5 Common Travel Blogging Mistakes and Corrections

  July 15, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read
travel blogger mistakes

North Island, New Zealand


(Updated 7/15/2021)


Travel blogging frustrates most who give it a shot because making common errors perpetuates failure.


Being a travel blogger does not mean:


  • traveling to exotic locales
  • whipping up a blog post
  • making money while enjoying free hotel stays, free trips and a loyal following who buys whatever you offer


A majority of aspiring travel bloggers believe this gig is easy based on following only the highlights from travelers on Instagram. Travel bloggers often post images of themselves sipping tropical drinks in Infinity pools but rarely share the amount of time and work one puts in to go pro. Misunderstanding travel blogging usually leads to new bloggers suffering through a series of frustrating mistakes.


Today I want to address these errors. Correcting each mistake increases your success. Righting each wrong promotes your peace of mind.


Travel blogging is a skill. Allow this truth to sear itself onto your mind. Skilled travel bloggers go pro over the long haul. Unskilled travel bloggers struggle, fail and quit.


The worst part about making errors and failing is feeling pain..


I have felt it.


You may feel it too.


Blogging From Paradise sprung from a chance encounter had with a struggling travel blogger in Kathmandu, Nepal. She relied on advertising and sponsored post revenue. Each stream dried up. Google made dramatic changes. Her travel blogging income almost disappeared overnight. I listened to her experience closely. After doing some research I learned how most travel bloggers work full time jobs to fund their travels. An opportunity arose for helping part time travel bloggers become full time travel bloggers.


Following the corrections and honestly addressing the common boo boo’s below leads to a lifetime of fun, freedom and awesome-sauce travel blogging as you lay a granite-like foundation for your campaign.


Own these errors if you’re making ‘em. Seize the solutions.


1: Relying on Sponsored Post and Advertising Revenue as Sole Income Means


Would you expect to make pennies, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars through advertising revenue earned via a show on a local cable access channel?




Ditto for expecting sponsored post and advertising revenue as a new or struggling travel blogger.


Advertisers like tourism boards, tour companies or other individuals pay you money to be featured on your blog if you have thousands and thousands of targeted readers and if you earn a recognizable name in the travel blogging niche.


Pedasi, Panama




Take heart, my travel blogging sweet robbins! Ad and sponsored post revenue flows to you after you spend a chunk of time generously helping people. Build your good name. Build something folks want to advertise on frequently. Earn sponsored post and ad revenue.


Be patient. Be generous. Advertising revenue flows to bloggers after years in most cases. Consider the analogy of advertisers who pay big bucks to market their businesses on television. Television programmers build massive, targeted audiences over decades of smart work to allow networks to cash in and advertisers to gain access to said audience.


View your travel blog in a similar light. Build it up over years to earn advertising revenue over the long haul.


Open multiple income streams. Never rely on ad revenue. Write and self-publish eBooks. Create courses. Convert eBooks to audio books and paperbacks. Offer freelance services. Offer coaching services. Receive money through multiple income streams to lessen dependence on advertising revenue.


Earn through multiple channels to go pro.


2: Resisting Entrepreneurship


Entrepreneurs work. Business-builders build businesses by thinking, feeling and acting like entrepreneurs.


Some newbie travel bloggers and struggling vets are in La La Land, believing you go full time with 2-4 hours of work daily, here and there. Nope. Make a full time commitment to see full time results.


Few travel bloggers think, feel and act like entrepreneurs because few believe travel blogging is more than writing and publishing posts based on travel observations. Travel blogging is building a business from the ground-up into a professional venture. Does that sound like a casual exploit for a guy or gal who just blogs?




Spend 6-10 hours or more daily working on your blog, creating value generously and building friendships by generously promoting other bloggers and genuinely commenting on their blogs.


Think, feel and act like an entrepreneur. Develop a business mindset. Be a business owner. Successful travel bloggers think, feel and act like entrepreneurs to build business successfully. Every other travel blogger struggles to make money by not thinking like a business owner.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give most of your energy to helping folks in various ways to become a full time travel blogger.




What Is the Prime Factor in Blogging Full Time?



3: Not Being a Blogging Scientist


I pay little attention to outcomes but check stats here and there to spot patterns. Being a blogging scientist lets you leapfrog travel blogging mistakes suffered by mindless bloggers ignorant of trends.


You may be experiencing hellish struggles now with your blog. Analyze your campaign. Be observant. Spot what works. Note what does not seem to be working.


