5 Reasons Why You Must Visit India

Cows and India; perfect together.


5 Reasons Why You Must Visit India


I have always been fascinated by India.


I had never visited the country before 2013 but a large proportion of my readership at Blogging From Paradise hails from India.


I also grew up next door to Edison, New Jersey, a town with a huge population of Indians and a section known as Little India.


A few years back Kelli and I spend 2 and a half months in Pondicherry, Bangalore, Muhamma, Kerala and Chennai.


We loved the place and want to give you 5 reasons why you should visit India.


1: The Friendly People


Indian people are friendly, inviting and kind, happy to show off their beautiful country to tourists.


I met 3 of my blogging buddies during my trip to India. Their kind, pleasant, genial demeanor reflected the generosity and warmth of the Indian people as a whole.


I recall talking with a store owner in a quiet Kovalam village about New Jersey towns with heavy Indian populations. We shot the breeze, connecting not over commerce or some ulterior motive, but simply bonding and bullshitting.


Chatting in Kerala in particular reminded me of having conversations in the Deep South of the United States. Folks genuinely wanted to chat you up, being incredibly friendly, open and sociable.


I could have (ok I did) spent hours connecting with locals in that region, known as God’s Own Country to Indians. After spending a few weeks in Kovalam, I can see why.


One added bonus of visiting India for Western travelers; much of the country speaks English. No language barriers in these regions, which helps you communicate and bond on a deeper level.


2: The Food


Indian food is healthy, tasty and wholesome.


Enjoying Indian fare in its native land was a delightful treat for Kelli and me. I recall feasting on thali in Pondicherry that was out of this world.


If you crave a little Western food respite – a curry change up – you will find some fabulous Western restaurants in most tourist spots.


Muhamma India


Curries, spices, potatoes, green veggies.


I am not even gonna mention the rich, filling, delectable Indian sweets I devoured in Chennai.


3: The Beauty


Kerala is one of the most gorgeous places I have seen in person.


The whole of India is beautiful, with some jaw-dropping, pristine regions rivaling the most eye-popping places on earth.


The Himalayas. The jungle. The coasts. The tea plantations. The canals. India really does have it all.


Visit one of the prettiest countries on earth. Book a trip.


4: The Stuff You Buried Will Bubble Over Here


Ahhh…the good old stuff.


India draws out your fears, terrors, grief and overall anxiety with surgical precision.


Some parts of this intriguing land are raw, real and intense. Hygiene is questionable in some quarters. Meaning you may aka will get some stomach sickness stuff going on. Or you may almost die like me.


Grief and sadness may flow through your being after seeing starving, deformed people begging to survive. Observing mangy street dogs may make you cry.


Store in Muhamma India


India has a talent for forcing you to purge long held fears and pains, purifying your mind, opening your heart, and cultivating a sense of compassion you never knew before.


This country, dare I say, slowly enlightens you, which is beautiful, for both you, Indians, and the entire world.


Many people are terrified to visit India. I was a little scared of getting sick. Then when I became terribly ill I feared returning. But of course I will go back one day because the place makes you more calm, balanced, poised, compassionate, loving and flat out happy, because it purges your fears and inspires you to see all sentient beings in an empowered, loving, light.


5: The Frenetic Pace of the Cities


6 years ago I recall landing in Bali.


Our first day out and about in Denpesar treated me to an intense scene; as motorbikes flew through an over crowded intersection, few obeying traffic signs and lights, chickens walked around the intersection while a street dog took a huge dump by the side of the road. Over stimulation. Sensory overload. And as funny and entertaining a scene as I had enjoyed in years.


Bottle up that image and multiply it by 100 and you’ll capture the frenetic pace in India’s major cities.


You gotta see it. You gotta experience it.  Neither good or bad, the pace of life is fascinating. Something to experience, to feel and embrace.


Urban India’s breakneck pace is not even controlled chaos; it is poetry in motion. A routine dance. Beautiful to behold, especially when you are there in person to see it unfolding before your peepers.