5 Tips to Deal with Potentially Stressful Plane Situations

Me cruising on Qatar Airways from JFK to Bangkok


How do you like that code?


“Potentially stressful plane situations.”


I’m talking about:


  • crying babies aka screaming babies
  • turbulence
  • sickness


Flying is a blessing.


Flying can also be a pain in the ass.


Follow these tips to deal with potentially stressful plane situations.


1: Accept the Reality of Flying


I’m writing this post a few minutes after a 12 hour flight from NYC JFK to Doha, Qatar.


The flight went kinda smoothly.


OK; I sat between 2 rows of families with a baby. One baby was as silent as a church mouse. The other baby bellowed a bit more than the average babe.


I embraced the situation as simply a kid crying but said kid happened to be seated on the plane beside me. No big deal.


Baby piped down enough for me to get some sleep.


We also hit some turbulence a few times. More garden variety stuff but again; it happens.


Accept the sometimes sour with the sweet of hopping a plane ride.


Be at peace with both sides of flying to embrace the stresses of sitting in a steel tube 36,000 feet above ground level.


2: Sleep Well Pre Flight


This flight went smoothly because I purposely slept in a few days pre flight.


I lazed in bed well past 9 AM on flight day.


Pre-resting helps you energize yourself for the stresses of flying.


Crying babies? No biggie. I felt rested. No need to compete with the little shouter.


Turbulence didn’t affect me much between being well-rested and limber due to my daily yoga regimen.


Put in legwork before your flight. Prep yourself for some difficult situations by feeling as fresh as a daisy when the flying shit hits in the fan.


Sleeping well pre-flight helps you avoid getting sick or inspires you to better weather sickness on a plane.


3: Use Noise Cancelling Headphones or Ear Plugs


The Noise Cancelling headphones are the heavyweight winner here but even a cheap pair of ear plugs helps block crying kiddies, roaring jet engines and loud talkers.


Invest in headphones or simply grab ear plugs pre flight. Blocking some sound helps you pass out on a plane; not a bad strategy for dealing with flying stress.


4:  Book Seats Near the Front of the Plane


If you don’t care for turbulence book seats near the front of the plane. Doing so reduces the whip lash effect suffered by passengers seated near the back of the plane.


I never gave this one thought until a frequent flier shared the tip.


Totally makes sense from a physics and experience perspective. I recall being buffeted around a few times sitting in the last few rows of the plane, feeling the full effective or turbulence.


5: Express Genuine Appreciation for Flying


Even if you don’t like flying simply feeling appreciative of this modern convenience marvel makes stressful situations dissolve.


Floors me that early this afternoon I’m sitting in New Jersey and right now I am flying over the Persian Gulf 18 hours later as we landed in Doha, Qatar.


Feeling appreciative makes you remember that flying is a blessing.


Embrace some hairy aspects of traveling by plane by being genuinely grateful to circle the globe via this convenient form of transportation.