New Blogger Strategies: 5 Things to Do

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Keel-billed toucan El Valle de Anton Panama

Keel-billed toucan El Valle de Anton Panama


(Updated 7/10/2021)


My 2nd day as a blogger triggered a deep fear in me.


I almost quit blogging before I barely began the venture.


New bloggers face heavy resistance. Fear arises the moment you leave your comfort zone. Searching for new blogger strategies seems worthless if you deeply desire quitting blogging a few days into your blogging career.


New Blogger Strategies


I panicked on day #2 of my blogging career. Who was I, to blog? What did I know? Who did I know? I wanted my money back. I wanted a refund on my domain and hosting. Thank goodness Kelli helped walk me off of the ledge. She calmed me down. Kelli explained how doubting yourself is quite normal for anyone new to any venture.


I nodded logically but seemed an emotional wreck. I waded through this freak out session to eventually build a foundation for my blogging campaign.


Being a new blogger feels fun, terrifying, exciting, overwhelming and freeing.  Imagine this maelstrom of emotions sprinting through your mind. How can you make wise blogging decisions living in a frenzied mental state? How can you follow sound advice persistently with your mind splitting in multiple direction?


Newbies; take a deep, slow breath. Relax. Begin your career following proven blogging strategies.


Adopt a simple blogging game plan to avoid years of headaches.


Follow the tips below to begin your blogging career the right way.


1: Invest in a Domain and Hosting


Invest money in a domain and hosting. Own your blog. Own your online real estate. Maximize branding and earning potential. Cut your blogging success curve by years.


Using a free blogging platform tells readers and fellow bloggers:


  • you fear spending 3 to 10 bucks a month
  • you do not care about your blog
  • that you do not care about your brand
  • you are not 100% committed to blogging


Start your blog the right way. Invest money in a domain and hosting.


Investing in a domain and hosting emits a credible blogging image. Readers reserve some trust on seeing a branded domain name when visiting your blog. Bloggers who own their domain and hosting can easily customize their blog to stand out from the crowd.


Own your blog to:


  • set the rules
  • exercise creative control
  • monetize your blog how you see fit
  • build an authentic brand
  • customize your blog
  • avoid fickle social media algorithms


Invest in your peace of mind. Buy your domain and hosting to blog the right way from day 1 of your online career.


2: Blog Mainly for Fun


Blog mainly for fun. Make work feel like the reward. See traffic and profits as extras.


Most new bloggers blog mainly for money. This is like walking into a place of employment for a job interview and demanding your first paycheck before you interview.


Blogging mainly for money guarantees you skip the:


  • creating
  • connecting
  • generosity
  • patience
  • persistence


that actually creates the money.


Blog mainly for fun to:


  • create
  • connect
  • blog generously
  • blog persistently
  • be patient
  • prosper


New bloggers need motivators before netting profits online. Find your inspiration from within. Pick a blogging niche you feel passionate about to energize yourself for a long blogging journey. Tie your blogging passion to some pressing problem to be solved. For example, passionate blogging tips blogs solve pressing blogger traffic and profits problems. Passion fuels these bloggers before profits arrive but solving specific blogging problems creates connections with readers.


Readers do not care about bloggers who do not care about their blogs. People spot a passion-less, careless money chaser from far away. However, passionate bloggers shine like a lighthouse beacon during an intense storm.


Love blogging about your niche to begin your blogging journey effectively.


3: Follow 1-3 Blogging Tips Bloggers


Follow a few top blogging tips bloggers to gain confidence in sound blogging strategies. Pros teach you SEO basics, how to network and tips for monetizing your blog.


Successful bloggers follow mentors to uncover ego blind spots every human tends to boast. I resisted SEO-optimizing posts consistently for years. Leading bloggers reminded me about the passive, targeted nature of Google traffic through their content. I eventually followed their lead because every teacher needs teachers.


New bloggers need teachers more than anyone because beginners usually do not know anything about how to blog the right way. Pros cut through confusion. Blogging mentors give you clarity. Pros remind you about mistakes to avoid. Professionals offer you years of blogging experience.


Follow top blogging tips bloggers. Read their posts. Take notes. Study the notes. Put your new knowledge into action. Do what works.


