5 Common Wicked Travel Blogging Mistakes and Corrections

April 24, 2018
travel blogger mistakes
I wrote this post while a few miles above New Zealand, to share travel blogging mistakes and corrections. I snapped this image of the south end of the North Island.


As Kelli and I fly from Rotorua to Christchurch in New Zealand – South Island woohoo! – I want to share 5 wicked and all too common travel blogger boo boos and corrections.


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I have felt it.


You may feel it too.


Blogging From Paradise sprung from a chance encounter had with a struggling travel blogger in Kathmandu, Nepal. Said blogger relied on advertising and sponsored post revenue. Each stream dried up. Big time boo boo, as revenue dried up with the streams disappearing.


Freedom awaits, my travel blogging buddies.


Following the corrections – and honestly addressing – the common boo boo’s below leads to a lifetime of fun, freedom and awesome-sauce travel blogging, as you lay a granite like foundation for your campaign.


Own these errors if you’re making ‘em. Seize the solutions. Use with vim, vigor and loving, rocking energy.


1: Relying on Sponsored Post and Advertising Revenue as Sole Income Means


Would you expect to make pennies, hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars or more through advertising revenue earned via a show on a local cable access channel?




Ditto for expecting sponsored post and advertising revenue as a new or struggling travel blogger.


Advertisers like tourism boards, tour companies or other cats pay you money to be featured on your blog if you have thousands and thousands of targeted readers, and if you have an impressive name in the travel blogging niche.


I make money through sponsored posts and advertising, travel blogging wise and blogging tips wise. But I spent years creating helpful content and building friendships with top bloggers in my niche.




Take heart, my travel blogging sweet robbins! Ad and sponsored post revenue flows to you after you spend a chunk of time generously helping people. Build your good name. Build something folks want to advertise through/on (slay me, grammar police). Earn sponsored post and ad revenue.


2: Resisting Entrepreneurship


Up until 10 PM last night after a busy day of travel, you would have found me reading and commenting on a high volume of blog posts. Always new folks to meet and help.


You as a travel blogger are an entrepreneur who travels the world. Expect to spend more time and energy blogging than traveling. Hence me writing 18,000 feet above glorious New Zealand now. Traveling and blogging.


Some newbie travel bloggers and struggling vets are in La La Land, believing you become full time with 2-4 hours of work daily, here and there. Nope. Make a full time commitment to see full time results.




Spend 6-10 hours or more daily working on your blog, creating value generously and building friendships by generously promoting other bloggers and genuinely commenting on their blogs.


Where your attention and energy goes, grows. Give most of your energy to helping folks in various ways to become a full time travel blogger.


3: Not Being a Blogging Scientist


I pay little attention to outcomes but like the pilot flying this plane, change course to avoid turbulence. Most of the time at least 🙂


You may be experiencing hellish struggles now with your blog. I betcha you need to dig deeper, and analyze stuff with your blog, to knife through the struggles.


Example; after soul-searching last week my analysis showed I did a genuinely crappy job promoting my eBooks. Naturally, I ramped up promotion by linking in to my flag ship eBook across a high volume of blog comments. Plus I dissect one eBook weekly now, with a review, then with a series of blog posts fleshing out key points.




Guys; analyze. If things feel heavy, or a bit off, gain clarity by seeing how you can have more fun, connect with more folks and make more money. The tools change as you progress, grow and evolve. Values stay the same. But methods may change.


4: Fear-Anger-Resistance Toward…..Everybody LOL!


You may be in pain. Afraid. Struggling.


I’ve been there my friend.


2 things; the worst thing to do is to project your fear-pain through anger or bitterness on fellow travel bloggers, folks reaching out to you for advertising or sponsored post opportunities or anybody online. Force negates. Love attracts success.


Travel bloggers in particular seem prone to sarcasm, anger, resentment, smallish-ness and bitterness, mainly because said bloggers struggle to make dough. I love you guys but ya gotta embrace and feel your pain to release this energetic anchor, if you want to step it up 5 to 10 or more notches.


Sweet success flows to the generous, compassionate loving travel blogger. I get pissed off and drip with sarcasm sometimes as all humans do. But my tone is generally appreciative and loving. More service, fun and money in that energy.




Smile more. Laugh more. Have more fun. But first, feel and experience pains of loss, frustrations with struggle and anger with your results. Clear the fear; you’ll feel better.


After quoting a potential client my rate of $1000 per sponsored post some folks try to bargain me with a $30 offer based on their budget. I simply move on with no malice. If someone is so terrified to lose money that they come in $970 lower than my rate, I feel compassion for them. No sense kicking a wounded dog, right guys?


