5 Eye Popping Photos from Paekakariki New Zealand

  May 31, 2018 travel posts 🕑 3 minutes read

Paekakariki, New Zealand sunset today.


New Zealand is a country of money shots.


Case in point; I snapped the photos below *today*, Thursday, May 31st, in Paekakariki, New Zealand. A little town. Not a tourist spot. By New Zealand standards, lovely views, but not quite the jaw-dropping scenery enjoyed on the South Island via the Swiss Alps or glaciers or fjords.


For many countries on earth though these would be the cream of the crop. Rightfully so.


Note; I took these shots during a 6 hour stretch. In a tiny little, off the beaten path town in New Zealand.




We are thoroughly enjoying our 3 week house sit in a sleepy little town of 1500 folks about an hour north of Wellington. Gales, rain and predominantly windy conditions greeted us 2 weeks ago. Today was the first fairly clear day where the Tasman Sea didn’t look like Satan’s stomach roiling after a 5 alarm chilly laced with ghost peppers and curry.


Enjoy the images.


Sunset at 5 PM



I snapped this sunset photo a few moments before writing and publishing this post. Note the fiery nature of the sun dropping below the Tasman Sea. Zoomed in to capture the play of colors, from fluffy gray clouds to exploding ball of fire hues.


Kapiti Island 3 PM



Mid-afternoon we enjoyed a breath-taking snap from the home office.


Sun peaked through the clouds, reflecting off of nearby Kapiti Island, a native bird sanctuary treasured as a predator free haven for our feathered friends.


Kapiti Island 12 Noon



Today was the first legit nice weather day during our house sit. Meaning almost 2 weeks of dramatic views like this. The clouds eventually burned off a bit later.


Kapiti Island reminds me of Skull Island. Fitting too because Peter Jackson filmed ocean scenes from his King Kong 2005 film by Kapiti Island.


Kapiti Island 3:30 PM



Tasman Sea and Kapiti Island during mid afternoon hours.


*No filter*.


Mountains from Beach 11:00 AM



Blue skies, clouds and dramatic mountains greeted us during our morning walk on the beach.


Bonus Photo: Sunset at 5:05 PM



Pulled out a little bit from the photo above.


Less fire. Still impressive.




Every single photo is a *no filter* photo. Let that sink in. This is nature and pristine New Zealand showing off.


I had 20 more photos to share – all pretty eye-popping – from today alone but due to time constraints I had to end the cut at 5. Deep yin yoga and dinner calls.


Views like these are common throughout much of the North Island of New Zealand. No need to travel hours on end to see breath-taking snaps of sea, mountains and forests. More like 10 to 20 minutes. If that.


Resources for New Zealand Travel


If you want to learn more about this magical country follow Rhonda Albom at Albom Adventures and Liz Carlson at Young Adventuress. Both women run first rate blogs that give you the 411 on The Land of the Long White Cloud.

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