6 Asinine Long Term Traveler Assumptions That Need to Go

June 11, 2018
From Doha, Qatar.


If you travel long term you may be frustrated by folks making silly travel assumptions.


I chuckle at these lame beliefs.


If you make any of these assumptions you may prevent yourself from living a life of travel.  Believing untrue stuff handcuffs you, making the entirely possible quite improbable, or outright impossible.


Purge these limiting beliefs to open yourself up to traveling more.  Or laugh your rump off at a few of these funny ideas.


Here are 6 travel assumptions folks have made about me, a 7 year long term traveler.


1: I Am Lucky


I flipped a quarter 7 years ago. Heads I get to travel. Tails I stay home. Heads it was. Someone paid for everything. I tripped and landed in New Zealand


Luck is the most asinine concept know to man in a precise, perfect Universe. Choices and actions lead to a life of travel.


2: I Have Rich Parents


Hopefully you haven’t been shamed by the jaw-dropping largesse of the Biddulph Estate in New Jersey. We are a big deal. Make Scrooge McDuck look like a broke piece of shit. We even have a pool full of dubloons. I was spotted spitted said dubloons as a wee lad. When I wasn’t dipping my gold-plated paws into a trust fund.


Get the fuck out of here.


Next assumption.


3: I Travel the World Because I Am Gifted or Talented


What does that even mean? Oh yeah; that I spent many years of my life practicing some skill so I became really good at it and when I became good at it I built a full time business through blogging so I could circle the globe.


Talent = Devoting years to some craft until you become really good at it. Those are years of practicing and working while other folks spend years making the assumptions on this list.


4: Traveling Is Expensive


House sitting is free. Renting homes in developing nations may cost you $500-$700 a month. Food is cheap if you eat local. Airfare is not too expensive; $500 to $600 to fly from NYC to Bangkok.




Traveling is inexpensive.


5: Travelers Are Always Happy


Anthony Bourdain’s suicide shows how you cannot get over what is still in you, no matter your time zone. I loved the work of my fellow New Jerseyite. He was a freaking gem. But he had the suicidal pain-fear in him despite living a really neat life, seeing the world and sampling its fare.


Just because you are in Bali or Fiji does not mean you feel sad sometimes. Enlightened beings feel sad sometimes. Us folks living worldly lives will feel sad sometimes, even if we were on freaking Mars.


6: Running a Blogging Business While Traveling Is Easy


The IIPBBC’s – Instagram Infinity Pool Big Boobied Chicks – filter every picture perfectly, some of these women being travel bloggers, creating the image of earning a hefty income by showing pictures of your home office from an Infinity Pool. Ditto for guys. Ditto for many travel bloggers who share only the brilliant images of travel and do not explain how folks work 8-10-12 hours daily to become full time, pro bloggers. Often, working 8 hours daily for 1-2 years before making a hundred freaking bucks.


This is a highly uncomfortable journey at times. Humans tend to hate diving into their fears. Traveling bloggers need to dive into their fears regularly to become full time bloggers. Uncomfortable as shit sometimes. Welcome to my world.


As I write these words I prep for a flight from Auckland to NYC. 4 hour layover in Hawaii. Plus 19 hours on the plane. 23 hours total. Meaning I am writing my ass off for a few days before this journey. Meaning I am up late networking.


This gig is so much fun and I love it but it never ends. Ever. Par for the course.


Not terribly difficult – bench pressing 400 pounds if you are 75 pounds dripping wet is difficult – but highly uncomfortable sometimes.


The Wrap Up


I hope I cleared up some silly long term traveler assumptions guys.


If you clung to any of these in the past maybe you can hit the road and meet up with me in an exotic locale soon, my little blogging sweetlings.


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