5 Tips for Becoming an Expert Blogger (Amazon eBook)

April 7, 2017
Throwback photo. By the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar.


I am basically a gorilla (but gorillas are smarter) who strikes little squares with my fingers every day and stares at a glowing screen.


Because I have helped folks by striking squares with my fingers for a minute, some people perceive me to be an expert.


Because some people perceive me to be an expert I turned around to write an eBook to help you become a blogging expert:


5 Tips for Becoming an Expert Blogger (Amazon eBook)


Why Buy the eBook?


  • learn the secret to becoming familiar in the eyes of folks interested in your niche
  • build your authority even if you’re a blogging newbie
  • butter me up like a lobster ready for eating
  • get tips and strategies for standing out from the blogging crowd
  • learn the art of leveraging so you can appear be in a million places at once


I discerned the above delicious benefits by paging through the eBook in my Kindle Cloud Reader. Seriously, that leveraging point (last bullet point) is huge. Because if you pay people to handle stuff you can’t handle you will leverage the stuffing out of your presence, appearing to be a blogging demi god – a kindly one (is this possible?) – in your niche.


Why Become an Expert?


For the purpose of this blog post, an expert/authority is someone folks perceive as being helpful, said expert usually being helpful for days, months or in many cases, years.


Perception deal.


Being seen as an expert helps you to help folks. Point blank.


If someone stumbled upon my blog – literally, not through the bookmarking site – I’d tell them to look where they’re walking next time (in a nice way), then I intend for them to see how I can help them through my videos, podcasts, courses, eBooks and audio books, as well as through my blog posts.


Being SEEN as an expert helps you to help more folks.


Today in Chiang Mai


Even though it is as hot as Satan’s stomach after a 6 alarm side dish of ghost chillis here, I am loving Chiang Mai.


Rolled out of bed. Filmed a Facebook Live video. Went to lunch. Fruit shakes. Returned home. Napped. Just recorded a podcast (see below). Now watching neighborhood chickens do their gardening act, ridding the property of scorpions, little centipedes, buggies, all that good stuff.


This life is the fruit of me being perceived as an authority.  Ya touch more lives, have more fun, make more money and live your dreams. Note; you are not touching more lives in this fashion (photo snapped here in Chiang Mai today).

"Kelli I am going into town for a while. Don't wait up." #travel

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The Cover Story


I snapped the cover image for the eBook at dazzling Manual Antonio, Costa Rica. Spotted iguanas, sloths, Jesus Christ lizards and Titi monkeys (oh stop that) on that beach.


Episode #10 of the Podcast


I fleshed out each expert-creating tip via episode 10 of the Blogging From Paradise Podcast on SoundCloud. From using multi media, to leveraging your presence to being a consistent content creator, I review what you can do and how you can BE to become an authority blogger. A little over 5 minutes, it is a brief but power-packed podcast to get you on the right track toward developing – or expanding – your expertise.


Listen and enjoy:



Buy the eBook on Amazon:


5 Tips for Becoming an Expert Blogger (Amazon eBook)




Stock Your Blogging From Paradise Library


Buy these reads for a collection of helpful blogging tips:


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  1. Hi Erica,

    This read can definitely vibe with world travelers 🙂


  2. Erica Says:

    A good idea for a gift, for those who spend a lot of time traveling.

  3. Hi Kristine,

    Sure thing 🙂

    Thank you for reading, commenting and do enjoy the podcast 😉


  4. Hi Ryan,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on Blog it Better and sharing your views on why banner ads suck for monetising your blog! It lead me here, and now I’m able to enjoy your kick-ass posts 🙂

    Your blogging tips are super valuable, and your world-travelling is inspiring! Thanks for sharing! I’ll be tuning in to your podcast now – expecting great things 😉

    Love from Kristine x

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Thanks much 😉 You read my mind! Feel free to shoot me a message on Facebook; I check those most frequently.


  6. Elizabeth Says:

    Always love your books Ryan, I will def get this one! Do you guys want to get together this week?

  7. Hi Tejwinder,

    Way cool. I hope your buddy enjoys the read.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂


  8. One of my blogger friend asks me something last week. Now, I think I have an answer to his questions. This Ebook can help him to solve his all queries. Thanks Ryan.

  9. Hi Mandy,

    Whatever feels most fun to go, keep on keeping on 😉 I took a neat journey; bite-sized to long form to now, mid-range word count posts. Found my sweet spot.

    Thanks for commenting 🙂


  10. Mandy Allen Says:

    I love blogging and have always written ‘bite sized’ blog posts! I like a quick read myself so it’s what I write for my readers.

    Enjoy the journey!

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