5 Sugary Sweet Benefits of Being a Full Time Digital Nomad

San Gerardo de Rivas Costa Rica

5 Sugary Sweet Benefits of Being a Full Time Digital Nomad


This life ain’t for everybody.


But it’s for a lot more folks than you think.


Having been a full time digital nomad for the past 6 years I have experienced a rich, fascinating life.


Many wonder how Kelli and I circle the globe without labeling any one place home.


I wonder how you don’t.


Maybe most folks don’t wish to be full time digital nomads but almost every human being wants to travel more, to experience the sweet benefits on this list.


Fear is your chief enemy, if you want to travel and to see the world but just can’t seem to get your rump on an airplane.


The A1 benefit of being a digital nomad is facing your fears, so you can liberate yourself from these demons to live a life of love, fun, happiness and service.


OK….on to the other benefits, my little sweet robbins.


1: Seeing the Most Gorgeous Places on Earth


  • Fiji
  • Bali
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Qatar (sand is sexy)
  • Cyprus
  • Malaysia
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Myanmar
  • Vietnam
  • Sri Lanka
  • India
  • Nepal
  • Nicaragua
  • Peru
  • Costa Rica
  • Turkey


Nagigi Beach Fiji


I have spent 1 month or more (save a 2 week trip to Peru) in every location above.


Being a full time digital nomad allows me to enjoy the most gorgeous places on earth for months at a time.


If you love appreciating beauty this is perhaps the sugary sweetest benefit of being a full time traveler.


2: Not Being Tied Down to a Physical Location



Some folks love owning a home or being in one spot more than anything. Most humans are not in that boat, however.


Whenever I mention our life of travel, most people light up like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. This is because a part of them wants not to have a set physical location. Few human beings enjoy feeling tied down because this impinges on their freedom, and we all wish to be free more than anything.


Being tied down may feel comfortable but being comfortable is very different than being happy. At least for most human beings.


Circling the globe indefinitely allows you to sample the world, to taste experiences, and to do so without feeling like you are leaden down by the heavy weights of a home or job that feels like it’s pulling you to where you don’t want to be.


3: No Set Schedule


Right now, I am writing this post. Duh.


4 hours from now, Kelli and I will be busing 35 minutes to New York City for a house sit at a luxurious apartment on the Upper East Side.


We just returned late last evening from watching Seinfeld perform stand up in NYC.


We work, of course, but we do what we want, when we want to do it. No set schedule. No 40 hours a week, 9-5, for 5 days. Nope.


Koh Lanta Thailand


Being a digital nomad means not adhering to a set schedule. No rigidity. All fluid, ever-moving, ever-changing.


I sleep in. I go to a show. We can take house sits whenever we want too, because our vacation time is when we wish to take it.


If you put in the energy work and follow simple practical tips, for months, then years, you too can have the same freedoms.


4: Learn of Fascinating Cultures


I learned of kava in Fiji.


I was taught the difference between offering a wai to monks and lay people in Thailand (High wai for monk, lower for lay people).


I observed countless Balinese celebrations for everything from loved ones passed on, to papayas, to cell phones. I even got to see Nyepi live and in the flesh.


Traveling the globe as a digital nomad helped me learn of new cultures, an intriguing aspect of circling the world.


I admit; as a new traveler I just wanted to lay on the beach in Bali. As my trip progressed I enjoyed embracing cultural differences more than any other aspect of travel. 1 word sums it up: fun.


Attending a wedding in Bali or learning how to enjoy Turkish coffee in Istanbul or dressing appropriately in Qatar all had a profound effect on me. Traveling teaches you how to see and experience the world through a different lens each time you move to a new country or region.


5: Enjoy Delightful Food


We are due to visit Thailand soon.


Which means Chiang Mai.


Which means the tastiest, most nutritious, most satiating lunch at the Buddhist vegetarian restaurant we always visit in Chiang Mai, in a quiet little Thai neighborhood.


I could dive into Thai weird sweets (I actually do whenever I land in Bangkok). The freshest fruits picked from the tree in Bali and Fiji and Costa Rica or the best coffee I have enjoyed in Istanbul, Turkey; traveling introduces you to delicious food and drink.


Istanbul Turkey


Yes; quite a change up from American grub, all you USers like myself. Get your ass on a plane and enjoy some dazzling fare from all over the globe.