5 Tips for a Comfortable Flight

Tips for a comfortable flight


5 Tips for a Comfortable Flight


I have flown over 100 times.


On an airplane.


Being in the air up there is a fascinating but sometimes uncomfortable experience.


Sahara Desert like dryness in a sealed cabin. Coughing. Screaming kids at times. Cramped spaces. Turbulence.


I get why some folks do not fly. I also get why it’d be insane to miss out on seeing the world and all its treasures because of some uncomfortable moments.


If you want to fly more but just cannot seem to get comfortable while 5 miles high (on a plane) follow these 5 tips to get a bit more comfy cozy in the cabin.


1: Arrive to the Airport Early


Nothing feels worse than rushing through an airport.


Trying to catch your flight creates anxiety that carries over into your flight. If you make the flight.


I am good about arriving to the airport at least 2-3 hours early. No matter the location of the airport.


Even when we flew out of the living room sized airport in Labasa, Fiji, we got there early.


Take a few deep breaths. Settle into your waiting period. Allow for enough time to board the plane with a chill vibe.


2: Have Stuff to Do and Not Do on the Plane


Minimum, I have:


  • my laptop
  • my phone
  • a book or eBook
  • on flight entertainment (for long flights)


I take hourly walking breaks during long haul flights – aka NYC to Bali – to break up the flight, to stay limber and to simply breathe a little bit.


But I also nap. I meditate. I do nothing.


Have plenty to do. Have plenty not to do. Keep yourself occupied but then again, chill a bit. For both long and short flights.


My flights are generally pleasant experiences because I mix up doing stuff and not doing stuff.


3: Drink Ample Water


Plane cabins are as dry as the Sahara Desert. Literally.


Being dehydrated makes you feel crappy. Feeling crappy makes for an uncomfortable flight.


Drink ample water pre flight and during the flight.


Hydrating yourself energizes you for the dry conditions one experiences inside of a plane cabin.


Water folks, water. Easy on the alcohol and coffee, both which are drying agents.


Would you down alcohol like a wino or coffee like a fiend if you were stranded in the Sahara Desert?


Didn’t think so.


4: Take Care of Your Body Pre Flight


Sometimes, no matter how much you do during the flight, you cannot get comfortable. This indicates you haven’t taken care of your body pre-flight.


Meditate. Do yoga. Exercise.


Start today. Just check with your doctor if you have not exercised in quite a while.


I am looking forward to my next long haul flight from NYC to Bangkok because I will be trying out my yoga body for the first time, with increased flexibility.


I will also hop on board being as fit as I have been in decades, with my diligent walking and running regimen in place for many months.


5: Dress in Layers


Treat the plane cabin as if you’re experiencing a change of seasons.


Dress in layers.


At various points of the flight, the air conditioning may be on full blast. Wear a ski cap and heavy sweater or light coat if things get absurd. Trust me; things do get absurd, cold-wise, on some flights.


But on the flip side, be ready to strip down to shirts and shorts during select hot flights.


I recall flying a Kuwait airline from Bangkok to NYC. I experienced stifling temperatures at some points during the journey, easily into the upper 70’s.


Thank goodness I had my shorts and T-shirt handy. While most non Arabic folks were a few moments away from sweating to death I felt comfortable in my tropical themed clothing.