6 Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers

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(Updated 7/7/2022)


Affiliate marketing offers bloggers a passive income channel.


Selling products and services created by other entrepreneurs to earn a cut leverages your presence. Smart bloggers spend more time offline by intelligently opening passive blogging income streams online. Increasing blogging income by selling what someone else created gives you more time to spend offline with family and friends.


However, generating affiliate income goes beyond simply embedding code on your website. Dropping affiliate links across social media or heavily self-promotional posts does not work as a long term solution either.


Picking affiliate offerings resonant with reader needs boosts your income while benefitting your readership. Matchmaking accelerates your success while making readers happy.


Being a skilled affiliate involves selling only what you know, like and trust.


Most bloggers go about affiliate marketing all wrong because the majority try to sell before:


  • listening to reader needs
  • matching affiliate offerings with your niche
  • sharing valuable blog content to earn trust


Selling the proper product to the right reader boosts affiliate income slowly and steadily.


Follow these affiliate marketing tips for bloggers to prosper.


1: Sell What Readers Need


Sell only what readers need to boost affiliate income.


Open affiliate channels to solve reader problems.


Listen closely to your blogging community.


Match reader needs with affiliate products and services to find the ideal match for both parties.


For example, blogging tips bloggers may notice readers who ask for hosting suggestions. Writing and publishing an in-depth review to list top hosting companies drives targeted buyers to your blog. Dropping affiliate links for each hosting solution boosts your blogging income but also gives readers valuable resources.


Pay close attention to reader problems.


Sell only what solves reader problems to increase blogging profits through affiliate opportunities.


2: Pick Offerings Aligned with Your Blogging Niche


Select only affiliate offerings aligned with your blogging niche.


Aligning affiliate products with your niche creates clarity. Lessening confusion serves as a catalyst to increased affiliate sales.


For example, blogging tips bloggers could sell blogging-themed eBooks as affiliates to choose products within their blogging niche. Correlating affiliate products with your niche makes business sense.


However, blogging tips bloggers who sell puppy products as affiliates confuse readers. Confused readers do not increase blogging profits because said readers resist purchasing products outside of their niche of interest.


Select affiliate opportunities aligned with your niche.


Stick to your niche to profit.


3: Make Friends with Blogging Leaders


Befriend top bloggers in your niche.


Help them. Ask for nothing. Bond with them. Learn from them. Increase your sales as more of these top pros promote you and endorse you. Friends in high places help boost your affiliate profits. Trying to go solo leads to failure but building your friend network makes your affiliate life easier.


Making friends with leaders in your affiliate niche is not too hard but being generous, detached and patient may feel uncomfortable to your ego.


Learn from generous bloggers like Anthony Gaenzle how to become connected by being generous.


Practical tips:


  • promote blogging leaders via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn
  • link to leaders via your blog posts and guest posts
  • ask for nothing in return
  • expect nothing in return


Gain the trust of pros by serving leaders. As affiliate pros gradually trust you and befriend you, these leaders can help grow your affiliate sales by promoting you and endorsing you. Be patient. Allow bonds to form organically. Prospering friendships grow out of service, not self-service.


Prospering friendships grow out of service, not self-service.Click To Tweet


4: Sell Only What You Feel Clear On


Sell only what you feel clear on.


Trust your gut to lead you to what to sell and what not to sell.


Being lead by your moral compass increases blogging profits.


Chasing profits without consulting your inner guide leads to muted profits and long term headaches.


In a nutshell, simply be an ethical blogger.


Successful affiliate marketers usually sell only what they:


  • use
  • benefit from
  • believe in
  • believe will help their communities


Observe how leaders prosper not by selling anything but by solving problems through affiliate offerings the pros get clear on. Pros sell not to get profits but to solve problems with trusted solutions.


Practice discernment. Sell products and services resonant with your principles. Be an affiliate with integrity. Sell what you feel good about to increase profits. Offer what you trust to benefit your readers.


Mountains, Izki, Oman

Mountains, Izki, Oman


5: Address Money Fears


Address fears concerning money.


Admittedly, this tends to be the most uncomfortable step because ego impresses zany money beliefs masked as money fears upon minds. Wade through fears. Feel comfortable with being uncomfortable. Get clear on receiving money through affiliate channels. Become a successful affiliate marketer by getting comfortable with affiliate marketing success.


Top affiliate marketers dissolve their money fears to profit handsomely. Most pros have few money fears regarding affiliate marketing or any online income stream.


Professional bloggers do not feel:


  • embarrassed
  • shy
  • ashamed


about selling affiliate products.


Selling without these fears in mind increases affiliate sales.


6: Sell Early and Often


Selling early and often is a direct way to make money through affiliate marketing because shy marketers fade away while clear marketers make money. Maybe you make nothing over 3 months but 6 months down the road you keep selling daily and increase sales.


Stay in the game. Sell early and often.


No affiliate marketer needs to promote self endlessly, per se, but most require persistent self-promotion to knife through money fears in mind.


Imagine someone purging fears fueling struggles through the simple act of putting yourself and your affiliate offerings out there, again and again and again. Persistently promote your offerings. Help yourself and help your readers by frequently offering solutions to their problems through your affiliate products.




Do you feel unclear about how to promote services on your blog?


Watch this video:


How to Promote Services on Your Blog


Bonus Tip: Publish SEO-Optimized Content


Publish SEO-optimized content to drive targeted, passive blog traffic.


Highly targeted readers increase affiliate income.


Interested readers want what you have to offer through:


  • blog content
  • affiliate offerings


Publishing 1500 word, in-depth, SEO-optimized content draws targeted, passive Google traffic to your blog.


Add ample details to blog posts. Improve the user experience by making posts easily scannable. Use short, frequent paragraphs. Build each post around a niche-specific, long tail keyword.


