhelming
  • terrifying
  • elating
  • fulfilling
  • roller coaster-like
  • joy-inducing
  • fascinating


Learning from pros is the simplest way to avoid struggles for years. Virtually all new bloggers struggle here and there but following pro, proven, sound advice helps you knife through obstacles and avoid blanket failure that kills most new blogging careers.


Guys; learn from pros. Trust their advice. They know. You don’t. You have no blogging experience. Pros have years of blogging experience.


Cutting through inevitable new blogger confusion feels daunting. I recall the feeling of overwhelm perfectly. I even tried to quit on day #2 of my blogging career. What did I know? Why did I know? Why would anyone follow my blog? The doubts poured in, rapid-fire style. Thankfully, my wife Kelli walked me off of the blogging ledge. I gained clarity by following a few basic tips diligently.


Follow these beginner blogger tips to get clear on your newbie blogger journey.


1: Follow Your Fun Pursue Your Passion


Give virtually all of your energy to blogging for fun. Follow your passion. Pay little attention to stats because new bloggers have zero blogging skills and having zero blogging skills means scant stats. The stats grow as your creating and connecting expands and as you practice you will succeed.


Blog for the joy of blogging. Blog for the joy of helping people. The work is the reward; stats are extra’s or bonuses.


Follow this tip to avoid the the common new blogger mistake of being addicted to outcomes when you know those outcomes will be not too impressive because you are new, a blogging baby. Focus on the process not the outcomes. Begin your blogging campaign with a strong mindset.


Become outcomes focused. For example, I deeply enjoy adding words to this post, updating and republishing the post a number of months after the initial publish date. I do not think about any traffic or profits that may come to me after re-publishing the blog post. But I do have fun with the process of creating content and helping you.


Adopt this frame of mind. Love the process. Believe it or not, the outcomes take care of themselves if you love the process of helping people and open a few income channels….like self-publishing eBooks….wink, wink, wink 😉


2: Follow Pro Advice Both Free and Premium


Follow 1-2 established, pro bloggers.


Read their blog posts. Invest in their eBooks, courses and coaching.


Zac Johnson is a highly successful blogger who shares in-depth, practical, proven advice to help you on your beginner blogger journey.


Do what works from day 1. Avoid doing what does not work, from day 1.


New bloggers tend to do the silly thing of winging it, or following their own advice, when they have no idea what they are doing, because they have zero blogging experience. Stop following your own advice because you have no blogging experience and blogging skills. Follow pro bloggers. Benefit from pro blogger experience.


From creating content, to networking, to SEO, top bloggers can offer you an important guide that cuts months or even years off of your learning curve.


Listen to these pros. Learn from their experience. Trust their advice. If you have no idea how to blog simply follow advice from bloggers who know how to blog. Blogging is not rocket science; follow simple advice from pros to position yourself to succeed.


3: Practice Writing Offline


Open a Word document. Write 500-1000 words today.


Do the same tomorrow.


Do the same the next day.


Get clear and confident in your writing voice. Getting clear on your writing voice helps you drive traffic, network with confidence and build a genuine brand.


Few new bloggers practice writing, save writing blog posts. Write offline. Practice in private. Shine brightly on stage, when you write and publish posts.


Stick to writing practice. Do not give in to the temptation of writing only if you publish blog content. Most bloggers do not publish content daily. Follow a daily writing ritual to gain clarity and confidence as a writer and blogger.


4: Create Helpful Content


Create helpful content.


Publish helpful blog posts. Broadcast Live on Facebook.


Serve readers. Help your community.


Beginner bloggers; every piece of content you create makes a digital footprint in your niche. Imagine each post you publish as a content seed. Content seeds grow into the content tree. Plant enough content seeds and you create a content forest, meaning over time, you will be everywhere in your niche.


Follow a few top bloggers in your niche, follow chats in forums and Facebook Groups from your niche and listen to your readers for blog post ideas.


Practical Tips


  • publish 600-1500 word posts 2-3 times weekly to help readers generously
  • repurpose content through videos and podcasting to expand your reach
  • both long form and short form content can lay the foundation for a successful blogging campaign; mix both forms of content to offer readers contrast


5: Connect with Leaders


Connect with leaders in your blogging niche by:


  • commenting genuinely on their blogs
  • engaging on their social media updates
  • promoting other bloggers on social media and on your blog


Help leaders. Connect with leaders. Form bonds. Observe how blogging leaders promote you, lead you, guide you and inspire you, accelerating your blogging success.


Blogging buddies are an incredibly valuable blogging currency. Be generous. Be helpful. Become connected.


Reach out with a hand out. Be generous to open blogging doors. Help bloggers. Ask for nothing in return. Build connections by being generous and genuine.


Bloggers can only do so much solo. New bloggers have no connections. Not do beginner bloggers have any appreciable clout. However, bonding with leaders by helping pros and asking for nothing in return offers you:


  • blogging friends in high places
  • successful examples to follow
  • guides for building your credibility; seasoned pros teach you how to gain blogging trust through their glowing example and through their dazzling content, too


Connect with blogging leaders. Do not be scared. Do not be intimidated. Allow an increasing number of bloggers to befriend you. Move higher in blogging circles. Be connected by connecting yourself to pro bloggers. Surround yourself with success as a newbie blogger to begin your blogging journey on the right cyber foot.


6: Follow an Energy Management Ritual


I actually train to blog.


Currently, I spend a few hours daily training my mind and body.


Raising your energy daily, through meditation and/yoga and some form of exercise, from walking to jogging, helps you:


  • unearth, feel and release deeply buried fears plaguing new bloggers
  • become prolific (writer’s block dissolves in an energetic dynamo)
  • become comfortable with being uncomfortable


Guys; ya gotta follow this tip. Sure you’ll be excited and enthusiastic as a newbie but also burdened with all types of fears, doubts and defeatist tendencies you need to own, face and release to grow as a blogger. Most newbies rarely if ever do energy work, then struggle and fail for their entire blogging careers.


You cannot rise higher in your niche while being anchored by the leaden burden of fear. Doing energy work helps you face, embrace and release your fears, so you follow the prior steps from a persistent, patient, generous energy.




Be More Mindful



Wrap Up


Follow these simple tips, new bloggers. Do not panic, or bail on these tips, when things get uncomfortable.


Trust in pro advice. Then trust in yourself as you follow pro advice.


Being your blogging career on a rock solid foundation.

  1. Ajay Kr says:
    at 11:38 am

    New bloggers….you are not alone.
    But most beginner bloggers try to do it on their own.
    Blogging lone wolves die quickly. Team players succeed wildly over the long haul.

    What a start. The starting lines are best pieces to motivate newbies. It’s easy to get lost but pros can help and handhold in a better way.

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