5 Tips to Get Positive eBook Reviews

  June 16, 2021 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read
Keel-billed toucan El Valle de Anton Panama

Keel-billed toucan El Valle de Anton Panama


I mainly cover blogging tips here.


But I sell eBooks, too.


Bloggers ask me eBook questions here and there so today I want to share how to get positive eBook reviews. Positive reviews feel good to receive, can boost sales through word of mouth marketing and boost your eBook exposure. Let’s discuss how to nail down sweet reviews so you can help more folks and make more money through your eBooks.


Do you struggle to get good eBook reviews? You are not alone. Nailing down 4 star and 5 star reviews is far from impossible but mastering the art of scoring glowing reviews takes some practice. See receiving positive reviews as a skill. Learn how to master the skill. Follow practical tips to gain critical experience. Land sweet eBook reviews.


Keep writing and self-publishing eBooks. Never allow a lack of reviews prevent you from sharing your knowledge with the world. Sit with author frustrations. Be with doubts. Hug anxieties. People want what you have to offer if you solved a pressing problem through your eBook. But knifing through review frustration seems to be part of the self-publishing tuition all authors pay before scoring positive reviews.


I intend to break down the process for gaining this volume of positive reviews to help you score sweet reviews for your eBooks.


Benefits of Getting Positive eBook Reviews


Readers tend to see positive reviews as a vote of confidence goading them to buy. Members of your blogging tribe generally buy your eBooks sans seeing glowing reviews; they already trust you based on your valuable, detailed, in-depth blog posts. But folks outside of your tribe whose first exposure to your eBook is seeing it on some digital store front may be swayed by at least a few 4 star or 5 star reviews.


No author needs positive reviews to sell eBooks because customers trust you based on a wide range of factors but it never hurts to generate positive reviews.


tips for becoming a travel blogger

Mount Cook, South Island, New Zealand.


Note; securing a high volume of positive reviews requires:


  • time
  • generous service
  • practice to hone your skills
  • patience


My eBook scored 53 five-star reviews because I spent a good chunk of 13 years developing my writing and blogging skills. Overnight success is impossible. Good things require ample time and generous service.


Follow these tips to get positive eBook reviews.


A1: Write an In-Demand eBook Hitting on a Specific Pain Point


Before we cover the 5 tips simply allow this most critical steps to permeate your subconscious mind.


Score a high volume of positive reviews by giving readers what readers want. Readers happy to have some pressing, specific pain point solved freely publish 4 star and 5 star reviews.


This is far and away the most important step because reviews reach an exponential rate through organic means if enough people demand the eBook.


Write only eBooks solving a particular pain point suffered by your readers. I learned a hard writing lesson by writing a hefty volume of eBooks that did not meet reader’s needs. Creating these satiated my ego but did not boost sales or positive reviews.


Ask your readers about their problems. Self-publish eBooks solving their most common issues. Position your eBooks to generate positive reviews by giving readers what they want. Happy readers publish glowing reviews.


1: Build Your Blogging Tribe


Grow a large, loyal following by helping your readers freely. Build bonds. Make friends. Be loyal to your tribe and your tribe will be loyal to you, via following your blog, buying your eBooks and reviewing your eBooks with 5 star feedback. Keep your tribe in the loop. Publish helpful content. Listen to them. Be generous. Respond to their comments. Your 5 star reviews will pile up.


Build your tribe diligently. No author becomes popular overnight. Give love to loyal readers. Engage your eBook customers. Talk to followers. Ask them questions. Share answers to their queries. Chat about life away from your blogging niche. Keep things light. Bond with readers patiently and persistently. Observe how your loyal tribe grows as you give attention and energy to readers who love your work.


Whatever and whomever you appreciate, appreciates. Allow that idea to sear itself onto your mind. Grow your tribe, score positive reviews and enjoy the love you receive through their persistent support.


Practical Tips


  • read and reply to all comments on your blog
  • email loyal readers to check in with them; take a genuine interest in people who love what you do
  • be patient and persistent in building your tribe
  • reply to comments, messages and Retweets and/or Likes on social media to fortify bonds


2: Never *Rely* on Strangers to Give Positive Reviews


As an experiment, I pitched strangers to review my eBooks a while back. Most never responded. Out of the few who did, most published lukewarm or downright negative reviews.


Strangers do not know you from Adam. Most have no time for you, a stranger. The majority of people who respond do not leave positive reviews because they did not build up trust in you. Let them go.


