5 Pro Blogging Myths

  February 8, 2022 blogging tips 🕑 8 minutes read

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(Updated 2/8/2022)


Pro blogging myths destroy budding blogger careers.


Assuming falsely goads you into not seeing clearly.


Imagine believing foolishly that going pro is easy. What happens when blogging feels highly difficult?


Quitting follows sooner than later.


Being blindsided by a blogging myth you thought true provides either a wake-up call or complete surrender. Most bloggers quit after a series of myths shatter their blogging world.


Consider believing that blogging leads to easy money. Not making a dime after blogging for a year pushes you to:



Myths can be change catalysts. I thought blogging was relatively easy as a new blogger 13 years ago. Obliterating that blogging myth caused me to change my perspective. Blogging became a labor of love from that point forward. Overnight success ceased to exist in my mind.


I personally feel like most myths exist due to a blanket misunderstanding concerning becoming a pro blogger. Aspiring bloggers believe that just because beginning a blog seems easy that going pro is easy too. Alas; whipping out your credit card to purchase a domain and hosting feels quite different than creating and connecting for years.


I learned this lesson the hard way. Per usual, I believed going pro consisted of publishing a volume of blog posts to the tune of receiving sweet blogging profits. Wow was I ever wrong.


Blogging did not spare me the rod. But at least I busted myths and grounded myself firmly in blogging reality for the remainder of my blogging career. Blogging actually feels easier if you harbor realistic expectations. Dissolving commonly held blogging myths is the first step in removing delusional blogging expectations.


Blast these blogging myths to smithereens. Stop living in blogging fantasy-land.


1: Becoming a Pro Blogger Is Easy


I Googled “blogging income claims” a few moments ago to observe my recently updated blog post.


My post sat at page 1 on Google for position 1.


Nailing down the top spot on Google to beat out Turbo Tax and other world famous businesses required roughly 10,000 plus blogging work hours for me. Other bloggers master SEO working fewer hours. Some work longer. But working for long hours did not make the difference. Learning SEO from pros, practicing my writing, publishing helpful content to boost my Domain Authority and building quality backlinks through my blogger outreach campaign led to the top Google ranking.


As you may imagine, following the prior steps for 13 years did not come easily to me. Becoming a professional blogger is not easy, even if less scrupulous pros say so. Being a professional blogger is not as easy as most amateur bloggers think. Pros face fear. Facing fear is not easy. But pros see the journey through versus being fear-averse. Pros know becoming a professional feels highly uncomfortable in moments.


Never buy into the idea that blogging is easy based on inaccurate advice offered by both pro and struggling bloggers. Pros may forget how uncomfortable blogging felt during amateur days. Struggling bloggers may delude themselves into thinking going pro means writing and publish any old content diligently for 6-12 months. However, transitioning from amateur to pro requires master of multiple blogging skills.


High Peaks Wilderness Region Blueberry Cobbles Trail New Russia New York

High Peaks Wilderness Region Blueberry Cobbles Trail New Russia New York


Think, feel and act like an entrepreneur. Polish your writing skills. Hone your networking skills. Format posts effectively. Emit a clear brand image. Establish multiple streams of income. Learn the art of getting 5 star eBook reviews. Figure out how to calmly communicate with irate customers.


Going pro requires mastery of multiple blogging skills. Mastering multiple blogging skills feels highly uncomfortable at times. Even though anyone can learn how to get genuine blog comments the actions to take to score comments sometimes feel scary, agitating, frustrating, overwhelming and complete wastes of time. Any blogger can easily write one genuine blog comment. Few bloggers embrace discomfort enough to write 10,000 genuine blog comments.


Becoming a pro blogger is never easy. Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging noted via a recent comment on Blogging From Paradise that part time blogging requires a full time commitment. She walks her talk; Janice is one of the most consistent bloggers in the blogging tips niche. She works her tail off to publish highly detailed content prolifically.


Prepare to face a sometimes uncomfortable journey before going pro. Blogging is not easy.


2: Becoming a Pro Blogger Is Incredibly Difficult


Morphing from amateur to professional blogger is not terribly difficult. Bench pressing 100 pounds as a 5 year old is incredibly difficult if not impossible. Running a marathon with 50 pounds on your shoulders is difficult if not impossible.


Sitting down to write a valuable blog post is not incredibly difficult. Imagine yourself taking a seat. Picture yourself writing 1000 words to solve reader problems. Publish the post. Any blogger can listen to readers, sit, type and publish. Listening, sitting, typing and publishing are not difficult activities.


Learn to differentiate between “difficult” and “uncomfortable”. Bloggers misunderstand blogging, deem the task as being difficult and confuse fellow bloggers envisioning a Herculean task. Any blogger can tap squares with fingers but sitting with fears masquerading as writer’s block feels highly uncomfortable.


Exchange the idea of difficult blogging for uncomfortable blogging to understand this gig clearly.


Blogging *seems* difficult because bloggers make common blogging mistakes for years. Ego complains about a long, hard, difficult blogging journey for 2 years but this is because you published one, 600 word post weekly and did nothing else. You made the mistakes of publishing thin content, not optimizing blog posts for SEO and not networking. Own that your blogging mistakes executed over years triggered uncomfortable feelings; none of the actions or feelings are difficult because a mistake is just a mistake and fear is just fear.