5: Sidebar Frenzy


You may be over-stuffing your sidebar with advertisements like cheap flight finders, hotel finders, Amazon Associates ads and flat out way too many opportunities, confusing readers.


Been there. Done that.


Usually, adding a high volume of income opportunities, photos, or non-aligned widgets suggests overcompensation for fear of loss. You fear losing money so figure loading your sidebar with money making opportunities remedies the desperation.


Unless you are clear on this strategy – few travel bloggers are clear with such an approach – Sidebar Frenzy clutters reader minds, either turning them off or resulting in no calls to action taken.


Peep my sidebar guys. Formerly a tribute to a Jackson Pollack painting, now ads linking to my 126 eBooks on Amazon, audio books on iTunes, bio with contact link and ad to the eBook of the week. Simple, clean, clear, boosting my blogging profits through the power of clarity.




Give readers only a few things to do via your sidebar. Readers tend to click ads or links if you offer them a few clear, simple options via a clean sidebar.


Have you made any of these mistakes my travel blogging buddies?


What mistakes can you add to the list?


If you want to become a full time travel blogger you can buy my eBook here:


How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging


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  1. That sense seems to permeate the niche on some level Jub LOL. A healthy dose of the fundamentals gets us on track. I love your country!

  2. Jub Says:

    I find myself nodding my head as usual Ryan. With #4, there seems to be a sense of entitlement in the industry at times…not saying I’m not guilty.

    Glad to see you’re enjoying NZ!

  3. Cool Sandeep. Thanks for sharing 😉

  4. I don’t want to travel as much you do. But I like to read all your blog. Very informative and helpful. Many thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Amen Moss! When we release clutter, we feel more at ease, right my friend. Thanks for the rocking comment as always 😉

  6. Moss Clement Says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Just another amazing post, filled with remarkable information and value. It is great to know that in everything we do as humans, at some point you realize the is abundant clutter around. And when you got clutter, the best thing to do is clean it up for a more healthy atmosphere.

    Your blog’s sidebar as you showed in your article is an area to look at for clutter. Keeping it clean and simple makes for a great website.

    Leaving fear behind, spending time – 6~10 hours on your blog and building relations by helping other bloggers are fascinating.

    Thank you Ryan!

  7. Cool BG. Our sidebars often need a wee bit of tidying but trimming excess feels so good!

  8. Thanks so much Monna 😉 We can succeed in any niche by riding out those rough patches.

  9. Hi Ryan,

    I think it’s awesome that you are blogging and traveling like you do. Not really something I’d like to do but I do love tagging along on your travels with you.

    You are absolutely right and of course you’ve lived it but it’s not an easy road, especially in the beginning but you’ve proven blogging can be a way of life.

    I have to get organized and finish reading your books I’ve already bought before I buy more but I get tons of great info from every one of them.

  10. BG Jenkins Says:

    Hi Ryan, Thanks for the great advice over leaving fear behind, cleaning up your sidebar mess (guilty) and throwing out a happy and positive spirit to all. That spirit is what creates a peaceful vision and dynamic for learning to do things the correct way. I personally don’t have others’ ads on my site but I do have memes that could probably be put somewhere else.

    So glad you both arrived safely on the south island of New Zealand, and we will continue watching and listening to your adventures.

  11. Thanks for the shout Linda! You guys are doing a smash up job creating rocking content and building bonds. This is the ultimate money maker. Then we get clearer on income streams and money flows in.

  12. Putting in the time makes this gig a bit tougher…than easier 😉 Thanks Dereco!

  13. I can relate to so many of the tips you just shared. Especially making your sidebar to busy. You are right, give people too many choices they won’t make one.

    When you mentioned you work on your blog 6-10 hours a day, I bet most people are not willing to do that, which is why you can travel and live the lifestyle you currently have. You put in the work.

  14. Linda Bibb Says:

    Solid advice, Ryan. I’ve recently realized that I’ve done a crappy job of interlinking related posts. My focus is on offering good info and making money, and leading readers from page to page does both. It also reduces bounce rate, which feeds my ego. But I digress.

    I will admit to a bit of “sidebar blindness” because, as you said, so many of them are little more than a series of sales pitches. I’m forever tweaking my sidebar. I’ll try something for a couple of months and if it doesn’t result in income or provide true value to the reader, it’s history.

    Where I fail is in the ebook department, but it’s on my to-do list so at least I’m heading in the right direction. Your How to Create and Publish a Successful eBook is really helpful, so thanks for creating and publishing it.