Long form content seamlessly converts readers into customers based on the depth and value of blog posts. Satiated readers who trust free content invest in affiliate products and services.


Do Not Skip this Tip


Most bloggers who open affiliate channels try to make money by only promoting affiliate products and services through:


  • blogs
  • social media
  • Q and A forums


However, the best approach is to publish SEO-optimized content to drive qualified buyers to your blog.


Simply dropping affiliate links does not work because readers need to trust you before buying what you offer. Writing and publishing in-depth content is the direct step to gain reader trust.


Resist the urge to make your blog a running commercial. Few if any people trust someone who tries to sell them something all day long.


Publish detailed, free content frequently to gain trust, credibility and targeted blog traffic to increase affiliate profits.


Frequently Asked Questions


Can Bloggers Do Affiliate Marketing?


The above content details why bloggers can become affiliate marketers by following sound tips.


Blogging From Paradise contributor Donna Merrill explains how in greater detail through this blog post:


How Do Bloggers Earn Affiliate Marketing Commissions?


What Affiliate Programs Should You Join?


Influencer Marketing Hub lists:


  • Canva
  • Fiverr
  • SEMrush
  • GetResponse
  • Hostinger


as a few reputable affiliate marketing programs.


The potential list becomes virtually endless because a wide range of businesses profit by offering affiliate programs.


Be less concerned with specific pay structures or particular companies. Focus on selling what you feel clear on.


For example, if you enjoy using Canva and benefit from the product simply become a Canva affiliate to:


  • help your readers with creating graphics
  • open a passive blogging income channel


Sell what you use and believe in to be genuine.


Help your readers with products and services beneficial to you.


Selling what you use and feel confident about promoting instantly whittles a big list down to a few potential options.


How Do You Promote Affiliate Links on Your Blog?


Publish detailed blog posts to drive targeted traffic to your blog.


Targeted traffic highly interested in specific keywords gravitate toward your affiliate offerings.


Targeted readers evolve into buyers who purchase your affiliate products and services to better their lives.


Particular blog posts seem to increase affiliate marketing commissions.


Content like:


  • individual product reviews
  • list reviews covering 5-10 similar products
  • comparison reviews listing the pros and cons of two products


tend to draw highly targeted readers who boost your affiliate profits.


The secret is to sell what you know and how it helps readers versus what you desire your readers to buy.


The secret is to sell what you know and how it helps readers versus what you desire your readers to buy.Click To Tweet


Most bloggers who engage in affiliate marketing struggle horribly by turning their blog into a running commercial hawking various products for sale.


Instead of explaining in great detail:


  • what the product is
  • how the product helps you
  • specific problems and solutions via practical tips related to your niche along with affiliate solutions


most bloggers desperately try to manipulate you to buy their affiliate offering via pressurized time-sensitive deals, thin reviews based on hype (and no substance) and an ever-increasing list of shiny, new affiliate products.


Every blogger has the right to sell whenever and whatever they want to sell.


However, when your blog becomes a series of commercials for new affiliate products to buy instead of being a rich resource consisting of content-heavy, detailed, SEO-optimized blog posts, most readers perceive you to be a shill after their money. Gradually, you will lose your reputation as a leading value-provider from your niche. Eventually, your business growth will grind to a halt sooner than later.


Share content-rich posts to gain trust. Trusting readers purchase your affiliate products and services.




Do mentor homework. Lead with free value. Network with niche leaders. Sell what you feel clear on. Address money fears. Sell early and often.


Follow these affiliate marketing tips to prosper.

  1. Ursula Hasenkopf says:
    at 7:57 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    Wow. Thanks for your blog. Very profound and will be helping me.

    Kind regards

      • Franklin Nwangene says:
        at 2:52 pm

        This is the first time am reading your blogpost. Although been a Facebook friend for a while.

        I’d skip uncountable number of contents to focus on my client.

        Reading this blog post also adds more value to my content and affiliate marketing IQ.

        The tips above are helpful and informative.

        I love it, man.

      • Ryan Biddulph says:
        at 7:18 pm

        Hi Franklin,

        I appreciate your comment buddy 🙂

  2. Khun Greg says:
    at 1:46 am

    Great words of wisdom Ryan. I started creating websites back in the early 2000’s. Back then I was using drag and drop website creators until a new co-worker taught me how to code a website. After that we competed with each other to see who could build the best site, and earn the most money.

    My first real website was in the “Total Loser” niche. Back in 2005 if you typed Total Loser into a Google search not only did my website come up number one, I had three articles on the first page of a google search. I was the number one Total Loser in the world. I was proud of that.

    I earned my first affiliate commission on Amazon writing an article about, “How not to pick up woman”, at the end of it I had books on, How to meet women. Not only did some loser read my article, they bought one of the books as well.

    If was easier back then, but still not difficult. Everyone trusts Amazon. Not only do I earn a commission from the item I advertise, but every item they buy in a 24 hour window.
    November and December shopping season is here. Put in the extra effort now, and enjoy the healthy commissions.

  3. Mike S says:
    at 2:02 pm

    Great post! How do you make friends with Niche Leaders? It is pretty hard to make friends online…
    I agree that it makes sense to sell early and often. I can also add based on my experience, if you don’t make sales early, maybe it makes sense to move on to a different business or niche. You know, some ideas are popular, some not. If you try to sell VCR cassettes now, nobody is going to buy.

  4. Martin Pavey says:
    at 6:32 am

    Hello Ryan!

    I’ve already learned so much from you in terms of layout of blogs, how to focus in one subject.

    You also add the great extra of actually providing PRACTICAL advice on how to implement strategies.

    It’s a genuine pleasure to read your content as it is engaging, friendly and incredibly informative.

    You’ve made me realise the vital importance of research too.

    Much appreciated!


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