5 Things to Do in Colombo Sri Lanka

Colombo Sri Lanka


5 Things to Do in Colombo Sri Lanka


Colombo Sri Lanka is an intriguing city.


Kelli and I visited Colombo in 2012.


During the Christmas Holiday.


I found the heavy Catholic influence to make for an authentic Christmas experience, which was kinda neat.


But the place offers so much more than a Western style Xmas experience.


If you are heading to Colombo soon try these 5 things on for size.


1: Relax on the Beach Front (No Swimming though)


OK; during high tide you have no room for relaxing.


But during low tide you can walk the beach and even chill a little bit. This is a real treat in a bustling urban center, as most big cities have not peaceful, serene ocean front spots to retreat to when things get hectic.


Beach Colombo Sri Lanka


Kelli and I ventured from the apartment to the water once or twice. Just to relax, and become one with the water. Without stepping into the water.


2: Grab a Movie


Or, watch a movie.


I spied one of the Hobbit movies in a brilliant theater during our time in Colombo.


I actually was turned away on opening day as I did not have a ticket.


Seeing this large, modern theater sold out, I knew movie buffs would demand rocking theaters and new releases.


Watching a movie in Colombo is a great way to pass a hot, humid afternoon.


3: Walk about the City


Colombo is a walking city through and through.


Kelli and I spent every afternoon walking, exploring and getting our cardio in around the city.


Most neighborhoods we pedd-ied through (walked?) had ample sidewalk space.


Walking around town gives you a feel for the sights and sounds of this sometimes intense, other times overwhelming, but at all times, interesting major hub of Sri Lanka.


Make sure you have your camera handy…..


4: Get Busy as Hell Photographing


Colombo is one of the best photography subjects I have ever encountered during my world travels.


This is definitely a thing to do in the city because you have no shortage of interesting people, places and things to capture on camera.


I missed out on a goodie; the jam-packed, people hanging from the rafters type trains slowly creeping along the water front. But I did photograph intriguing buses, 3 wheel Lankans, fascinating folks and the overall texture of the place.


The buses were particularly cool photo subjects. The range and depth of colors reminded me of the funky looking buses I have seen in places like Thailand. As if a child touching crayons for the first time was the designer, going all hodge podge on the thing, but with order and eye-popping imagery crafted by skilled artisans too.


Nice mix.


Here is one such bus….


Bus Colombo Sri Lanka


5: Spend Time Speaking to Locals


Colombo was my favorite place for speaking to the local folks.


The reasoning was not entirely pleasant but interesting nonetheless.


Until not too long ago, this warring nation pitted the government against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil.


The apartment manager was Tamil. We spent quite a long time chatting with him, learning of his inspired but heartbreaking tale.


He had managed – literally – to become a successful hotel manager but had to deal with enormous tragedy to reach that point. The man explained how the government military stole all of his belongings, including his precious jewelry and significant wealth, and burned down his village.


The mind-boggling thing about this civil war is that it did not begin until 1983. The entire conflict occurred during my life time, from when I was a little kid until a few years ago.


Connect with locals. Let them tell their stories. The process can be cathartic for them and enlightening for you on so many levels.