Stick to your tribe. Most self-published authors use a flawed strategy of never building a tribe, then trying to convince and manipulate strangers into giving them 5 star reviews. This is as effective as trying to convince a vegan to feast at a Brazilian Steakhouse.


One of my first 1 star reviews flowed from a critical self-published author who I blindly pitched for a review. I own that error. Never hand your work to a stranger from an inorganic, manipulative approach. Strangers tend to dismiss anyone not known, trusted and credible in their mind’s eye. 10 fellow negative nellies Liked her negative review. Although I do not fear losing my self-publishing reputation I prefer to allow my fan base to grow organically versus negative critics skewering my eBook.


Hidden Beach, Bali.


Never rely on strangers to prop up your eBook with positive reviews. Do not blindly pitch people you do not know. Return to tip #1 to build your loyal tribe. Gain glowing reviews from readers who love your work.


True; some strangers tend to find your eBook via various channels as your presence expands exponentially. But coming across an eBook boasting a high volume of positive reviews sure feels different than receiving a blind pitch email from an author they never heard of.


Things to Keep in Mind


  • beware blindly pitching people who do not seem familiar with your brand, blog and eBooks
  • one negative review from a suspicious stranger may mushroom into more negative feedback from equally negative nellies
  • double down on following Tip #1 instead of reaching out to strangers who have no idea who you are and what you do


3: Practice Your Writing


You cannot shine poop. Nor can loving, loyal friends endorse eBook poop. Practice writing 500-1000 words daily. Polish your writing skills. Write and self-publish sharp, crisp, clear eBooks. Get positive reviews of your writing skills.


Write daily to increase your writing:


  • confidence
  • clarity
  • credibility


Practice writing daily. Best selling author John Grisham practiced writing daily even though he worked 12 hour days as a lawyer before becoming famous. He set aside at least 5 minutes every day to polish his writing skills. If he squeezed in writing practice as a busy attorney you can find a few spare minutes to practice writing.


Confident writers self-published trusted eBooks. Trusted eBooks tend to generate positive eBook reviews. Write. Write. Write some more. Polish your most critical skill. Gain more 4 star and 5 star eBook reviews.


Practical Tips


  • write 500 or more words in a Word document daily
  • practice writing every day


4: Ask Your Tribe to Review the eBook


Some tribe members review eBooks without your ask. Most tribe members review eBooks without your ask. So…ask folks to publish a positive review, if they enjoyed the eBook, to get more positive reviews. Clarity thing.


Some tribe members gladly review your eBook organically. But many people who love your eBook may need mild goading to write and publish a 4 star or 5 star review.


Yangon, Myanmar.

Yangon, Myanmar.


I sometimes individually email my loyal readers 1 by 1 to ask for eBook reviews after releasing a new read.  Each time I follow this approach I generate at least a few positive reviews. Unfortunately, I could not always use this approach because I self-published one eBook daily for a 3 month stretch. Review burnout becomes an issue for prolific authors who go to the review well too often.


Loyal readers enjoy being singled out by authors whom they deeply respect. A high percentage of these readers generously publish 5 star reviews to boost your positive feedback.


Things to Keep in Mind


  • send personalized emails to loyal readers, customers and clients asking if they would review your eBook
  • thank every loyal tribe member who posts a positive review; who and what you appreciate, appreciates, mushrooming your positive eBook reviews
  • use DMs on Twitter and Messenger on FB to ask for reviews for tribe members loyal to those networks


5: Never Give Up if You Feel Frustrated by Your Lack of Reviews


Nudge through review frustration. People want to offer positive feedback for your carefully-researched offering. Edge through disappointment. Ease through doubts. Every self-published author has been in your shoes. Positive reviews await you.


Do not get attached to receiving positive reviews, either. People buy eBooks from trusted resources, positive reviews or not, associated with the eBook. But know that receiving sweet reviews often involves persisting in promoting eBooks months and years after the initial self-publishing date.


I wrote and self-published almost all of my eBooks from 2014 to 2016. I still receive reviews as my presence slowly but surely expands 5-7 years after the self-publishing dates.


Keep at it, guys. 5 star reviews are on the way.




Positive eBook reviews grow in response to your full commitment to writing helpful eBooks.


Listen to your reader’s needs. Self-publish eBooks to solve their problems.


Grow your tribe. Appreciate your readers. Thank customers for their support.


Positive eBook reviews will flow your way but only after you commit fully to mastering your writing craft while growing your loyal tribe.

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