5 Blogger Outreach Mistakes

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Chattahoochee–Oconee National Forest, Georgia, USA


(Updated 6/13/2022)


Bloggers usually begin blogging being outreach-resistant. Blogger outreach mistakes follow.


I found myself in this boat. Blogging sounded like a fun, easy way to profit online without having to interact with human beings. I despised working the phone at prior jobs. Working with people felt stressful for a former shy guy like me. Blogging would be a simple way to write content, publish posts and get paid….right?




Various fears scare bloggers into avoiding outreach. People fear rejection. Some fear being criticized. Some want all the smoke, meaning these bloggers want all of the credit for blogging success.


Unfortunately for the outreach-resistant crowd, either you get connected and succeed or blog solo, burn out and fail through your exhausted, limited efforts. No one succeeds solo because connected bloggers drown your voice in their sea of blogging buddies.


If you blog solo, nobody listens. A few folks listen at best. If you generously help other bloggers and expect nothing, A LOT OF FOLKS will listen.


But some lost blogging souls still resist outreach.


The reasons vary but each one holds back your blogging success.


Bloggers need friends. No matter who you are no one succeeds solo.


Highly successful bloggers connect with fellow pros to rocket higher in blogging circles. Connected bloggers enjoy passive traffic and profits through the generous promotion of their blogger friend network.


Blogger Outreach Mistakes


Unfortunately, few bloggers become connected for the range of blogger outreach mistakes plaguing the blogging masses.


Well-meaning but confused bloggers damage relationships by desperately reaching out to professional bloggers for business propositions, promotional pleas and other favors best left unmentioned.


Correcting blogger outreach errors helps you get connected but first you need to address mistakes.


Avoid these 5 blogger outreach mistakes to become a connected blogger.


1: Allowing the Ego to Call the Shots


The old me wanted all glory to myself. I also did not need anybody’s help. Yeah; that did not work out too well.


Many struggling bloggers think the same way. Ego can be a real bitch. Ego promotes struggle. Ego guarantees failure. Some bloggers want it their way and have zero interest promoting other bloggers without asking for anything.


Good luck with that.


Humble yourself. Move your ego aside. Successful, happy bloggers build large, loyal friend networks. Nobody reaches the top solo. We all generously help people and expect nothing; this is part of our online tuition to become full time bloggers.


Current day me takes things up a few blogging notches. I ask how I can be truly helpful then wait for ideas to enter my mind. Versus trying to do something for me through ego I intend to be truly helpful for others without attaching strings or expectations. Being genuinely helpful makes blogging easier and easier because blogger outreach organically grows your presence, courtesy of your honest helpfulness.


For example, my inner guide nudged me to meet and greet new bloggers recently. I read and drop genuine comments on a few new blogs daily because I know the power of outreach and also prefer to nudge my silly ego to the side. I can only do so much solo. But me and my blogging friends do so much together, working with each other to promote our collective success.


2: Poor Time and Energy Investment


Some bloggers fear investing significant time and energy in blogger outreach for the loss of opportunity. Outreach seems like a waste of time.


I love the advice of Steve Pavlina. He says that if you plan to be here for the next 1-2 years you may as well do what brings you happiness and success. Otherwise, you get unhappiness and failure.


Every moment spent engaging in generous blogger outreach is a moment promoting your freedom and worldly success.


I think of the guest posting gig I nabbed at The Huffington Post. A dear blogging buddy I met through outreach invited me to post on that platform. Making one friend through blogger outreach opened the door for a guest posting opportunity on a well-read site.


Ponder the idea of HOW you spend time versus the AMOUNT of time spent on blogger outreach. If you intend to be around engage in outreach to succeed. Stop spending a little time to fail solo. Invest time and energy to succeed through a blogging team effort.


Some bloggers have no fear of investing significant time and energy in blogger outreach but believe outreach wastes their time. Yeah; the blogger outreach does not work crowd. Said bloggers crave SEO juice, backlink juice and other metrics and just cannot believe that helping folks leads to blogging success.


For this crowd I share one truth: receiving human help puts you light years ahead of trying to manipulate things to get money.


One blogger trying to get backlinks loses to 100 bloggers promoting each other’s success.


3: Fear of Ceding Control


Bloggers fear engaging in blogger outreach for the fear of ceding control to other human beings. I feel clear on writing, publishing and sharing this post via my singular efforts. But allowing my blogger friend network to expand my reach organically still feels a bit uncomfortable because the ego wants all the smoke. The ego wants to possess complete control over the blogging success process to bask in all glory of blogging success.


