5 Ways to Adopt a Pro Blogging Mindset

  March 10, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 4 minutes read

Cappadocia, Turkey


Thinking and acting like a pro blogger before you become a professional feels uncomfortable at first. Being a pro before becoming means feeling successful before success finds you.


How can you feel like a pro if you haven’t made a cent through your blog? Most feel like failures if they see the appearance of failure.


Few bloggers feel detached enough to do as pros do during their newbie blogger days.


Most aspiring pro bloggers who eventually become professionals struggle enough to make dramatic changes to their blogging campaign.


You cannot become a professional unless you think and act like a one well before you see results suggesting that you are a pro blogger.


Creating helpful content, building meaningful connections with influential bloggers in your niche and having posture lay the framework for a professional blogging career.


One must think, feel and act like a professional blogger to become a professional blogger. Being precedes seeing. Going within to observe your mind reveals how you think or do not think like a professional. Everything depends on your willingness to watch your mind and how it behaves concerning your blogging campaign.


Embody a pro blogger mindset by keeping these ideas in mind.


1: Think Attract Not Chase


Struggling bloggers chase readers desperately.


Pro bloggers attract readers freely.


Change your line of thinking if you want to become a skilled pro.


Set up your blogging campaign to allow readers to find you. Concentrate on the concept of attraction.


Do not chase bad, poor or lukewarm matches.


Position yourself as an authority by improving your blogging skills through persistent practice.


Attract targeted business to blog like a pro.


Stop pitching numbers imagined in your mind as some arbitrary benchmark. Begin rendering useful service. By creating and connecting persistently you can grow a thriving blogging business where customers and clients flow to you.


Think of building something special through your blog. Give readers helpful content. Attract your community by doing a smash-up job with all blog posts.


2: Let Go of Outcomes


Pro bloggers detach largely from outcomes, focusing heavily on the process of building valuable online real estate.


Top bloggers often spend months creating helpful content and establishing meaningful connections with top bloggers before making their first penny online. These pros play the long game.


Do not worry about traffic or profit stats. Avoid obsessing over these numbers to figure out how you are doing.


Blog your passion. Make the work feel like the reward. See traffic, profits and all blogging outcomes as an added bonus of doing what you love to do.


The top bloggers on earth who love the ride take this attitude to do brilliant things in their blogging niches.


Train your mind. Face fears. Detach from traffic and profit metrics. Get lost in the blogging process of creating and connecting. Be like a professional blogger by concentrating on the process versus outcomes.


3: Follow Pros


Follow top blogging tips bloggers.


Take notes on their blog posts, courses and eBooks.


Ask top bloggers for help.


Hire pro bloggers to coach you.


Follow professional blogger advice. Do what works. Avoid wheel-spinning, failing strategies.


Listen to pros to learn from the best. Observe pro bloggers to see their mindset in action. Allow their habits to influence your mind through osmosis.


4: Invest Money in Your Blogging Campaign


From buying the best web hosting to purchasing a premium theme to dropping ducats on your blogging education you better invest ample money in your blog.


Professional bloggers spend months to educate themselves and to convey a professional image.


Never use the “I don’t have money” excuse that struggling or newbie bloggers commonly cling to. Pros invest money to blog intelligently.


See spending money as laying the foundation for a profitable blogging career. The money you invest now reaps increased returns over the long haul.


Never cheap out. Bloggers make this common error. Amateurs give blogging a shot on free platforms and fail miserably. Blogging on free platforms is not blogging but being a free platform user. Invest in your domain and hosting to blog the right way.


5: Create and Connect Persistently


Follow two fundamental activities to act like a pro blogger.


Create helpful content and build connections with top bloggers in your niche.


Creating valuable content makes you valuable in the eyes of readers.


Connecting with influential bloggers in your niche expands your reach far and wide.


Creative bloggers rise above the field of competition. Be prolific to serve as many people as possible through your blog, guest posting opportunities, podcasts and live videos. Do not hold back. Never be stingy. Guard against trying to squeeze as much traffic as possible through one blog post. Write and publish the next post. Adopt an abundance mentality.


Creating and connecting conditions you to be a pro before going pro. Being a pro means acting as pros behave well before you earn pro blogger money.




Follow each of these tips to think, feel and act like a pro blogger.


Position yourself to enjoy a prospering blogging career.

  1. Praveen Rajarao says:
    at 10:00 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Yes, sometimes I do feel intimidated by all the pro bloggers like you. I feel I am not there yet, and I always try to “Chase” as you have rightly pointed out. Attracting other bloggers or readers to my article is a challenge and I need to work on that.

    I maybe doing the other things right, but time will tell.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 3:55 pm

      Praveen you are doing great my friend. Keep publishing blog posts and comments as you have to attract pros and to embody the pro blogging mindset.

  2. John Ravi says:
    at 1:04 am

    Hi Ryan,

    It was a great read! I think a blogging mindset is important to get ahead. I think your tips to gain a pro blogging mindset will help a lot of aspiring bloggers streamline their efforts and gain benefits. These tips sound amazing, and these will be very beneficial for many bloggers. I have overlooked a few of them, but I will try my best to keep them in mind and implement them in my process. Thanks a lot for sharing this amazing post.