5 Things to Do in Patong Phuket Thailand

Patong Phuket Thailand


5 Things to Do in Patong Phuket Thailand


Patong is definitely a tourist town.


The place is a mix of beautiful beaches, bars, restaurants and steady motorbike, tuk tuk and car traffic during rush hour times, at least.


But it gets a bad rap sometimes.


I own that as I have deemed Patong not being unlike Mos Eisley of Star Wars fame.


Sure you have a weet bit of scum and villainy – busy tourist towns in Thailand do not always attract the farang cream of the crop – but this Phuket hot spot is a fun, fascinating mix of modern convenience with some dribbling of Thai culture in there too.


Make no mistake about it: this is a full blown tourist town. If you understand what you are getting you can embrace the heavy emphasis on commerce and convenience in Patong, making for a pleasant, enjoyable experience.


If you are looking for things to do in Patong Phuket try these 5 on for size.


1: Visit Simon Cabaret


Driving by the Simon Cabaret in Patong is like trying to get around the president’s motorcade.


Huge tour buses are waved in and out by frantic traffic guards, trying to shoehorn as many tourists as possible into the small parking lots.


As you motorbike by you think a foreign dignitary has perhaps alighted upon Phuket. Nope. Just a normal night’s heavy traffic at the Simon Cabaret.


Having attended my first ladyboy cabaret in Chiang Mai I assure you the price of admission is worth the evening. Picture a few hour’s worth of song, dance and some colorful, charming and happy characters putting on their best performances, all while being served your adult – or kid – beverage of choice.


Kids are not allowed. But you can enjoy a soda or water.


These lady boys are entertaining and fun-loving souls who will energize you for your evening around Patong with their antics, their talents and their overall fabulous vibe.


I left the Chiang Mai show feeling like a million bucks as the event is all about acceptance, openness and just plain having a fun time.


2: Cruise around Jungceylon


Mall rats, or Western Creature Comfort seekers, Jungceylon may be your haven if you are Jones-ing for Western fare, shopping or a genuine taste of a modern mall, amid the beach town of Patong.


Kelli and I visit Jungceylon once weekly for movies (see below) and some great eats at Urban Food.


We then cruise around the mall for an hour or so, getting some cardio and shopping in to allow the air conditioning to take us away, not unlike the old school Calgon commercials.


Walking in and around the mall grounds helps you step away from sleepier living once in a while if you need that change up, or, a little taste of home.


3: Watch a Movie


Cheap movies?


In a modern, comfortable, plush theater?


I am in.


The movie theater at Jungceylon offers new releases, couch seating (if you really want to stretch out) and clean, cool surroundings to enjoy the cinema.


One of our favorite things to do after a day at the beach is to head to the theater for a chill, entertaining evening, all for 6 bucks per person.


4: Hit the Beach


Patong is still a beach town, amid the hustle and bustle of the streets and surrounding shops, bars and restaurants.


Patong beach Phuket Thailand


A beautiful beach at that.


Grab some sun screen, your beach hat and a pair of flip flops. Enjoy the gorgeous Andaman Sea.


Go for a dip to cool off – the water stays calm during high season – or snooze the day away on the beach.


Don’t forget to enjoy a delicious fresh fruit shake before going beach-side to hydrate yourself for your stay.


5: Stroll around Town


Patong is….colorful.


This is one of those tourist spots where seeing guys with iguanas and snakes and other animals draped on their arms or around their necks is common place.


Build a Successful Blog


I don’t even want to get into the ping pong show touts. As Blogging From Paradise is still holding onto a shred of being a family blog, I shall let Google handle that one if you are curious.


Tourist Town? Hell yeah. But it offers no shortage of things to do, from grabbing a hearty dinner, enjoying a delightful dessert – I like the mango sundae at Dairy Queen or the delicious sundae at Swensen’s – or if you like hitting the suds feel free to visit one of the many bars around town.


Patong assaults your senses at times but unless you crave 100% peace and quiet for your entire Phuket stay, the place is a fun, freeing and funny change up to the more chill spots around the island.