Kite surfing in Sanur, Bali.


5 Things to Do in Sanur Bali


When I told my friend from Jakarata how I was traveling to Bali for the first time he jumped for joy.


Perhaps we could meet?


I had known him through Twitter for almost 4 years. Now I was journeying to his country.


I told him our first stop.


He said:


“Oh, so you are going to Snore, ya?” (Indonesians love adding “ya” to phrases.)


I quickly learned that locals refer to the sleepy little beach town of Sanur as “Snore” due to the older, laid back crowd that gravitates to the area.


This ain’t Kuta, folks.


Nor is it Ubud, or any of the small villages located on the Bukit.


Sanur has a different feel than any other area of Bali.


Which made it a fascinating starting point for our around the world journey nearly 6 years ago.


If you are traveling to the area soon and want a few fun things to do here’s a list of enjoyable activities in Sanur, Bali.


1: Stroll the Beach


Sanur provides tourists and locals alike a low key beach for strolling.


Kelli and I spent a few mornings lazily walking along the Sanur sands, enjoying beautiful views of the water.


Toss in soaking up the scene at some super duper high end beach front hotels and you have a fair dose of entertainment along with those pristine views.


Do you dig massages? You will not lack for opportunities to get a massage on the beach in Sanur. I recall persistent but kindly women asking if we wanted a massage each day we walked to the beach.


You can even take a quick rest from the heat and humidity of the tropics by chilling on benches stationed by the beach front.


2: Go Kite Surfing


Sanur is pretty much the kite surfing spot on the Island of the Gods for a few reasons.


The serene, calm waters make for a suitable kite surfing surface and the prevailing strong winds fuel hours of surfing in this quiet little area.


I watched these guys hit the waves for entire afternoons, marveling at the more daring acrobats with their flips and twists and ample showmanship.


Shops work the beach. You will have no shortage of options for education and gearing up.


Just take your time, learn the basics and enjoy your surfing in one of the more calm areas on the southern end of the island.


3: Stroll the Strip for Delicious Eats


Make your way toward Jalan Danau Poso for a rich collection of restaurants that tickle your taste buds.


Sanur, Bali sunrise.


Expect a healthy dose of Indonesian fare – I mean, you are in Bali, right?  – but Western selections will greet you here and there too.


I recall seeing a mean pancake shop and enjoying gelato from a front stand while cruising down this strip in Sanur.


Tour agencies dot the street as well. Set up a trip to virtually anywhere in Bali or perhaps Lombok or Komodo tickles your travel fancy.


4: Take a Dip


Traditional, right?


Swimming in the peaceful, bay-like, serene waters is a fun way to spend your day.


Make sure to apply plenty of sunblock though; when we visited Sanur I was stunned at the height of the 9 AM sun. Like a noon time sun during the summer time back home in New Jersey.  You are not too far from the equator meaning max rays for quite a few hours daily.


Sanur provides swimmers with little surf during the high season, giving you ample opportunity to get in some solid cardio or to do the Dead Man’s float without getting buffeted by a wave.


5: Explore the City of Denpasar


Denpasar ain’t gonna be confused with New York City anytime soon as far as its range and size yet this busy Bali urban center is growing by the day.


We loved visiting the Bali Bakery for tasty, sweet fare served up in a charming setting.


Even better? The Bali Bakery and other haunts are located a hop, skip, and short motorbike ride from Sanur. Or if you fear riding the sepeda-moto just hire a taxi to take you into town.


Budget conscious travelers can wait for the cheap but not as reliable bemos which may coast through the area.


I’d rent a motorbike for the day – $5 USD or so – for freedom on wheels.


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