Keel-billed toucan

Keel-billed toucan, Panama


Of course, the ego soon learns all successful blogging and business ventures rely on:


  • trust
  • surrendering control
  • large, loyal friend networks


For example, after I update this post a few loyal readers will share the post through various online channels. Engaging in genuine blogger outreach goaded loyal readers to promote me freely. But I had to cede control, surrender and trust that loyal Blogging From Paradise readers would promote me organically based on their trust and the merit of the post itself.


Trust yourself. Trust your content. Give readers the control, power and clarity to promote your blog around the clock by engaging in an honest blogger outreach campaign. Blogging friends who you bond with through generous outreach happily promote you, endorse you and buy your stuff but only if you cede control and trust implicitly in the power of blogger outreach.


4: Believe Working Harder Solo Is the Way to Go


Guilty as charged. I published 60 posts daily to 2 blogs many years ago. Why? I feared doing blogger outreach so believed that working harder solo would bring me success. I learned the hard way that blogging solo leads to failure.


Bloggers honestly believe that intense efforts executed by one amateur blogger overrides work done by 30 professional bloggers working together to promote their blogging buddies. Of course, solo amateur bloggers fade into obscurity while connected bloggers with 30 friends promoting them around the clock become successful.


You cannot be as effective as 50 to 100 bloggers promoting you, endorsing you and hiring you around the clock. Entrepreneurs build companies because success grows through scaling. Successful entrepreneurs always build large, loyal friend networks because no business owner shines in niches dominated by connected entrepreneurs.


Reach out. Be generous. Be detached. Observe how your work reaches a huge, targeted audience through your blogger buddy network.


Working hard solo leads to burn out, exhaustion and failure. Working generously and intelligently together accelerates your happy blogging success exponentially. Get out of the poverty conscious, lone wolf mindset. Embody the prosperity conscious, wolf pack mentality. Enjoy increased blogging success multiplied by the freedom of spending more time offline, as your blogger buddy network promotes your blog across multiple online channels, 24-7, 365.


5: Fear of Rejection


I vividly recall a fairly well known social media marketer whose blog I commented genuinely on for months. He blocked me on Twitter but not before telling me how annoying I was. He was simply an unhappy guy and his block and nasty comment had 100% to do with his fear and pain and nothing to do with me.


At the time that he blocked me I felt:


  • hurt
  • angry
  • revengeful


because I displayed a lesser emotional intelligence years ago.


Training my mind, facing fear and being more comfortable with unpleasant interactions online through personal experience guided me to nudge into the fear of rejection. Being less afraid to get rejected propelled me forward with my blogger outreach campaign.


Bloggers skip outreach for fear of reaching out to new bloggers; some of which may ignore you or criticize you. Haters are rare. Most people are nice.


Network, my Blogging Sweetlings. Make friends by being generous. Build a successful blogging campaign through the incredibly powerful technique of blogger outreach.


Morph the fear of rejection into the love of befriending like-minded bloggers. See fear in your mind as an invite to love people the way they are. From this perspective, you will become a blogger outreach dynamo.


Video: Treat People with Love




Address these common blogger outreach mistakes.


Own any networking error you may make.


Being honest makes the difference.


Getting connected requires you to stop doing what does not work to make room for works on the networking front.


Engage in a genuine blogger outreach campaign.


Blogging teamwork makes your online and offline life easier.

  1. Eri says:
    at 4:24 am

    Great points shared here Ryan! As a relatively new blogger, since I am around for less than a year, I admit that connecting with other bloggers is powerful. You learn so much from experiences shared and you do buid relationships that are strong and meaningful.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 9:39 pm

      I am allowing these ideas to seep more deeply into my mind with each passing day. Especially in terms of the strength and meaningfulness of blogging relationships. My blogging friends help make my blog. We all co-create to engineer something special. Sure it takes a lot of work but the end game of being connect and gaining a passive element to blogging success makes the hard work worth it. For example, some of my blogging friends – who I met through outreach – promote my blog around the clock, allowing everything to grow on Blogging From Paradise day and night. Whether I am online or offline my blog grows through the generosity of my blogging friends. Everything hinges on your blogger friend network. Everything pops when you stop ignoring outreach, get connected and begin to thrive through the power of building a loyal blogging community.

  2. Jane Doe says:
    at 9:46 pm

    Thank you for this post. I’ve had issues with outreach mainly because I’m an introvert (although you’d never know it from my blog). When I started blogging, I commented on several blogs, but no one reciprocated.

    I left thoughtful feedback, so it wasn’t like I was shamelessly self-promoting, in which case I would have understood their reaction. So I never figured out the reason for the icy reception. I just quit trying to reach out and focused on doing my own thing instead. I actually prefer blogging independently, but it would be nice to think I had the option to collaborate if necessary. I’ll keep an open mind, but that isn’t easy after having so many negative experiences with other bloggers in my niche. Oh well. It is what it is, I guess.

    Thanks for this post. You gave me a lot to think about.

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