Try to cap your mentor network at three bloggers to avoid confusing advice cross-currents. Some pros advise you to build an email list as your prime online asset. Other pros stress how guest blogging is your best blogging foe. Whose advice do you follow? Learning from only 3 mentors keeps conflicting advice to a minimum. Experimenting with different new blogger strategies seems easy with a few bloggers leading you. But attempting to consistently get advice from 10 blogging tips bloggers feels completely overwhelming.


Follow a select, few blogging tips mentors closely but nibble on content here and there for a healthy collection of bloggers. Choose a few prime mentors but take bits and pieces of wisdom from many bloggers.


4: Invest in a Blogging Course and Blogging eBook


Invest money in your blogging education.


Spend money to purchase the best blogging advice from pro bloggers.


New bloggers usually do not know how to build a successful blog. Do not wing it. Never guess at what it takes to build a successful blog. Beginner bloggers intent on succeeding invest money to follow a successful blogging blueprint.


Stop spinning your wheels. Cease guessing. Uncover professional blogger advice to make blogging easier.


Never try to figure out blogging on your own. Save your time and energy. Invest money in years of professional blogger experience. Do what works to begin your blogging campaign on the right foot.


Ryan Biddulph, Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey


New bloggers tend to struggle by ignoring professional blogger advice. Before you believe blogging is hard simply observe bloggers offering such advice. Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes but discomfort and difficulty are separate qualities. Bloggers seem to find blogging as being difficult for ignoring good blogging advice in favor of poor blogging counsel.


Invest money in premium offerings offered by bloggers you:


  • know
  • like
  • trust


Trusting the source of premium content makes offerings credible in your eyes. Follow a few trusted blogging tips bloggers also whittles down the potential pool of reputable


  • bloggers
  • online courses
  • eBooks
  • consulting services
  • coaching services


Newbies in any niche learn the basics of their subject matter from skilled mentors in effective formatting. Premium online courses serve as efficient teaching tools in the right setting. Versus spinning your wheels as a new blogger an eBook lays out steps to follow for becoming successful.


Invest money in teaching materials to shorten your beginner blogger learning curve.  Harvest some helpful tutorials from free content but pay your online tuition by investing money in premium offerings.


5: Begin Creating and Connecting Now


Create helpful content now, as a new blogger. Publish blog posts. Publish videos.


Connect with bloggers in your niche by commenting on their blogs, by promoting them on social media and by mentioning them on your blog.


Creating and connecting lays a solid blogging foundation for your fledging campaign. Create content and build friendships to gain trust. Publishing detailed content earns you credibility in reader’s eyes. Building connections amplifies your reach. Making an impact all over your niche inspires followers to trust you.


Create and connect to level the blogging playing field. New bloggers catch up to seasoned veterans by generously, patiently and persistently publishing content and engaging in genuine blogger outreach. One Blogging From Paradise post recently outranked a $7 billion company twice for a strong keyword because I created and connected diligently for years. Blogging From Paradise cannot tap into a $7 billion war chest but 10,000 plus hours spent creating and connecting evened things out for me and the corporate titan.


New bloggers possess the same tool in their beginner blogger arsenal. Dive into the basic blogging strategy of creating and connecting to accelerate your success.


Creating and Connecting Tips


  • publish in-depth, detailed blog posts frequently
  • solve reader problems with each post
  • comment genuinely on top blogs in your niche to make friends and to drive traffic
  • promote other bloggers through your blog and social media to make friends


This video lays out how to connect with bloggers through blog commenting:


How to Increase Blog Traffic: Effective Blog Commenting





Being a new blogger feels challenging.


Following these simple tips helps you to cut through common new blogger obstacles.


Successful blogging is never complex. Trash difficult to understand strategies. Get rid of difficult to execute tactics.


Each of these five tips is simple to understand and straightforward to execute. However, discomfort arises along your beginner blogger journey. Hug uncomfortable moments to persist with these basic blogging fundamentals.


Build your blog on a granite-like foundation by keeping things simple.


Cultivate peace of mind by beginning your new blogger journey with strategies that work.

  1. Charles Freeland says:
    at 12:09 pm

    Another great post just when I need it. I’m at the point of frustration where I’m wondering if I can make blogging work, if its the right thing for me, who am I do think I have anything useful to say? Etc. But I know its just normal success-sabotage and I need to refocus and stay the course. Thanks!

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