Learn how to blog successfully from pro bloggers. Face your fears. Blogging feels uncomfortable sometimes but gradually feels easier as you follow pro advice persistently, patiently and generously.


Becoming a full time blogger is uncomfortable sometimes, not difficult at any time. If blogging feels difficult you are doing the wrong things with the wrong energy. This gig never needs to be a nightmare or some impossible task. Maybe going pro ain’t no cakewalk but nor should blogging be some endless toil, drudgework and flat out the most challenging thing you have ever done in your life.


Blogging does become easier if you keep it simple for a while.


Stick to the basics. Remove seemingly paralyzing difficulties from your blogging journey.


3: Pro Bloggers Work Little


Never believe that all professional bloggers work a few hours daily before lazing in Infinity pools. Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Work Week is a dazzling leveraging guide a few folks misunderstood. Some of these folks possess blogging aspirations. Burgeoning bloggers may assume that pro bloggers engineered partially or fully passive income vehicles requiring little to no work.


Greedy pros perpetuate the image of profiting while you sleep – while working little – to part fools from their money. None of these scared pros tell the truth because pro bloggers usually work long hours to lead their respective niches.


Most pros work quite often. Do not believe in turn key systems. Never believe in overnight success. Top bloggers work for 1000’s of hours before going pro to establish a rock solid blogging foundation. Even bloggers who earn solely through passive income channels worked for years to establish a predominantly hands-free income earner, save engaging in a few core activities. But most of these individuals hire teams to handle blogging legwork; even if the pro does not work much their team works plenty.


Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch, New Zealand


Boosting blogging income requires a full time commitment to working generously, patiently and persistently. Pro blogging is not just circling the globe as an island-hopping blogger. Going pro demands you to work diligently for a long time.


Bonus Blogging Myth


Bloggers inaccurately believe pros work frantically to succeed.


Professional bloggers work:


  • intelligently
  • generously
  • calmly
  • patiently
  • persistently


to leverage their presence. Leveraging their presence affords professional bloggers immense freedom.


Most bloggers waste time engaging in inefficient activities. Pros spend time wisely by blogging effectively. Amateurs waste months publishing a high volume of thin content no one sees. Pros make each second count by publishing in-depth, highly detailed, SEO-optimized posts driving a high volume of Google traffic to their blog around the clock. Driving passive blog traffic around the clock allows pros to spend hours daily offline while their well-thought-out blog serves as a source of constant Google traffic.


4: Pro Blogging Requires a Huge Financial Investment


Do not believe that all professional bloggers invest small fortunes in blogging.


I recall someone who invested tens of thousands of dollars monthly in various marketing strategies to net a 4 to 5 figure profit. I assumed that all pros dropped big bucks on blogging in order to go pro.


Avoid making the common error of comparing your new or intermediate blogging budget with what an established, pro blogger invests on:


  • hosting to manage a heavy volume of traffic
  • branding
  • blog design
  • an email list
  • coaching


Pros typically invest big money only after making it big. But a hefty percentage of pros invest a modest to even low amount of money in a domain and hosting, blog design, an email campaign manager and perhaps a few other elements during amateur days.


Believing that bloggers need huge budgets to succeed forms a ready-made excuse raring to hold you back. Most professionals bootstrap during newbie blogger days. Creating problem-solving content, connecting with pros, opening multiple income streams and persisting for years lays the foundation for a pro blogging career.


5: Pro Bloggers Get “Lucky Breaks”


Pros sometimes profess to getting “lucky breaks”. Perhaps checking email at the perfect time landed a high paying client. Maybe your recent blog comment caught the attention of someone from a major media outlet.


Do not believe in luck. Luck does not exist in a precise Universe. Pro bloggers get no lucky breaks. Never believe bloggers go pro because luck favors them but curses you. Luck has nothing to do with the human experience. Chance exists not in a perfect Universe.


Buena Vista, Costa Rica

Buena Vista, Costa Rica


Professional bloggers appear to get lucky breaks. But each opportunity flowed to pros due to cosmic justice. Cosmic justice is a perfect mirror reflecting your energy back to you. Energy manifests as collective thoughts, feelings and deeds. Opportunities arise in reaction to this cosmic matrix.


Note how generous bloggers magnetize themselves to opportunities. Lady Luck did not bless these souls; their kindness, generosity, patience and persistence drew prospering opportunities to them.


Pros position themselves to succeed by creating and connecting for a sustained period of time. Stop looking for lucky blogging breaks. Forget trying to get connected. Focus instead of sticking to the basics for a bit to allow prospering blogging opportunities to flow to you.




Dissolve these pro blogger myths.


See the blogging truth.


Generous, patient and persistently following core fundamentals leads to a professional blogging career.

  1. Janice Wald says:
    at 1:40 am

    Hi Ryan,
    First, thank you so much for including me in your post and for the nice comments about my work ethic. Regarding a blogger’s work ethic, I liked what you call blogging: “a labor of love.” Blogging is indeed a labor of love. “Labor” and “love” sound like a contradiction, but they are not in the blogging world. We do what we do because we love blogging despite the effort and time commitments. When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.
    Thanks again for including me. Off to share.

    • Ryan Biddulph says:
      at 12:27 pm

      Hi Janice,

      Blogging feels like the reward in many regards because we love it. We do work so much more than most folks realize but I feel grateful to put in the time and inspire our community. Keep on rocking my friend.

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