For whatever reason, travel bloggers plunk their head in the sand sometimes, ignoring metrics. Some prefer to write and publish posts without doing anything else, expecting sweet travel blogging success to flow their way. Prepare for a rude awakening if you fall into this crowd.


Struggles meet ignorant travel bloggers.




Guys; analyze. If things feel heavy, or a bit off, gain clarity by seeing how you can have more fun, connect with more folks and make more money. The tools change as you progress, grow and evolve. Values stay the same. But methods may change.


I made fairly dramatic blogging changes over the prior 4 months because I:


  • honored intuitive nudges
  • opened up to a new way of helping you and myself
  • spotted trends on Blogging From Paradise


I began optimizing all new and fully updated blog posts since January of 2021 because I became a blogging scientist. OK; I did not become a pure blogging scientist a’la Neil Patel but I did spot patterns, note changes and honored each observation to move in a freeing blogging direction.


Pay close attention to long-term changes. Never stat check hourly because no real change occurs on a micro-scale. However, noting stat shifts over months often indicates what to keep doing and what to stop doing.


Versus giving most energy to publishing new content I noted some metrics, felt intuitive nudges and gave most energy to:



  • updating and re-publishing old content
  • publishing brand new content less frequently


Be a blogging scientist. Add strategy to your campaign. Trust your gut before all else but pay attention to metrics unfolding over weeks and months to augment your travel blogging campaign.


Be a blogging scientist. Add strategy to your campaign. Trust your gut before all else but pay attention to metrics unfolding over weeks and months to augment your travel blogging business.Click To Tweet


4: Fear-Anger-Resistance Toward…..Everybody LOL!


You may be in pain.


I’ve been there my friend.


2 things; the worst thing to do is to project your fear-pain through anger or bitterness on fellow travel bloggers, folks reaching out to you for advertising or sponsored post opportunities or anybody online. Force negates. Love attracts success.


Travel bloggers in particular seem prone to sarcasm, anger, resentment, smallish-ness and bitterness, mainly because said bloggers struggle to make dough. I love you guys but ya gotta embrace and feel your pain to release this energetic anchor, if you want to step it up 5 to 10 or more notches.


Sweet success flows to the generous, compassionate loving travel blogger. I get pissed off and drip with sarcasm sometimes as all humans do. But my tone is generally appreciative and loving. More service, fun and money in that energy.




Smile more. Laugh more. Have more fun. But first, feel and experience pains of loss, frustrations with struggle and anger with your results. Clear the fear; you’ll feel better.


Travel bloggers; lighten up. Chill. Relax. Enjoy this journey. Have fun. Blogging becomes easier if you blog mainly from a fun-loving vibe. The goal is not solely to get but to enjoy giving. Fall in love with helping people through your travel blog. Enjoy bringing the world together through your stories. Feel the love of offering a high energy perspective on globe-trotting compared to the news.


Love this gig. Travel blogging will love you back.


Face fear. Some travel blogging tribes seem plagued by fear manifest as:


  • anger
  • resentment
  • annoyance
  • jealousy
  • envy
  • hate
  • depression
  • hopelessness


Each emotion masks fear. Face fear in your mind. Feel fear. Release fear. Be at peace.


Facing, feeling and releasing fear is the way to dissolve anger, resistance and a general sense of fighting. Fear is illusion. Only love is real.


5: Sidebar Frenzy


You may be over-stuffing your sidebar with advertisements like cheap flight finders, hotel finders, Amazon Associates ads and flat out way too many opportunities, confusing readers.


Been there. Done that.


Usually, adding a high volume of income opportunities, photos, or non-aligned widgets suggests overcompensation for fear of loss. You fear losing money so figure loading your sidebar with money making opportunities remedies the desperation.


Unless you are clear on this strategy – few travel bloggers are clear with such an approach – Sidebar Frenzy clutters reader minds, either turning them off or resulting in no calls to action taken.


Rawai Bay, Phuket, Thailand

Rawai Bay, Phuket, Thailand


Peep my sidebar guys. Formerly a tribute to a Jackson Pollack painting, now I share travel images and an advertisement. Content reigns, not confusion and chaos.




Give readers only a few things to do via your sidebar. Readers tend to click ads or links if you offer them a few clear, simple options via a clean sidebar.


Give readers only a few things to do via your sidebar. Readers tend to click ads or links if you offer them a few clear, simple options via a clean sidebar.Click To Tweet


I appreciate offering abundance to readers. Increasing options seems like a smart approach to boost calls to action. But in most cases this approach originates from fear. Fear scares travel bloggers into stuffing sidebars with too much…..stuff. Overloading sidebars turns off readers because fear repels.


