5 Critical Truths to Understand About Blogging

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Pedasi, Panama


(The following is a guest post)


If you’re one of those people writing for fun as a hobby, you should think about starting your own blog. In 2020, getting your own blog up and running is quite easy. Blogging will cheer you up and allow you to escape from reality. When you write about something that you’re passionate about, words flow easily and, typically, in large amounts. You don’t have to follow specific rules. You just have to be you. 


You like to write and, most importantly, you have things to say. So, what are you waiting for? Sure, there will be some obstacles along the way, but there is nothing to worry about. If you don’t want to come out of the experience bruised and battered, keep in mind these pieces of advice. 


1: Running a blog is a full-time job 


It’s tempting to think that running a blog is all fun and games. While there’s no denying the fact that blogging is a great deal of fun, in the sense that you can share your stories and let your imagination run wild, it requires dedication. Blogging is hard work. You must plan, research, write, edit, share, and promote your posts. If you were hoping to ditch your full-time job for something less demanding, you should better think again. 


Sunset Lake Nimham, Carmel, New York

Sunset Lake Nimham, Carmel, New York


Managing a blog is like a full-time job. It can take days to write a good blog post. Basically, you work all day long so that you can publish 3 or 4 times a week. Maybe so, you are your own boss, so you can make the schedule. You can wake up at 5 a.m. and before 7 a.m. the blog post is already done. Travel can become a big part of your life. If you want to go to Europe, that’s what you should do because nobody will stop you. You can write on your phone. As long as you’re connected, there is nothing you can do. 


You can have the job that you want – one that will make you happy and fulfilled. It’s just that it won’t be easy. What is, nowadays? But at least you get the chance to do something meaningful. 


2: You have to aim for quality, not quantity 


The biggest mistake that you can make is to choose quantity over quality. It’s not necessary to post every single day. Once a month is enough. You might want to charge ahead and write as many articles as you can with no concern for quality. Simply writing more won’t boost your traffic and website rankings. Actually, it can do more damage than good. You’ll have fewer returning visitors. No one will come back to a site that has a low standard of quality. What is more, this practice won’t get you any respect. People respect only high-quality writing. 


North Island, New Zealand

North Island, New Zealand


So, if you want to be taken seriously in this industry, you must write less and better blog posts. You can’t afford to leave your audience disappointed, so… You need high-quality content. The readers of your blog are looking for pertinent information. Do your best to understand their needs, wants, and problems. Only offer valuable information. What makes information valuable, anyway? Even though information quality can be subjective, it does meet certain rules. To be more precise, information has to be: 


  • Precise 
  • Complete 
  • User-targeted


Inspire your readers to try something new or teach them how to do something better. If you do this, people will be more likely to like and share your blog post. 


3: Use your audience to choose topics 


Choosing the right blog topic is never easy. Especially when you’re just starting out, it can be very stressful. You have so many ideas and you don’t want to abandon any one of them. Here’s an idea: Why don’t you use your audience to choose topics?  The point is that you shouldn’t randomly pick blog post topics. 


Pong Noi, Thailand


Get content ideas straight from your readers. Don’t just assume that you know the online community. You might have big surprises. Make a list of topics that you think people are interested in and ask them to say “yes” or “no”. Another idea would be to let them fill out the list of topics. Creating an emailing list takes up too much time. You should better use social media. Post the question and you’ll get the much-needed answers in no time.


4: Relationships do matter 


Content is king, but relationships matter. To be more precise, you must reach out to the people who take the time to read your blog. Blogging is a social activity. Some go so far as to say that blogging is a collaborative process of co-creation in which bloggers and readers get engaged. Nobody can argue with that. Newsletters give you the opportunity to connect with the audience directly. Share anything there is to know and don’t give up on that interaction. 


Don’t forget about other bloggers. If you want your blog to be successful, become friends with others in the industry. Talk to other bloggers or influencers and write guest posts for other blogs. In other words, develop mutually beneficial relationships. The people you’ll want to connect to are relevant to your niche, have some sort of influence, not to mention that they have engaged audiences. Keep in mind that you can’t do blogging on your own. You need solid relationships. 


Paekakariki, New Zealand


5: Keeping regular backups is a must 


Chances are that you didn’t even think it would be necessary to backup your blog. Well, it is. If a malicious hacker manages to get into the database, everything is ruined. Backups are the best way to defend yourself against cyber-attacks. Take the necessary steps to ensure that your files are protected. In case of a malicious attack or hardware failure, you can resume your activity in no time. many hosting providers ensure backup for your website, but don’t rely exclusively on that.  If anything should happen to the servers of your provider, you could end up losing your precious work. 


  1. Alicia Thompson says:
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    Hello! This is a great and honest post. I totally agree that it’s a full time job! Building relationships is a great way for progressing in blogging, great post Ryan, thanks for sharing! Alicia

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