5 Things to Do in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona Spain


5 Things to Do in Barcelona Spain




A city of siestas and paella.


This capital of the Catalonia region of Spain offers visitors a scenic city with breathtaking Gaudi architecture and world renowned art galleries.


If you’re looking for things to do in Barcelona try these on for size.


1: Go Green


Barcelona Spain


If you want to enjoy nature in Barcelona visit one of the city’s lush, beautiful parks.


These scenic paradises provide you with an oasis among the sometimes hustle and bustle of city life.


Although this urban spot does not offer the same volume and size of parks of say, New York City, you can visit the Parc de la Ciutadella to see some green and relax a little bit with a stroll or perhaps a day spent on a boat


2: Hike La Carretera de les Aigues


Are you a workout nut?


Enjoy a good view or 10?


Hike La Carretera de les Aigues to both experience a fabulous workout and to see some of the more scenic views of Barcelona.


This path gives you a taste of nature not too far from the urban settings of the city. Feast on breath-taking views, soaking up a panoramic scene from a fabulous vantage point.


Once you get your eye candy session in, go for a walk, vigorous hike or flat out run on the 10 kilometer long trail that snakes through the area. Maybe you need to burn off that extra plate of tapas you scarfed down the night prior. Happens to all of us sometimes or another, no?


3: Museum Hop


One of the best things about most major cities: museums.


The majority of big urban centers enjoy a wide range of entertaining, fascinating museums dotting the city.


Barcelona is no exception.


Whether you want to see the works of the Spanish genius at the Picasso Museum or prefer a medieval and modern feel at the National Museum of Art in Catalonia you can feel the local art scene in this gem of a city.


Note; many Barcelona museums can be visited for free after 3 PM on Sundays. This makes for a fun, free afternoon thing to do for backpackers and other budget conscious travelers who are counting their Euros.


4: Feast




Barcelona is a world renowned destination for food lovers.


After a Barcelona walking tour you will probably work up a serious appetite.


Start with dessert, for a change. You’ll have to try matos for a fine cheese-based dish with a spritz of honey. Imagine a more pliable, spreadable goat cheese to get a feel – literally – for this tasty, satiating after dinner treat.


Paella is the signature dish in this city. Seafood fans can go wild with a huge plate of paella throughout the city.


You’d be hard pressed not to find a restaurant that doesn’t serve delicious, fresh paella, with its rice and shellfish medley and delightful seasoning.


Note; this is not fast food. Paella takes a while to prepare so hopefully, after your noon-time siesta from 1:30 PM to 4:00 PM, you will be in a chill, low key mood, perfect for an evening of drinks and chatting while you wait for your sensational dish of paella.


5: Watch FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona


FC Barcelona is one of the top professional soccer clubs on earth.


Super stars like Messi, Suarez and for a little while, Neymar, have graced the field for this elite club team.


Games run from August through the end of the year.


If you prefer hoops over football FC Barcelona fields a pretty talented basketball team too. International stars who have played in the NBA and college basketball stars in the USA are often spotted on the Barca b-ball roster.