Relax. Be posturing. Point to a few elements. Allow success to find you not by overwhelming readers with options but by offering followers a few clear choices to prosper both parties.




Travel blogging is not easy but not nearly as difficult as most bloggers claim.


Focus on the fundamentals of creating and connecting. Be generous. Monetize through multiple streams of income.


Right your travel blogging ship by correcting these errors.


Enjoy smooth sailing and increased blogging success.

  1. Linda Bibb says:
    at 9:19 am

    Solid advice, Ryan. I’ve recently realized that I’ve done a crappy job of interlinking related posts. My focus is on offering good info and making money, and leading readers from page to page does both. It also reduces bounce rate, which feeds my ego. But I digress.

    I will admit to a bit of “sidebar blindness” because, as you said, so many of them are little more than a series of sales pitches. I’m forever tweaking my sidebar. I’ll try something for a couple of months and if it doesn’t result in income or provide true value to the reader, it’s history.

    Where I fail is in the ebook department, but it’s on my to-do list so at least I’m heading in the right direction. Your How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook is really helpful, so thanks for creating and publishing it.


    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:08 pm

      Thanks for the shout Linda! You guys are doing a smash up job creating rocking content and building bonds. This is the ultimate money maker. Then we get clearer on income streams and money flows in.

  2. Dereco Cherry says:
    at 10:23 am

    I can relate to so many of the tips you just shared. Especially making your sidebar to busy. You are right, give people too many choices they won’t make one.

    When you mentioned you work on your blog 6-10 hours a day, I bet most people are not willing to do that, which is why you can travel and live the lifestyle you currently have. You put in the work.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 7:02 pm

      Putting in the time makes this gig a bit tougher…than easier 😉 Thanks Dereco!

  3. BG Jenkins says:
    at 7:20 pm

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the great advice over leaving fear behind, cleaning up your sidebar mess (guilty) and throwing out a happy and positive spirit to all. That spirit is what creates a peaceful vision and dynamic for learning to do things the correct way. I personally don’t have others’ ads on my site but I do have memes that could probably be put somewhere else.

    So glad you both arrived safely on the south island of New Zealand, and we will continue watching and listening to your adventures.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:49 am

      Cool BG. Our sidebars often need a wee bit of tidying but trimming excess feels so good!

  4. Monna Ellithorpe says:
    at 7:25 pm

    Hi Ryan,

    I think it’s awesome that you are blogging and traveling like you do. Not really something I’d like to do but I do love tagging along on your travels with you.

    You are absolutely right and of course you’ve lived it but it’s not an easy road, especially in the beginning but you’ve proven blogging can be a way of life.

    I have to get organized and finish reading your books I’ve already bought before I buy more but I get tons of great info from every one of them.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:48 am

      Thanks so much Monna 😉 We can succeed in any niche by riding out those rough patches.

  5. Moss Clement says:
    at 4:24 am

    Hi Ryan,

    Just another amazing post, filled with remarkable information and value. It is great to know that in everything we do as humans, at some point you realize the is abundant clutter around. And when you got clutter, the best thing to do is clean it up for a more healthy atmosphere.

    Your blog’s sidebar as you showed in your article is an area to look at for clutter. Keeping it clean and simple makes for a great website.

    Leaving fear behind, spending time – 6~10 hours on your blog and building relations by helping other bloggers are fascinating.

    Thank you Ryan!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:34 pm

      Amen Moss! When we release clutter, we feel more at ease, right my friend. Thanks for the rocking comment as always 😉

  6. Sandeep Goswami says:
    at 4:27 am

    I don’t want to travel as much you do. But I like to read all your blog. Very informative and helpful. Many thanks for sharing with us.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 1:56 pm

      Cool Sandeep. Thanks for sharing 😉

  7. Jub says:
    at 12:03 pm

    I find myself nodding my head as usual Ryan. With #4, there seems to be a sense of entitlement in the industry at times…not saying I’m not guilty.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying NZ!

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 4:22 pm

      That sense seems to permeate the niche on some level Jub LOL. A healthy dose of the fundamentals gets us on track. I love your country!

  8. maulik shah says:
    at 9:08 am

    I think it’s awesome that you are blogging and traveling like you do.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 11:59 am

      Hi Maulik,

      Thanks for stopping by buddy. 🙂

  9. Ashwin Solanki says:
    at 7:57 am

    Way cool! Some very valid points! I appreciate you penning this article and also the rest of the site is really good.