5 Tips to Be a Social Traveler Who Makes Friends Easily

how make friends while traveling

how make friends while traveling


5 Tips to Be a Social Travel Who Makes Friends Easily


Are you ready to make more friends as you circle the globe?


Trying to figure out how make friends while traveling may feel pretty dang uncomfortable.


Follow these tips to be more sociable and to make buddies on the road.


1: Leave the Phone at Home


Leave the phone at home.


Or leave the phone at your hotel, apartment or house sitting crib.


Being social requires eye contact or at least looking up at human beings, or interacting with human beings. I find it nearly impossible to be social and to make friends if I glue my eyes to my phone.


I have never used a smart phone outside of the house, save 1-2 incidents. Why the hell would I be plugged in when on the road, circling the globe? I spent the past decade of my life largely online in the house/home.


Lose the phone. Look up. Be social. Make friends.


2: Make Eye Contact


This one scared the shit out of me at first.


I was self conscious. I feared making eye contact with strangers.


Eventually, I learned how making eye contact with human beings is normal and quite natural. I also learned not making eye contact was not normal, not natural and quite disturbing, indicative of some deep, unhealthy fear that caused the aversion-type behavior.


Look people in the eye while circling the globe. Not for 10 seconds. Not necessarily for 5 seconds. But glance at human beings here and there as you walk down the street or traipse through the airport or wherever you happen to be.


One little eye lock and perhaps a smile opens the door to be social, and perhaps, to make a buddy out of a stranger.


3: Go Out Alone Sometimes


I slay it solo.


Seriously; I enjoy going out with Kelli. Traveling with a partner feels more fun to me than going out solo. But in the same breath, goodness does it feel good to go out as a Lone Wolf at times because doing so makes me magnetic to people.


Perhaps it seems easier to approach a lone stranger versus someone attached to a buddy, husband or wife. Strength in numbers, and maybe you feel less threatening as a lone human being. I have no idea.


I do know going out by myself here and there just to head into town to grab something from the store made it easier for folks to strike up a conversation with me.


Head out solo. Once in a while. You tend to be more sociable and approachable when out and about by yourself.


4: Open Your Mouth (and Allow Words to Flow out)


Even if you do not know the native tongue you likely will find English speaking travelers during trips.


Most locals know 4-5 words of basic English, at least.


Open up your mouth on the road. Talk to people. Even if it feels scary to speak, just speak.


Following this one time highly uncomfortable tip aided me in making friends, in being more social, in attracting more readers and in enjoying my travels immensely.


The next time you have a chance to talk to someone, make small talk. Say one word, or 5. Be polite. Be nice. Hold the door open for someone and if they thank you, say “No Problem,” and smile.


The simple act of opening your mouth does worlds for your social game and makes you more approachable, laying the foundation for some sweet friendships.


5: Do Uncomfortable Things Regularly


Across the board, if you do uncomfortable things regularly you will have few issues being social and making friends.


Social people with ample friend networks either overcame the fear of rejection or did not harbor this fear to begin with.


Many self-proclaimed introverts would love to make more friends but have a deep, pulsating fear of being rejected. I myself was a lonely, somewhat dejected feeling introvert during the early days of my world travels.


Turns out, I was no introvert. I loved having friends but feared making friends because I feared reaching out would result in rejection, humiliation and a wide host of insane, fear-based, totally untrue, ego-created beliefs.


I began doing uncomfortable things habitually online and offline, developed a more fearless spirit and eventually became social and clearer on reaching out to make friends.