5 New Blogger Eye Popping Wake Up Calls

September 10, 2018
New Blogger Tips
Bats in Buena Vista, Costa Rica


I take an icy cold shower most mornings.


During 6 weeks in a remote Costa Rica jungle, I had no choice; I had to take an icy cold shower. Water arrived via hose from a jungle stream. The jungle was humid but got quite cool at night. Meaning morning cold showers were brutal.


No better wake up call though! Shocked me out of any stupor, into the moment, so I could see life clearly, without all the bullshit ego chatter crippling most bloggers.


New bloggers often need a big time wake up call to snap ’em out of struggles and failure. I did, 10 years ago.


Let this post serve as an icy cold jungle shower if you need a little wake up call guys.


A1: Blogging Requires Practice


Blogging is a skill.


Practicing writing, creating content and building connections over years is the only way to develop the skill of blogging.


Newbie bloggers sometimes delude themselves, believing they can write their ass off after 20 posts. I have written 2 million plus words – online and offline combined – during my blogging career over a decade. How in the Hades can you outshine me when I practiced writing 2 million words? Forget about 3000 plus videos, 50,000 plus blog comments, etc.


Newbies; you become a skilled blogger by spending years of your life practicing skills related to blogging. Practice your butt off my little blogging sweetlings. Sweet success will be yours.


1: Blogging Requires Careful Study


I am a blogging student. All established pros learn blogging daily.


New bloggers; cold water in the face time, if you think you know blogging. Some bloggers new to blogging claim to be skilled bloggers but have no clue in hell what to do. Meaning; they are clueless.


Buy courses. Buy eBooks. Follow blogs. Read or listen, take notes and study notes. Like if you were in school. Because you are in school.


2: Networking Is More Important than Publishing Posts


Publish a post. Wait for a deluge of traffic.


But you are stilling waiting….and waiting.


Blogging beginners tend to believe blogging is just publishing a post (See below). Not true.


Blogging success largely depends on your active networking to build your friend network. Comment genuinely on blogs. Promote fellow bloggers. Make friends. Observe how blogging buddies drive traffic to your blog.


As the saying goes; your network determines your net worth. Or as I say; your friends or lack thereof will determine if you have loads of blogging fun or if you fuck up blogging.


3: Blogging Is Not Just Publishing Posts


Blogging is not publishing a blog post and seeing success flow to you.


New bloggers write, publish and wonder why 2 people visit their blogs daily. I wondered why only 3 people visited my blog daily a decade ago.


Blogging is:


  • learning blogging from pros by investing in their courses and eBooks
  • writing 500-1000 words daily offline to practice writing
  • writing and publishing targeted blog posts
  • networking by commenting on top blogs and by promoting top bloggers
  • monetizing along income streams you feel passionate about


Buy your domain and hosting. Dive into the prior bullet points. Begin your blogging career on the right foot.


4: Top Bloggers See Immense Success after Years of Generous Work


I saw three 7 figure bloggers – and one 8 figure blogger – speak at Affiliate Summit East a few months ago. Each blogger saw immense success after doing the right things with the right energy for 5-10 years of their lives.


Meanwhile, many new bloggers panic and flip out after not seeing any type of progress after 2 days, a week, or a month.


Patience, grasshopper. Good things take time. Successful blogging takes time. Be patient. Be persistent. Lay the foundation for a successful blogging career.


5: You Cannot Obsess over Outcomes and Avoid Failure


New bloggers often talk about being passionate about their niche. 3 months later, many of these newbies quit because they are full of shit. Meaning, said bloggers quit because they secretly obsessed over stats and had a weak passion, or poor driver, ensuring their blogging failure.


If you feel deflated, frustrated or disgusted by your blogging stats it means you are too focused on outcomes and not enough focused on your passion, or, the process of following your passion and helping people.


Focus 99% of your energy toward writing posts, networking by serving others and having loads of fun with each activity, following your passion. Give 1% of your energy to focusing on outcomes/stats. Every month, those stats will keep increasing because your GIVING is so generous that your GETTING keeps increasing. If you feel frustrated by stats, give more generously. Write 10 more blog posts. Publish 15 more videos.  Focus on having fun giving, pay little attention to stats, and those numbers will keep increasing long term.


The Wrap Up


Cold water hitting ya yet guys?


Save yourself year’s worth of headaches.


Honor these wake up calls to accelerate your blogging success.


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